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  1. BannerUp

    Question about the Husky monument????

    State Motorized Trail System (SMTS) route 7-2 will take you from Barstow to within a mile or so of the Husky memorial. I can send it to you with a smaller track of how to get to the memorial itself. PM or email me. Or you can find SMTS 7-2 at the gpsxchange site...
  2. BannerUp

    California March 20th -- 100 Miles

    PM me for details...
  3. BannerUp

    Looking for people to ride with

    If you're interested in riding the Cuddeback/Fremont area, get in touch. I'm out there a couple of times a month and would consider a mid-week ride, too... --Bill TE-250 www.gpsbilly.com
  4. BannerUp

    Old riding spots in the San Fernando Valley

    Not exactly San Fernando Valley but I rode lots of motocross in the 60s at Bay Mare west of Simi. Used to play ride north of Newhall in what is now the Valencia homes. And when I was really young, I'd take my Vespa motoscooter into the orange groves around Balboa and Rinaldi. Or blaze around the hills east of Balboa Lane where the Knollwood Country Club is now located. Amazing how fast so much of the valley filled up with houses, freeways and shopping malls. I can't even find my Dad's ranch northwest of Granda Hills. Dozers just went up there and took the hills down... --Bill
  5. BannerUp

    Husky Memorial -- February 13th

    Glad you and Ken had a good ride, Jim. One of these days I'm going to try Grand Wash myself. Biggest problem for some of these rides is keeping the distance around 60 miles for guys who can't go farther and won't carry. Most of my favorites are up in the 80 or more mile range however and add some really good trails. My wife said she'd truck gas out to the memorial if I put one of my longer ones together. I'm working on it. If anyone reading this is interested, send me a PM.
  6. BannerUp

    Dove Springs Clowns

    Yeah, I think you may have hit the nail on the head, Slackinhard. But IMHO we shouldn't expect to have our cake and eat it, too. Not all the time anyway. What I mean is this: if we believe that "for the most part it's mindless entertainment" then we should probably resist the temptation to "judge character by internet posts." IMHO it's mostly just mindless -- sarcasm or otherwise. Too lazy to think before we post. Like flapping our lips before engaging our brain. I've made the same mistake myself more than once and always regret it, especially when I find myself face to face with the person I have judged by what he posted on some dirt bike forum. I've been wrong too many times. You say it yourself everytime you post: "You cannot talk your way out of what you behaved your way into. My version goes like this: Wisdumb: thinking of something stupid (mindless) but resisting the temptation to say (post) it. Sometimes a thread is just light-hearted kidding between a bunch of dirt bikers. We've all done it. No harm no foul. Mindless entertainment. The on-line version of passing your buddy then giving him the finger. When a thread gets as "serious" as this one did, however, I believe it would be more productive if everyone resisted the temptation to hide their crappy opinion of each other behind lazy-azz sarcasm "punctuated" with a smilie. It's even worse when somebody just comes out and says something inflammatory. Takes pretty thick skin to ignore that. Or to forget it. We should hold each other responsible for what we post. But even if I think I am seeing a pattern develop in a guy's posts, I'm going to resist the temptation to ass-inate their characater. I've been wrong too many times... --Bill
  7. BannerUp

    Husky Memorial -- February 13th

    Wayne, thanks for the pics. Post them if you like. Or I can do it here at TT with an attachment. Fun ride everybody. Let's do it again before the hot weather is here... --Bill PS You need Google if you have a brain like mine: a random access memory device -- very random...
  8. BannerUp

    Dove Springs Clowns

    Thanks Jerry, I agree, and mostly do exactly that, ride existing trails, signed or not, for the reasons you mentioned. Except Jawbone of course. My last encounter with a ranger was when I was the permit holder. That was hairy. And thanks for mentioning how a judge might rule a violation of a so-called closed trail. I like it, sounds right to me. Rangers might not think of it that way though, so my guess is that we're still subject to their idea of what is open or closed. Considering some of the other recent posts here, this thread kind of sucks, so I'm out of here. Have fun, everybody and be safe... --Bill
  9. BannerUp

    Dove Springs Clowns

    Exactly -- signs don't change the "official" status of a trail. If you see a closed sign, it's your option to obey it or not. I prefer to check my FOJ map. If you carry a WEMO map, and understand how to use it, whip it out and you'll have more "official" info than a ranger does. I have been told, however, that rangers from the Ridgecrest office do know the "official" designations for their area. PM me if you'd like to hear more on that. I've been toe to toe with a ranger more than once and it wasn't an option to look the other way and keep on riding... Due to my talent for being extremely humble and polite I have always been released on my own recognizance... --Bill PS Guess we have "offically" hijacked this thread for our own sordid purposes. Oh well...
  10. BannerUp

    Dove Springs Clowns

    I can understand your dedication to finding, printing and using WEMO maps, and thank you once again for the dual sport rides you organize for all of us and for the tracks you post at gpsxchange. I can also understand why somebody would be frustrated that they can't find route information in areas outside those covered by the Friends of Jawbone map. But I can't see why I should wade through one more BLM map when the folks at FOJ have gone to so much trouble to keep theirs up to date. You believe the current maps work fine, so I'd like to see how you use them, because the ones I've downloaded for the places I ride require hours and hours of work to get from the route designations on the maps to the tracks I get from riding the trails with a GPS and the FOJ map. Are the maps on the CD different, more up to date than the ones on the web? By the way, I am not one of only two people who believe that you shouldn't ride on routes closed by the plans now. I am one of the thousands who are putting lots more thought into which rules I should follow, which I should not follow and why and when. I am, however, riding closed trails less often and less deliberately since deciding to up my understanding of what is "officially" open or closed and how my disobedience might adversely affect the OHV community at large, myself and riders I am leading with a track I posted in a public forum... --Bill
  11. BannerUp

    Dove Springs Clowns

    Yes, BLM maps are available, but they do NOT reflect the latest changes to WEMO and the BLM is NOT going to update them any time soon. Worthless even if they were up to date becuase the route designations on the maps have no resemblance to any sign you'll find out there on the trails... http://www.blm.gov/ca/pdfs/cdd_pdfs/wemo_pdfs/plan/wemo/Proposed_Action/FEIS_pr_index_map.pdf --Bill
  12. BannerUp

    Dove Springs Clowns

    Sounds like he's trying to apologize for his "fox pause" and I don't see very many people do that very often...
  13. BannerUp

    Where to go this weekend?

    Goto... www.gpsbilly.com and click My Off-Road Rides Or goto ... www.gpsbilly.com/rides/husky.htm for the ride we're doing this Saturday. --Bill
  14. BannerUp

    Cal City 2010

    Thanks, DIRT Team LDR. With riding opportunities going down just about everywhere else, it's nice to know you and your group are helping them go up. Pretty sure my CC permit expires soon. I'm riding to the Husky memorial this Saturday but I'm planning to get out to Borax Bill's in a few weeks. I'll renew it then. I've had a plan to ride from there to the Mojave Red brewery for months, but somebody said the brewery is up for sale. Is that true? If not, guess I could ride up to Seifert's cabin instead. Either way, could you recommend a route out of Borax Bill's on CC trails to connect with the trails over there? Thanks... --Bill
  15. BannerUp

    Husky Memorial -- February 13th

    Then ~ 11 miles of more fun ST from the memorial to Cudde, a bit boring after that until we get to Kramer Sta road, where it's fast and fun back to our trucks. Remember to be respectful (quiet/slow) when we get to old Shell station. The people who gave us permission to park there are having a big family reunion. I hate to keep harping on this, but I sure don't want to lose their good favor. We've got enough people who hate our two-wheel guts as it is... --Bill