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  1. toddMH

    Thinking about getting a 450 Wolverine...

    I have an 03 Wolverine that I ride in tight trails mud(lots) and ruts,I love it,I put a nice skid plate on it 1 inch bigger mudlites and mud flaps(you can find on ebay(nice).I can go on the roughest trails and not have much problems at all,with the mud flaps,I stay pretty clean also(but don't put in reverse in deep mud) yuk lol,Like the other poster says,you are not going to win drags or jump much,but it is a great machine..
  2. Ok let me start by saying on the lift the 424 will engage in 4x2 with no problems at all,but when off the lift it wont engage at all(cant pull it out enough it seems)..But the real problem I think I might have is,when on the lift in 4x4 mode I can spin my rear wheal and stop the front by hand without much problem,in 4x4 mode that don't sound right at all.In 4x4 mode you can still see the u-joint spin into the diff,but I can stop the front wheel by hand..On the lift in 4x2 mode everything looks right,front u-joint does not spin..I cant figure this one out,hope someone can help,thanks By the way its a 03 Wolverine
  3. My manual on this is not very helpful,and Clymer don't make a manual for my ATV Yamaha Wolverine 350 4x4 So any help or advise on this would be awesome.. BTW I have been a long time member of Thumper Talk,had some bad health,Great to be back..But now its on the 4 wheel version of my thumper.Still great fun working on it and riding though..Thanks and great to be back.
  4. Ok...I stand corrected Like I said in my original post,I thought they me be the same...But I may be corrected...I own a 2002 YZ25F and have done this mod also...I guess when it says WR in the thread title I should stay away..Was just trying to help the guy out
  5. This site will give you lots of good advice on this mod... http://www.thumperfaq.com/autodecomp.htm
  6. The Clymer manual helped me out way more that the Yamaha manual,here is a link to one.. http://www.themotorbookstore.com/yz250.html
  7. I know the 03 and up are different that the 01 and 02..What I was saying is that the 03 WR250F exhaust cam is the same as the 03 YZ250F exhaust cam..Here are a couple pics of what a YZ timed cam set up should look like on a WR 1st pic,notice the cams center makes at 12 0-clock and that there are 12 chain pins between the two center markes The second is a pic of what the position of the cam lobes should look like.. As for tips...You will need a torque wrench..Watch the "C" clips that are under the cams when you take them out,stuff a rag in the open areas of the motor so nothing can fall down it it..If I think of more I will post it here..
  8. some one may correct me...but I think the 03 YZ and WR exhaust cams are the same part number...The difference is in the timing of the two bikes,The YZ has 12 pin links between the center 12 0-clock dots and the WR has 13..I don't think you need a new exhaust cam for an 03,if you just want to change the timing to YZ...
  9. nice finish but you look kinda funny on that small bike
  10. toddMH

    numbers on dirtbikes??

    Dirt bikes dont look right without numbers,racing or not...Put them on if you want..
  11. : what did you buy that was a waste of money? A TTR 225 for a first bike
  12. toddMH

    Installed New Decompression Cam

    keep the decompression lever on...It helped out when you flood your bike or submerge it in a deep creek
  13. toddMH

    Yamaha part #'s

    http://parts.yamaha-motor.com/ try there