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  1. JesseeS

    Suspension issue?

    Hey all. Have my yz apart for some motor service, but I’ve been chasing an issue with my suspension, mainly the rear. The spring is a 5.6 due to my petite frame, but that’s for a weight around 210. I’m approximately 250, but working on dropping some weight. I tried adjusting preload and compression but it seems like it has no effect. To the point that if I put one hand on the rear and give it a heave ho downward with just arm weight i can throw it down to about bottoming out. The po said it was just rebuilt, but that now seems suspect. Anybody have any ideas. I’d like to keep the spring rate as that’s my end goal weight, but I have no idea why it can be thrown down so easy. Any help would be great. Thanks all!
  2. JesseeS

    My first 2 stroke

    After putting everything back together and about 25 kicks and some tinkering later I got her the start consistently. Took her for a ride around the yard to see what she’s about. After being humbled and changing my underwear, I decided that for woods riding I’ll probably switch rear sprockets, add a throttle tamer and possibly a FWW. Power comes on like a light switch, and I’m an ok rider, but it’s not confidence inspiring
  3. JesseeS

    My first 2 stroke

    So quick update, took the carb off the bike to check it out. It has come to my attention the bike is not a 2001, but a 2000. No big deal just glad I didn’t order the jet kit. Pilot jet had a little debris so I cleared that out but here’s the kicker, the air screw was completely, yes, completely, closed. Adjusted it accordingly and have it all back together waiting to go back on. Also discovered the PO has done some work to the tps wiring. Meaning something happened and they used butt connectors to fix it, but two of the wires had become undone and was hidden behind electrical tape. Fixing that now. Checked the reeds and they look good. No cracks or flaws that I could find. Service manual should be here mid week, as well as my compression tester. Hoping all goes well with compression and it was just the fiasco of a carb giving me problems. Will keep everybody updated
  4. JesseeS

    My first 2 stroke

    Thanks for the advice everyone! I’m getting a compression tester this week and will let everybody know my findings. I’m glad to see these bikes are so reliable and tough because my bikes always have a habit of laying down and sleeping on the job
  5. JesseeS

    My first 2 stroke

    I am not familiar with that. Thank you for the link! I’m going to print it out and look it over Thank you!
  6. JesseeS

    My first 2 stroke

    Awesome thanks for the advice, I will definitely check them out I believe it’s a PWK, but I can check tomorrow to be sure
  7. JesseeS

    My first 2 stroke

    Hey all, just picked up a 2001 yz250 pretty cheap. Runs (sometimes) but needs a little work. Spark plug was shot so replaced it but still have issues starting. Next is going to be a compression test and clean the carb. This is my first 2t after always having a 4t. Wanted to mix it up a bit. Looking forward to learning the ins and outs. I don’t race, just a fire roads and woods rider. Any suggestions on making the transition easier? Here’s a photo of the bike and also the ttr125 I bought my fiancé so she can get into woods riding as well. It was a package deal I couldn’t turn down
  8. JesseeS

    Just purchased 81 XT250

    Hello all. Just purchased a 1981 XT250 for $100. Seems to be mostly all there and kicks with compression, but unfortunately is missing the head pipe (hopefully nothing else, can’t wait to start searching for this holy grail). Will be picking it up this coming week. Hope to learn a lot on this forum, and hopefully there’s some part interchangibilty between the years. Got the bike as a practice bike for the fiancé as well as just some fun around the woods. Anyways, here’s some pictures!
  9. I sometimes listen when riding. Usually ear buds that slightly pop out when i slide the helmet on. I keep my music playing at a specific level. Just loud enough to hear it, but not so loud i cant hear things around me. Going down the freeway i cant hear it and just pay attention, but once off the highway, hitting lights, stop signs and back road cruising, i hear just enough to add to my mellow
  10. JesseeS

    Can I register my bike in North Carolina?

    Thanks guys! I will try to do a little research on the DMV website and maybe make some phone calls if I dont get specifics from the website. I know my title lists it under "motorcycle" and not "for off road use only", but I still like to be sure. I appreciate the feedback
  11. I am from Rhode Island and will be relocating to North Carolina in May. My current bike is a DRZ400E (the dirt model). It is currently registered and insured here, i have the title and have all requirements for inspection. Ive been hearing that NC is cracking down on registering dirt bikes, even with a title from another state. (Maybe some computer thing that tells them its a dirt model). Can anybody offer any info? Id rather sell it here and make some money for a different bike than to bring it down and not be able to ride. Thanks for any help!
  12. JesseeS

    Stock links?

    Awesome thanks everyone! I got home from work and checked ebay, actually found full shock linkage setup stock for about $45!
  13. JesseeS

    Stock links?

    Hows it going folks. Just bought another DRZ recently after selling mine a few years ago. Missed it too much. Its the E Model and im working on replacing parts to better the bike for my riding. The person i bought it from lowered it two inches which is too much for me. Im looking to get back to stock height but all i can find are lowered ones, even.ebay. any idea where to get regular ones? Thanks in advance! Jessee
  14. I'm going to post in the classifieds section. I was getting everything together to make it run, but ran out of time for it. Compression as of right now is 122PSI. Everything looks to be in good shape. EVERYTHING will be for sale. Whatever I don't sell will head straight to scrap. Let me know if anybody needs anything
  15. JesseeS

    Honda XR200R 1985

    Nice little bike to just be mellow on