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  1. Special alu one for GGs I got from France several years ago. some pics of in HERE
  2. I use my trials bars--they are newer, not wildy wide. Gear gap also a major issue with GG---I have mine geared very tall, so the lower gears are of use. Check your jetting on the fuel issues. I have an aftermarket tank--don't care to pack fuel if I can avoid it. They are a blast once you get them set up. Those shercos rip in endurocross.
  3. uhoh7

    2PLY Coming to the Ride the Arctic

    Take lots of pics and give us a real ride report!!!!!
  4. uhoh7

    Just brought home my 1st trials bike!!

    Well hanging on to the bars is always a sign something is out of balance, but steering I think is another matter. When you watch the good guys stopped in place, getting ready to attack something, they use the bars to make slight steering adjustments so they don't fall over--I've never seen a trials video where you can't find even the top riders doing this--maybe not at every stop, but often. Not to say steering is the most important thing, but to me it seems a fundamental. Great points by all.
  5. uhoh7

    Just brought home my 1st trials bike!!

    That bike looks bulletproof: I'm jealous. Hands or feet for balance? Got to be both in some respects---my impression only. You can: 1) push down or pull up on on foot or the other, or both. 2) you can move your hips from side to side evenly without body rotation 3) you can rotate your body, with or without leaning. 4) Steer your handlebars: crucial skill for balancing in place. Ryan Young seemed to say: the goal is to keep the body quiet and balance soley by steering. 5) Pull up/ Push down on one grip or both-- I once found a Auzzie tutorial where the guy really went into detail on this subject: damn I've lost it. 6) Apply or decrease power 7) apply one or both brakes All those actions will have some effect on what the bike does. I have a bunch of videos, some from UK where you hear a variety of takes on technique, I gotta review them. A quiet body might be best, but reality is another matter. When things start to get out of hand some major body english may be required, hehe. I'm still workin on it, that's for sure. I can't even hop, but I can rip around pretty good on alpine single track when the spirit takes me. I play with hard pushes on the inside peg to bank the bike, bouncing for corner rebound, keeping my weight off the bars and holding a light grip. Accurate steering is crucial to slice the smoothest line-- a light active grip can steer fast and precise. I have to do big high speed absorbtion on the whoops or I crash the suspension. I gotta practice the one handed stuff--I do it at about 20mph on trails to grab my camelbak and mess with spigot--scare myself some times. They are fun bikes. Good Discussion
  6. uhoh7

    02 Gas Gas Dies on roads

    also might want to check your fuel line to the carb, could be clogged, but not totally.
  7. uhoh7

    Scorpa 250F verses Gas Gas 280?

    TY laser My GG is back in action, and survived an epic 60 mile loop, without so much as a peep, two days ago. I took an extra 1000cc of gas, besides my big tank and had 600 left over. I do love the thing. I have it geared to the moon, with a 38 rear and the biggest front sprocket. That makes 4th able to hit 20mph + on long climbs. The big gap 4th to 5th has always been my nemisis, cannot seem to get the downshift totally reliable. I spend 80% of my time or more in 5th, which is killer on flats or downhill-- you can pull from a very low speed--hell even a dead stop, but uphill there are limits. I like low RPM riding. It never seems to foul plugs or care about the putting. I do crave a 4rt, and spent some time at TC to calm me down today. What I'm hearing is: newer is better. O7+ quieter, older ones bark with restrictors out. Idle at 1800 puts me off a bit--below that sometimes they don't like to start or so I read. Put I prefer low idles. Then there is the whole long range issue, I would have to dig up that kit somewhere. If you get a chance, please PM me about the 07 details. I see an 07 respol back east for 6K, and several older 05s in good shape for 4.5k. The grass is always greener, dammit. I better go ride to clear my head.
  8. uhoh7

    Scorpa 250F verses Gas Gas 280?

    Well my gg is back again. In the meantime I've been looking into Beta reports and see that they have their problems also, most famous being poorly made stators which are pricey and fail unpredictably. Scary thought for me in the backcountry. Also saw a number of other sad stories with Rev3s and evos. So I guess the only real bulletproof ones are the montesa 4ts and maybe the scorpas.
  9. uhoh7

    New Betas

    Betas are the best bikes going right now, if you also want to get out in the backcountry. I crave a 300 or 290, both far more reliable under abuse than GG. Plus they have a nice long ride kit. But I have a feeling I'll be riding my 06 300txt for a while yet, unless I find a babied Beta Racing for a good price.
  10. uhoh7

    Scorpa 250F verses Gas Gas 280?

    My latest: To be fair, I was ripping around and might have downshifted without the clutch. The good thing about the GGs is that parts and great help are there. Thank God for Lewissport! Adrian had the motor in and out in the same day, and is very reasonable. Can't wait to further abuse it!
  11. uhoh7

    Scorpa 250F verses Gas Gas 280?

    I've had a 300 GG since 06, and I hate to say it, but I won't buy another GG. They ride great, but the motor is not "strong" as a very famous mechanic put it to me today. I know there are guys who never have a problem. If I were to get a new bike, it would be a beta, 2s or 4s. My sources tell me they are just way better built, and they seem to ride well also. Shercos also not crazy reliable, like the montys and betas. For the money I have spent on my GG, I could have bought a repsol honda, or a beta rev racing, and I got a good deal to start. I sure have had fun with it though. And since I'm not rich, I'll prolly have it for years.
  12. uhoh7

    a few GG upgrades

    yeah I guess it's still shiny under there somewhere, electric lawnmower works great, just wish I could get an electric trials bike with a range beyond 40min. My GG did have a problem yesterday, suddenly could not shift below 5th, but once again it did not leave me "out there". Even though I have way tall gearing 38 in rear, she made it up a number of big hills and home in 5th. Was hoping the tophat was out of adjustment, but no luck, so my motor is off to adrian tommorrow. Stuck with the KTM for 10 days I guess equally dirty:
  13. uhoh7

    a few GG upgrades

    After further testing, I have to say the Rad is the best upgrade I've done to this MC. Went for a huge ride yesterday, many big climbs, and for once I never over heated in any circumstance--except once I forgot to turn my fan on (i have it on a switch), hehe. I know some ggs don't seem to get that hot, but mine often did, despite much fiddling. Not anymore.
  14. uhoh7

    a few GG upgrades

    I can't remember the cost now, it's a GMX which I got from the UK GG importer--they have a big site. The guys at trials central could steer you there if you can't find it. I'm guessing it was around 200.00. Fan not included--that's a stock fan found the link: http://www.trialendurodirect.com/products.php?Oversize_GG_Pro_Radiators_289&manufacturers=44
  15. uhoh7

    a few GG upgrades

    The tech never stops..... It's not easy to keep the GG cool at high altitude big hills etc, so last winter I sent off to england for a big radiator they use in the SSDT. And the new Head, which holds more water, Finally got it installed: The cap is now outside the frame, which is nice, cause I had to remove the tank to top off the the rad before, but, I wondered if the super tight steering radisu would hit the thing, about 1/10th inch clearance: Took it on a 2 hour test ride and she stayed cool