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  1. Yes I'm new to the group and bought a leftover 17 150rb that I'm currently building. I bought it late in the year but luckily was able to get one 10 mile ride on it before winter hit hard. I'm 5'6" and in stock form felt really awkward on it. I'm a stand up rider and wasn't able to on this bike, the little wheels sucked and overall I wondered if I made a big mistake. So I cut the pegs off and welded them back on about 1 3/4" lower and 5/8" back, also installed the RSWracing top clamp and 3" risers and now it feels much better. I think I'm going to cut off the footpegs again though. I picked up some 450 foot peg brackets and I'm going to make a plate to weld to the bike to bolt the brackets too, my goal being to move them even further back. I'm also going to lengthen the swingarm and lace up an 18" rear and I have a 91 XR250 wheel for the front. Once done I think it will be a killer bike in the gnarly stuff we ride. Just trying to decide how I want to build this motor for low end, BB, stroker, cam, or all the above.
  2. You list that you're using a GT216AA on the front, you must be running 18/21 wheels? I'm currently building a 17 expert for woods and have everything I need to get full size wheels on it (too busy getting my snow bike ready though). I want to build the engine for as much low end as I can get out of it so I'm contemplating either a big bore, stroker crank or a stage 1 cam or possibly all three. Good to here you're happy with the stage 1 cam, that would be an easy mod and maybe I should just start with that.
  3. He did the forks on my 17 390 race and they're pretty damn good.
  4. I don't think I've ever seen a handicap plate on a dirtbike before ^
  5. Hey Ben one thing I don't like about the Bikemaster is the amount of wire, it's like they're made for ape hangers lol. This time around I shortened and minimized the whole harness. I eliminated the two connectors going to the grips, cut out about a foot of wire on each, soldered and shrink wrapped. I also eliminated the whole harness going to the fuse and instead connected to the headlight pilot light and then grounded to a steering stop. I hate excess wiring, it's one of my gripes. I run the race harness on my bike and I've even eliminated some crap from that, just bare bones and only kept the headlight. This is how much wire I cut off the Bikemaster harness
  6. At 90 hours might as well do the oil pump gears too.
  7. Some have disconnected it but imo it's a good thing to have. Imagine your bike almost upside down still running, the oil pools to the top of the engine and it loses oil pressure, the timing chain tensioner loses tension and the chain skips and then the engine grenades. Happened to a buddy of mine on his KTM 350, destroyed the engine.
  8. I don't know how big your 15 y/o is but I'm only 5'6" and in stock form it's too small for me. I've got it stretched out pretty good now and it's comfortable, but it def needs 18/21" wheels and lengthened swingarm to be really good in the woods. Motor is really strong, very fast bike. Won't get to ride it again till next April/May.
  9. Hey I just removed my Beta 390 RE from summer duty and relegated it to be a dedicated snow bike. Then I went out and bought a leftover 17 crf150rb expert. Needed something lighter and I'm not going back to a pinger. This little thing is pretty cool and should be like cheating once setup right. Already cut off the footpegs and welded back on lower and back, bars moved up and forward and have everything I need to put 18 and 21" wheels on. Big bore stroker maybe in the future.
  10. Now that's a real test, good article!
  11. There's a noticeable difference between my 350 and 390 and even though they weigh basically the same the 350 feels significantly lighter and more nimble. After a year on each I've decided I prefer the 350. Back in 2003 I sold my 2001 Gas Gas 200 and bought an 03 GG 300. The first time I took it down the driveway and turned around I was like what the hell? It was the strangest feeling I've ever felt on a bike, like a spinning top that just wanted to stand up straight, total gyro effect. I got used to it but honestly I hated that bike and sold it after 30 hours.
  12. Sophiedog the 2018 300 race edition is the bike to have imo and worth the extra you might pay vs the 17. It's noticeably lighter and in KTM territory for weight. You can save a few more pounds if you get rid of all the lights and extra wiring, but it sounds like you might plate it, which is easy since all you need is a mirror in most states. I've ridden the 16's, 17's, and 18 Beta 300's as well as the KTM XC's and XCW's and out of all of them I liked the 18 Beta 300 the best, by a pretty good margin.
  13. Nice that they've got engine jackets available for the Beta now, there was nothing when I did mine last year. Another thing I do to keep engine temps up is block off the radiators. I use thin plastic flexible cutting board material I got from Walmart, cut it to fit and slide it down between my BPD radiator guards and the radiator. If it's 25 or below engine temps are perfect with both radiators blocked, if it starts getting warm I'll just pull one up or spring riding maybe pull both.
  14. You just need to come up to the UP.
  15. Btw the Timbersled filter is just an Outerwears pod type filter and no foam so you should be able to run just an outwears over the cage without the foam filter as long as it fits and seals.