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  1. No you're fine on the master reservoir, that's the same way I do it, it's not possible to overfill it.
  2. I have both the 350 and the 390. The 390 does have similar characteristics as the 500, not as much power but it is similar. I prefer the 350 in the woods, my 390 is going to be a dedicated snow bike.
  3. I'm 5'6", 145 lbs, 30" legs and I want one really bad. My Beta 390 RR race guarded up and full of fuel I'm guessing weighs 270+ lbs. Regular trail no problem, it's a great bike, in the super techy trials like terrain it's killing me. That little 150rb has really piqued my interest and I can get a brand new 17 for $4275 out the door right now, 5 hour drive to get it but I'd say worth it. Problem is I'll never get to try one out before committing, I can't even find one local to look at and sit on.
  4. What do you weigh? Fyi Steve Beane from PlusOnePerformance (motoxgiant on TT) is not far from you and does great work. He did the forks on my 17 390 race and they're awesome and his prices are very reasonable.
  5. No idea man, but I doubt they measure them before installation and parts can be out of tolerance yet the clutch still worked, just not like it should. I'm just going through in my mind what could cause your problem and that was one thing I thought of. It's only $13 might be worth checking.
  6. I wonder if your clutch rod is too long?
  7. Yes KTM's are the majority of efi bikes around here and they do have their issues. We towed one out with a bad fuel pump, they seem to have trouble starting warm or cold and some of the local 350's are the flame out kings. I swapped bikes with a 350xcf rider and he asked me, "doesn't this bike ever flame out?", uhm no, never. My Beta's efi has been awesome and trouble free.
  8. What problems? One or two guys out of hundreds, or even thousands have a minor issue. If they all came with carbs I'd bet there'd be more threads on jetting and carb issues than the couple on efi. My Beta efi bikes have been the best running most trouble free bikes I've ever owned.
  9. Weight hasn't been a big deal to me until the last few years but I'm 54 now and I only weigh 145 lbs. I love my Beta 390 Race but it's heavy, I'm guessing 270-280 with gas ready to ride. In normal trails it kills it but in the super gnarly it's killing me if I have to lift or push it. So I'm thinking of getting a crf150rb expert, 34" seat height, 187 lbs with gas, and I can get a brand new 17 for $4275 right now. I'll convert my 390 for snowbiking this winter then it's going to stay a dedicated snow bike.
  10. 17 390 race, the Rekluse slave comes with the Core 3.0, it's how you adjust your free play. No overheating mods, my bike has never puked even in slow extreme stuff. Our climate here next to Lake Superior is pretty cool compared to the rest of the country, no kidding if it hits 80 here nobody wants to ride cause it's too hot.
  11. Possible, but it's a Rekluse slave and I've never had any trouble with them before. I'm going to keep an eye on the fluid and if I lose anymore I'll pull the slave and check. And I should mention it wasn't actually dry, there was still fluid in it but was just a little low.
  12. Somebody has got to want this 16 350rr, it's like new, 727 miles $6750. Will crate and ship.
  13. No clutch drag with my 350, 390 or any of my customers bikes either. I don't baby my bikes at break in.
  14. This is all I've got for now. There's some great video I've just got to get it linked. An yeah DB is what, 68 now I think! He rides up here with us all the time and still loves the nasty shit!
  15. Just finished mine. My master resevoir was almost dry, flushed some new fluid through it and it's fine now. Don't see any evidence of leaks anywhere maybe my bike has been upside down too many times lol.