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    Motocross, Supercross, Grand Prix (off road with bikes), Hare scrambles, Dual Sport and Street Bike riding, in that order. Primarily 80% motocross though.

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  1. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    2018 450f battery

    I bought a bike 2 Mondays ago. I rode it 200 yards and it died. It wouldn't fire again till I recharged it. I took it to the shop and they changed the battery. I Got it back Tuesday and I stalled it again and it wouldn't start right away. After about 30 seconds it started. The shop is waiting for a zero gravity battery that Yamaha recommends now. The corporate guys took bikes out if the crate and found bikes we're charging like mine ( mine was 12.7 volts, new at 13.4 volts and the manual said 14.2, but none that Yamaha tested got that. So there may be an addendum coming to the manual since the charging stysyem only charges what the battery is I guess. Not the normal 14.1-14.4). Any how, I think there may be a small problem with the battery. I guess it is I'm the sleep mode till the dealer awakens it. If not done correctly, your battery may be compremised. I have more info on what I have found and when I get to a real keyboard, I'll type more. I'm coming of a 2017 KTM, tried the pumpkins for 2.3 years and went back to blue. All I can say is I like I'll handling bikes like the Yamaha and don't like those fine Austrian handling steeds.
  2. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    Test rode a 2018 YZ450 and wasn't that impressed

    I'll keep it short and simple. I rode Yamahas since 2009. I won everything in the vet classes till I changed to a Honda 450 in 2016. I broke 2 frames in 2015 on a Yamaha 450 and broke a bike in half the second time. I didn't get hurt, but hit my head and retired an Airoh helmet. 2016 I started on a Honda 450 . Couldn't win much. Changed to a 2016 KTM 450 couldn't win. Hated the hydro clutch. Lots of power and it felt cushy, but nothing. Bought a 2017 KTM. Guys I've always beat in the past, beat me regularly . I have not raced much. Thought I lost my mojo. The ignition went out at a ridding school and I didn't trust the bike so I went out a bought a 2018 450 Yamaha a little over a week ago. Although it broke a battery within 200 yards last week , riding it and breaking it in I found what I was missing. All I can tell you is I guess I'm a Yamaha guy. After 25 minutes, I started tripling a jump I could only do on a real good day on my KTM. The bike must just fit some people better, because just like 2010- 2015, I feel like I'm on a factory bike and have an unfair advantage. To me, it's that good. No, not as much tractable power as the KTM..not as much power either. It's zingy. It's very similar to the other EFI Yamaha 450's with more top end. Straight line stability is better than the KTM. I like the rear steering of the Yamaha, so I like how it tracked through ruts and flat corners. I believe I'm gonna like this bike. And race a lot more this year. I got a KTM 450 for sale.
  3. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    New 2018 YZ 450 went dead in about 1/4 mile

    I got a new 2018 YZ 450 yesterday. Went to ride it today. turned over good and warmed it up. Set the sag. Probably .2 hours on it at this point. Went to ride it and I went for about a 1/4 mile and it pooped and shut off. Nothing at the majic button( start button). Pushed it about 100 yards and tried it again. Nothing. Pushed it all the way to the Promaster and nothing. Took the seat off and tested battery. 0.00 volts. tested the fuse. good. Put a battery pack car portable battery charger on it. Left it on for 15 minutes. Starts right up. I get my phone out and I see it is 12.9 volts with the bike off, or with approximately 10,000 revs ( on stand) . Leads me to believe that the bike is running off the battery and not charging. My friend who used to work at said dealer said it's because of the battery not being charged properly. Really? It's like brand new yesterday. Why would it shut off when I am riding it? He said that the battery is sucking so much juice that the bike can't run. I say bull shit. I bought this because I have had a miserable experience in riding a steel framed a 2017 KTM 450 so I thought I would go back to blue. Shouldn't my phone say between 14.1 and 14.4 volts when running? Also, isn't 12.9 volts pretty good for a battery? Just asking......
  4. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    SSS to WP conversion- who does this?

    your right!!! Thanks for the info guys. I'll call them both on Monday!
  5. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    SSS to WP conversion- who does this?

    I think I read somewhere that a fellow in NC does this process. I have a spare set of KYB SSS forks lying around. Please post his number thanks
  6. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    All white plastics on 2016-17 SXF

    Only one I have. The sponsor is my future wife's company. She trains pro motocrossers how to eat and think like a champ.
  7. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    2016 Clutch

    It works pretty good. I don't know if it works 900 bucks better, but it works a lot better than the stock clutch
  8. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    2016 Clutch

    I got the last one. Even Rekluse is out of the clutch, so it's selling like hot cakes.
  9. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    2016 Clutch

    Called today to Rekluse. They have none for a Honda. Back ordered till the end of the month. A wonder who has them in stock??
  10. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    2016 Clutch

    So who has a better price than $899. Rekluse and moto fort.com is the cheapest so far. No shops in my area. Everywhere else, shipping and tax onto the retail of $899
  11. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    2016 Clutch

    How do you get better engagement with the Honda clutch? I'm coming from a 2015 Yamaha 450 and it had a very smooth operating clutch. Seems as though it is a light switch-on or off. What is a "Judder spring" in the clutch? I'm thinking a clutch extender arm and a Billet clutch cable bracket, but if this is just a crappy fix that doesn't do anything, I'll pass Not sure if the Hinson or Rekluse are the way to go. I am favoring the Rekuse over the Hinson if this is needed for the start. The total manual one. No auto clutch here. Thoughts on this stuff that I am considering?? http://www.motostuff.com/honda/controls.html Clutch extender and cable bracket https://rekluse.com/product/core-manual-torq-drive-clutch/ Rekluse clutch
  12. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    What kind of knee braces should I get?

    I'm buying Asterisk braces. Anyone have a code to get a discount on the braces? I don't care if you PM me a code or put it out there publically. Been waiting for Hoolit to approve me, but it may take another week. I want to race this comming weekend and trash my CTi braces. They are too small with all the biking I have done since October.
  13. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    What kind of knee braces should I get?

    I have CTI 2 custom knee braces. I got them refurbished for the 6 th time and they hurt the inside of my left knee, right wear I have no ligament. They have not been helpful, nor are they as good a company as before they were sold. Told me tonight that I must not be installing them right. I informed her that I have had CTI since 1984, and many sets of braces from the company Anybody try Mobiuos braces? They look like a good design. I am interested in hearing what CelticDude has to say about them. http://www.mobiusbraces.com
  14. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    Join me in the fight against Diabetes. Tour de Cure, 100 miles

    Doesn't the American diet and activity lead to the diabetic condition? It was almost nonexistent 100 years ago. Countries that haven't embraced western eating habits have few incidences of this disease. A cure is more than s pill or s procedure.
  15. Greg Pennsiltucky Lykens

    Squeak in front forks

    As I said in your other thread, yes I had that problem with the 14 stuff I see others here had it also. I ran totally stock forks and after 10-15 hours it developed. Stock components rebuilt at 18 hours. Still noisy Only on certain types of G outs. Took hole shot device off. Still noises Installed Ohlins TTX forks and I haven't heard it since. Wish I new what it was.