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    Speed! Mountain bikes, Mopars, Snowboards, Moto, F1. Friends and even some solitude. Hiking, Snowshoeing, Trail building. My dog and lazy days at the homestead. Beer!

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  1. pumptrack

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    New radiator shrouds with some graphics I found on ebay.
  2. pumptrack

    '17 FE250 Oil Leak near shifter

    Do you pressure wash your bike? If so, it is entirely possible that some form of grit has made it's way into the seal. Years ago, I replaced a clutch shaft seal on a bike, only to have it leaking again a month later. I had pressure washed it after a muddy ride. I "fixed" it by removing some grit with a tip cleaner. The kind used to clean the tip of an acetylene torch. Removr shift lever for access. Use the smallest one that still provides enough stiffness to gently remove particles. "Sweep" around between the shaft and seal at a bit of an angle. Just the tip...
  3. pumptrack

    Purchased 2018 DR650 with 768miles...

    Congrats! The fork swap is definitely worth looking into. I'm using Race Tech cartridge emulators with success. Although they require disassembly for adjustments. Revalve rear shock. Springs for your lbs. For dirt, I recommend an 18" rear wheel. You may notice this after riding your XR. The larger diameter rolls through square edge bumps easier. Better ground clearance. I just had a wheel built and wished I'd done it sooner! Maybe a seat, but if you ride off road a lot, you're probably not on it enough. But yeah, not too comfy. Pic is with new 18" rear wheel.
  4. pumptrack

    Goodbye to My Trail-Making Companion

    Beautiful dog! Sorry for your loss. A well traveled dog is a happy one. Good for you to take him along.
  5. These are what my local dealer had. They've held up great for about 4 years of weekly rides. No brand loyalty. Just wanted quality and a biner to keep it hooked while loading. Ratchet straps are a pain.
  6. If you do decide to quit, it's better that you decide, rather than the wife telling you to quit. Harmony?? I got a sweet deal on a barely used bike a couple of years ago when the guy twisted his ankle and "the boss" told him to sell. I'm pretty sure that guy still regrets "their" decision.
  7. pumptrack

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Sonora pass, Ca. Too much snow for an extended ride, but a good one anyway. Rode thru or around many snow drifts.
  8. pumptrack

    Introverted Riders?

    Lots of good advice posted. I ride mostly solo. Small groups are best, especially when everyone is on board with the ride plan and don't ruin things for everyone by riding ahead and getting separated from the group at junctions or "checking out a trail". Extroverts can be annoying at breaks/junctions as conversation interrupts the ride. That being said, it can morph into a learning experience. Don't be too wary of solo rides. Just dial it back to a reasonable pace. You will eventually meet others of like mind and create lasting friendship.
  9. pumptrack

    Tomac Meltdown after race

    Troll fest!! Who started this?
  10. I don't remember where I bought this, but it's some kind of hunting rain shell. Double thick on the shoulders and sleeves. Resists snagging from branches/brush. Blocks wind chill fairly well even when wet. Unzip it for tight trails or pack it up or you will get hot. The hood can buffet around a bit at higher speeds during desert or dual sport/ street use. Around $50. I got it a couple years ago for a trip in Southern Oregon where it rained almost every day the whole week we were there. Always in my gear bag. Used it today in fact. Just hose it off when muddy.
  11. Check out the comments for this "event" on the Fox news feed for a perspective on the general public's thought process. Weird.
  12. pumptrack

    Going back to stock Exhaust?

    +1 on the Q4. My E had a Yoshimura pipe when I got it. I used their insert for a while to quiet it down, but didn't like the sound of it. I installed a Q4 and power bomb header from my previous bike. Power seems the same, but a quieter, deeper note. Too loud for me without the spark arrestor in.
  13. pumptrack

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Thanks, Wayne! I wish I had stayed longer. Its a huge National park!
  14. pumptrack

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Thanks! Some food for thought. When I was in Death Valley, I met a guy that flew in to Vegas from Connecticut. He then rented a KLR 650 in Vegas and rode in and around D.V. for a week. The bike was setup well with guards and Mosko bags.
  15. pumptrack

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    OK. Not all with the DRZ, but arguably some good landscape. One from when I cut a rear tire on the DRZ. Some from last week in Death Valley. A couple from today. Tire testing on the DR650.