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  1. Epicsoldier

    2000 drz build

    Depends on how far you want to go, If you are looking for to drop some weight you can drop abit off but the bike is still going to be heavy no matter what you do. There is lots you can do for power and suspension if you have the funds, but it'll always be a porker compared to an offroad bike. Do a FCR/Big bore/Cam set and you'll be pretty happy. That's a good first step then work on suspension.
  2. It's not so much the 600cc difference, but the 150hp difference from the litre bike Good video though!
  3. Epicsoldier

    Oh no, what have i done

    When I say wire, I mean like one little stran of copper wire. The kind of wire that pretty much bends if you look at it the wrong way.
  4. Epicsoldier

    Oh no, what have i done

    For cleaning out jets, Compressed air works best. And If they are really bad than a thin piece of wire run through them a few times followed by compressed air does the trick.
  5. It was my understanding that stage one cams make the power increase in the low to mid range, which works better for offroad riding. Stage two puts the power increase in the mid to high range, better for street obviously. Having said that it really depends on what you prefer and where you think you need it, I haven't ridden a DRZ with a 41 tooth rear sprocket to know what it's like. In my opinion, I would still do stage two as with the 41 on the rear and all the weight you are carrying, you are still probably cruising in the middle of the rev range while on the road, if not high than that and the stage two cams work best in that rev range.
  6. Clean the carb would be the first thing I would do, The Pilot Jet specfically but thorough cleaning of all the jets and passages would be where I would start.
  7. Epicsoldier

    Case Corrosion and replacement oil line

    Yeah the oil line is sold as the full line, so you'll have to buy the full line. When you remove the line watch for the little rubber O rings and the spacers. Otherwise it's an easy replacement. As Noble said, corrosion on the engine covers are normal for any bike, It happens.
  8. If your carb is clean, and jetted properly. Next check is for air leaks like stated above (make sure the clamps on the carb boots are fully tightened). If you don't find any leaks then the next step is to check for valve clearances. I had the same problem and it turned out to be tight exhaust valves. I doubt you put a hole in the boot with a screwdriver while installing the carb, those boots are soft rubber but they are pretty tough.
  9. Epicsoldier

    stupid CC question

    Bigger bore or more stroke can create more volume/displacement (more cc's) Most big bore kits for the drz are +4 which makes it 434cc. Add a stroker crank and you get more displacement then as well, which is how people are getting up to 485cc, I think most stroker cranks are +4 or +5.
  10. Epicsoldier

    Chain roller, do we have to remove it too ?

    The mounting of the roller is difference between the DR and the DRZ, and no it's not a problem for us.
  11. Epicsoldier

    Set engine to TDC, does this look correct to you?

    Put it on the right stroke and retake the picture for an accurate answer.
  12. ideally, yes you would warm the motor up abit and drain the oil, but in your case just pull the plugs. The oil will still drain, just not as fast or complete as it would if it was warmed up but it will still drain out.
  13. Epicsoldier

    For those of you who are expecting winter.....

    If you want your hands to be actually warm, buy heated gloves. Heated grips just warm the face side of your hands, but the top still gets numbing cold. Heated gloves heat your whole hand.
  14. Epicsoldier

    engine dies sometimes when coming to a stop.

    What pilot jet are you using? stock 22.5 or 25? As for the shifting in neutral, when was your last oil change? As for dying when coming to a stop, the first thing that comes to my mind is to check your float height in your carb. And by the sounds of how you are describing the mixture screw, it sounds like your pilot jet is to big.