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  1. I don't run a guard, never have probably never will. My buddy here tossed a chain a few weeks ago, looks worse than it is honestly. A rock in a rut knocked it off the rear sprocket. We pulled the master link and stuffed the rest of the chain on top so we could tow it out. Damn chain was so wedged in we had to pull the swingarm to get it out and didn't have the tools on the trail.
  2. Make sure you're not over filling the radiators. Coolant should be just above the fins, no more than 1/4 inch, or it will just spit out the extra down to that level.
  3. All the sensors are in place in the RR's that come without the Voyager, the ecu still needs that info and if I plug the BST efi programmer into any Beta efi 4t I can read engine temp, rpm and a bunch of other stuff. The difference likely is the plug and wiring going to the dash, the standard trail tech wiring and plug may not be compatible with the Voyager. I'd like to find out for myself as I'd like to have a Voyager on my 390 RE for winter snowbiking.
  4. Yes, just have to remove the upper bolt then swing it down enough to pull the air box cover. I love mine too and it's totally worth the extra 30 seconds it takes to open the airbox.
  5. 17 and prior years weights were dry without any fluids. 18's are with all fluids minus gas.
  6. Beautiful! I'm really starting to dig the white, and I bet that's going to look awesome with race graphics.
  7. Those would make good snowbike pegs.
  8. I got to spend the day riding with Cody Webb back when he was still on a Beta, I think it was 2012, I know the bike was white. Super nice guy and crazy talented on the bike, he did stuff on some of our hardest hills that just made the rest of us look like little girls.
  9. That sounds like the most logical thing that could've happened.
  10. I cut 5/8th's off each end and controls and handguards fit just fine.
  11. check the clamps on the air boot in front of the throttle body, the one right in front of it has been know to break or come loose. If it's leaking air there it could cause your symptoms.
  12. Put a couple zip ties in the grooves on the rubber boot and cinch them tight and that'll stop the spooge.
  13. Ditch the stock tires, they suck imo and probably why you're losing the front, that and set the sag. The forks will soften up some after 10 hours, but if they're not to your liking at that point Steve at Plus One Performance valved mine and they're awesome, plush yet can take big hits, whoops, jumps. Also pull the black license plate/tailight piece and get an Li battery. The battery will save 3 - 4 lbs up high. I remove all the lights, odo, horn and run the race harness with just a simple start and kill button. You might want to try a 50t rear sprocket, seems to be the sweet spot. And congrats on the new Beta!
  14. I've had the 546 on the front all summer, it does work well and is wearing like iron.
  15. Sorry I don't at least not handy.