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  1. Yoram Lavee at tworide has built upgraded units that will last
  2. That's so sad, very sorry for your loss what a terrible tragedy.
  3. Should have the piece with the tabs you bend up around the nut.
  4. Oh man that sux! Hope you heal up fast, the bike will be easy to fix.
  5. Who knows how long that filter's been in there. Maybe pull the valve cover and have a quick look up top, then if the engine sounds right, runs good, everything turns over smooth run it again and see if you get anything in the new oil and filter.
  6. Change the fork oil while you've got them open.
  7. My first question would be is it aluminum or steel, does a magnet pick it up?
  8. Use the torque values in GP's table listed here. Look for the attachment in the first post Btw 88.5 ft lbs for the clutch hub sounds high, I use 50 ft lbs which is also what Rekluse recommends.
  9. Just a quick fyi, I pulled the power valve springs on a 17 250 race to compare to KTM springs and the whole setup is identical. The stock inner spring is much lighter than even the lightest spring in the Slavens KTM kit that I have here. Going to experiment with these a bit, when all this damn snow melts.
  10. Threw some Steg Pegz on today that I picked up on ebay for almost half price. Love these on my Beta and hope they work as good on the little 150. One thing I didn't think about was my relocated footpegs. Didn't have my boots at the shop so couldn't really test out the placement but with the pucks all the way back they seem to be about right.
  11. I got the Rekluse Core 3.0 installed today and also a ASV F3 shorty clutch lever and perch. Now if all this damn snow would melt, there's 3 - 4' on the ground still and supposed to get more tomorrow.
  12. Yes very well might be all you need, but a thorough carb cleaning would also be a good idea at this point. Won't take much time, not hard to do and your bike will love you for it. Btw I don't even bother trying to clean pilot jets, they're cheap just replace them.
  13. I've done that myself, although without drilling, just hammering in a torx bit. Gotta be careful pounding on the bottom of the case, it's hollow in that area and it could crack.
  14. KTM bend is pretty close
  15. Now that it's rounded out there isn't going to be an easy way. I'd order a new plug and screen, then get an allen bit that fits the tightest whether 8mm or the closest sae bit and tap it in and weld it to the plug. Let it cool then heat the case around the plug and it should come out.