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  1. Thanks, Wayne! I wish I had stayed longer. Its a huge National park!
  2. Thanks! Some food for thought. When I was in Death Valley, I met a guy that flew in to Vegas from Connecticut. He then rented a KLR 650 in Vegas and rode in and around D.V. for a week. The bike was setup well with guards and Mosko bags.
  3. OK. Not all with the DRZ, but arguably some good landscape. One from when I cut a rear tire on the DRZ. Some from last week in Death Valley. A couple from today. Tire testing on the DR650.
  4. I did go the gold valve route on my 650. Well worth the time/cost. At first it seemed a bit stiff in compression, but it controls the rear wheel thru washboard nicely. Soaks up big hits and isnt harsh. No guesswork for the shim stack. Be honest about your ability/weight and requirements when getting valving setups from RaceTech. I would also recommend an upgrade for the forks as well, if not done already. Options abound. I went with R.T. cartridge emulators and stiffer springs. Takes a bit of fiddling around with oil weights and settings with emulators, but again, worth the time and effort.
  5. That is very weak of Just Gas tanks and Clarke to even ship that tank to anyone without being forthcoming AND offering an equitable discount. I'd be pissed too. We appreciate your posting this. Good luck rectifying your issue.
  6. Sure, a floodlight pattern would be great for off road and being visible to others during the day, but something to consider is an upper cutoff zone, so as to not blind oncoming trafffic. But then again I see these lifted trucks with light bars on the roof in use on the street, so why should I care?
  7. My '12 in its most recent state.
  8. They have a chrome and black version. I got the black one.
  9. +1 for the JNS unit. I recently got one for my DR 650. Same as DRZ unit. The 2 outside beams are low/always on. The center is high beam. Easy install.
  10. FINALLY got a MCCT for the E. New cam chain for reassurance. Also some new tires. 505 hybrid cheater and 524 front Shinko. Checked clutch plates and loctite on primary gear nut.
  11. Bummer man! I feel your pain. Heal up soon. Many solo rides myself. Wouldn't ride much otherwise. Definitely makes riding with friends that much better... Time to rip it!!
  12. 4x4 and 2x4 "frame" with 1" plywood sides and top. All scrap wood cut with radial arm saw.

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    All prices plus shipping if required. DRZ 400S parts: Nomadic Racks utility sized rack $50 Race Tech 6.0 rear spring $75 Stock rear spring $30 Shift lever $15 DR 650 Parts: Fuel tank from a 2012 model. Very clean, no scratches or dents. Does not include locking cap or petcock. Plastic fairing pieces for tank included. $100 Gray front fender. Minor scratches from normal use. $50 Stock front and rear springs. $30 front or rear. $50 for both f&r.


  14. 2 from today. 1 looking east, the other to the west. Quite the contrast from a week ago...even yesterday. 4" of fresh snow at 7000 ft. Cold hands warmed up on the motor.