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  1. Danceswithtrees

    2018 beta 350 race

    The 350 is a gem, and my favorite Beta.
  2. Danceswithtrees

    BETA MY 2019 RR

    Just got the dealer email with all the info for the RE's. They're having a press release this afternoon so you'll see it later today.
  3. Danceswithtrees

    2017 Beta 300RR transmission noise

    Chain slap is pretty bad on these and will sound like a host of problems. The TMD guide is a good add. You most likely won't need a top end at 125 hours, in fact you could probably go double that.
  4. Danceswithtrees

    BETA MY 2019 RR

  5. Danceswithtrees

    Cramped on crf150RB first ride

    That's true, and I don't think that bike could ever be right without those 2 things
  6. Danceswithtrees

    Cramped on crf150RB first ride

    RSWRacing makes a great top clamp with different height risers and you can move the bars forward too. I use these with the 3" risers plus an additional 2" Rox pivot riser.
  7. Danceswithtrees

    Oil Leaking from seep hole in side of cylinder head

    That hole is a drain for the spark plug well and there's a seal at the bottom and then the plug boot on top so if it's leaking oil probably the seal at the bottom of the spark plug tube. Have you had the valve cover off recently?
  8. Danceswithtrees

    To grease or not grease wheel bearing seals?

    I grease them too whenever I have the wheels off and also shoot a little lube on them after washing. Wheel bearings too, those seals will pop out and with the right technique you won't ruin them. I typically use a tiny little flat blade screw driver like for glasses.
  9. Danceswithtrees


    I'm not happy they're eliminating kick starters, but it's not a make or break deal imo. I've had 2 Beta 4 strokes that were impossible for me to start with the kicker, and I used these in the winter for snow biking so I just carried a jump pack.
  10. My recommended setup is EE handguards, just the aluminum bar they're only $25 if you order without the bar mounts. BRP top clamp mounts, there is no stronger mount and doesn't get in the way of cables. Threaded bar end inserts, with these and the BRP mounts they'll never move. Tusk shields, you have to drill and tap the handguards to mount them but the size is just right and they're pretty tough. Prices are: $25, $75, $36, $15 = $151 total for a bullet proof setup.
  11. Danceswithtrees

    Promoting Extreme enduro events

    Marquette Michigan in the upper peninsula. We had an A rider from PA who came and raced and he kicked a$$ and took the win for the class! He was the only rider to make it clean up Alcatraz, a really wicked climb that we were on the fence about including in the race.
  12. Danceswithtrees

    I tried, and tried again, still a POS

    Pretty much agree with your review, and def agree it was a real bugger to mount! Just ordered up another Goldentyre gt216 and going to stick with it. Tires are everything and it's not worth saving $40.
  13. Danceswithtrees

    Promoting Extreme enduro events

    Our club put on the Mad Moose Hard Enduro, which was part of the 4 race unofficial series leading up to the TKO and included, The Rev Limiter, Mad Moose, Last Dog Standing and Tough Like Rorr. This was our second year, we had $10k in purse money and a wicked course, but we only drew in a little over 50 riders both years. We were in the black thanks to sponsors but it's a lot of work to put on a race like this and we're not sure we're going to do this every year and if we do we'll probably drop our regular enduro, which this year is a national drawing over 350 riders(next weekend). We flew a club member down to the TKO to go to the meeting and we'll be discussing this at a club meeting soon. Our biggest hurdle has always been our location, we're just so far away for most to drive to and I don't know how we can overcome that. We do have a good turnout for our regular enduro, The Loose Moose, so maybe it's not so much the distance but other issues to overcome and maybe it's just because it's such a new race. We really beat these guys up this year and only 11 finished, and only 8 out of 12 pros made it to the end. Our club has some big decisions to make, we're just a small group of riders trying hard to put on a good race and we've got the terrain that's for sure but we need to figure out how to get entries up if we're going to continue with The Mad Moose Hard Enduro.
  14. Danceswithtrees

    KIckstarting the 500, or the 430/390, even the 350

    I could kick start my 350rr once it had about 25 hours on it and it usually took 2 to 3 tries. I was never able to kick my 390 to life, even after 50 hours it was impossible to start with the kicker. If you can get your 500 started I'm impressed.
  15. Danceswithtrees

    Swingarm swap (and not from r to rb)

    I haven't verified it but I think, and this is really just a guess, that a full size crf swingarm will fit. That assumption is just based on comparing pics of each and nothing else, you'd need to measure them. If it did fit then you'd also need the rear wheel, brakes, axle etc. It'd be an easy way to go to an 18 if it would work.