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  1. BritishColumbia

    yeah whistler is awesome went there last year,
  2. BritishColumbia

    went to cattermole,, was pretty fun,, not a bad sandtrack,,,the 2 stroke was wound out but still good time!..going tommorrow too!
  3. BritishColumbia

    think ill hit cattermole tommorrow afternoon to check it out.. and ride it again on thursday if its better than pegleg...supposed to be sunny tommorrow and thursday so i dont want to waste it,,,rain and snow for fri sat sun. hope to see ya out there.. yz 250 number 71 white yukon xl
  4. BritishColumbia

    yeah i went down to pegleg the other day,it was fun to rip around in the sand, but ya your right, good for an hour. where is cattermole and jesperson? i havent had insurance since i lived in alberta 10 yr ago. where do ya get insurance and how much? i live 2 min from vedder mtn, so ill have to go check it out. hows agassiz track?
  5. riding a track!!!

  6. move to canada so you can get your surgerys free and keep riding
  7. i ran that tire on my 09 yz 250f and my 09 kx 250f,,,no issue,,that tire rips! and i currently have it on my 07 yz 250 smoker!
  8. never scrub a freestyle ramp,,,,thats what happened.... just a mistake,,i probly hit a ramp 1000 times and i was riding a supercross style track for the last hour before and just decided to go over and hit the ramp and as i went off my body weight was to forward and all i can think is that i unweighted the rear tire a bit and it spun on the ramp (wooden)...60ft gap as i went of the front end immediately dropped and i knew it was all bad so i jumped through the bars and i made it to the tip of the landing and front rolled and ran out of it... bike only went 3/4 of the way nothing happened to me and nothing happened to the bike.... im 40 i should be broken in half!! now instaed of waiting to gas it of the ramp in 2nd...i cruise in third with just a little braaap of the lip <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>
  9. track looks sweet!!
  10. BritishColumbia

    hey,,,just moved to chilliwack,,ive noticed it seems mostly trail riding out this way.. i used to ride blackfooot park in calgary for years and was quite used to riding anyday of the week ,then we moved out to the islands were we had many tracks to ride,and freestyle ramps.(powell river) we had our own track too. we couldnt take the isolation anymore so were back in the city, i notice agassiz and mission are pretty much the only tracks around this area and only open weekends? is there any other tracks? popkum open this year? i cant wait to hit up the trails around here, but i really would love to get out on a moto track more often than a sunday.. ive run bulldozers and loaders for years and built jumps for years if anyone needs assistance in there own tracks. any info appreciated thanks 07 yz 250 2 stroker! +40 vet rider!