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  1. jimmym

    Major issues with 05 WR450F

    You mentioned that you added a new fuel filter before the carburetor. I would start by checking this filter, or even removing it for troubleshooting.
  2. I started with a clutch lever, which took 3 attempts, and I would rate the final as a 6 out of 10. I made it look decent with some grinding and sanding, but I'm going to give it another shot in hopes of improving the initial cast. I like the idea of making parts a little thicker, but that's going to take a lot more practice to modify the mold. Good point on the respirator! I'm doing this outside and hadn't really considered the toxicity. Thanks for the replies
  3. While healing from an injury earlier this year, I spent some time building a metal foundry and started learning to sand cast aluminum objects. My son came home the other day with a punctured clutch cover on his CRF250x, and it dawned on me that I could cast a new one from aluminum. I'm looking for reasons why this might be a bad idea. I understand that magnesium is lighter, but I'm wondering if there are other reasons aluminum isn't used on similar parts? The melting points are similar, and many parts on my bikes are aluminum, as well as many automotive parts. Thoughts?
  4. I assumed that the dedicated exhaust system would remain monogamous, with no chance of finding it messing around with orange or blue bikes.
  5. The only bikes I own with 7/8" bars are a crf150 and crf80. Even my crf250x has 1-1/8" bars.
  6. Agreed. Here are the specs from their blurb with the marketing hype removed: CRF450L Dual Sport - LED lighting - Mirrors - Dedicated exhaust system. - Wide-ratio six-speed transmission - Lightweight, 2.0-gallon tank - Crank mass is up - Large-capacity radiator Color: Red Target Price: $10,399 Availability: September What part of that list gets you excited about the bike? The mirrors? The small 2 gallon tank? The color red?
  7. Does "dedicated exhaust system" mean you don't have to share the header pipe with your buddy?
  8. Agreed, I think Honda will be the first major manufacturer of a kick start electric bike. Teslas are kick start too, right?
  9. Remember, it's all about the hype. The Honda marketing folks are paid a grundle to generate excitement around the brand and specific products. Look at this thread, for example, they have us talking and speculating about their bikes... and we're doing it for free. It's all part of their plan, and we're playing right into their grubby little hands.
  10. Been there, done that. Just make sure you use a new crush washer, the old one won't seal properly with the new head pipe.
  11. Considering the thousands of people I have known that ride dirt bikes, you are the absolute very first person to ever say that carb work and paying for gas and oil takes some of the satisfaction in screaming away. In my world, carb work and other wrenching is relaxing. I pay for gas and oil to drive my truck. In fact, I get satisfaction in paying for gas and oil to make my weed eater and leaf blower scream.
  12. jimmym

    Honda CRF80F 2007

    Nice mid-level bike. Unfortunately it does't have a kick starter for when the battery dies.
  13. jimmym

    Honda CRF80F (2007)


    Nice mid-level bike. Unfortunately it does't have a kick starter for when the battery dies.
  14. jimmym

    Getting Air Box Boot back on throttle body

    I grease up the inside of the boot and/or throttle body, which really helps. I don't know if there are specific types of grease you shouldn't use, but I typically use whatever I have within reach.
  15. jimmym

    Beta forum user question: Split this forum?

    Here's my suggestion... Rather than separate sub-forums, TT should use tags to break things down... and make the selection of tags mandatory for new posts. For example, the OP would have to select a tag from each of the following areas, which would be displayed as part of their original post: Model: 250RR, 300RR , 350RR, etc. Purpose: Engine, Suspension, Maps, Aftermarket Mods, General, BS, etc. Then, add filtering to the forum, where I would be able to filter on specific bike models (Xtrainer 300, 390RR, and 480RR) and/or a specific purpose for the post (Suspension), and only the relevant posts would be displayed. Or... I could choose no filters and view all posts. Come on TT, we want the best of both worlds... make filtering happen!