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  1. The_Vernsker

    Motion Pro Rev2 Throttle

    They can help once you get use to it.... I ran a quickturn throttle on my yz125 and the first time I rode it I hated it. It took about a day of full riding before I didn't notice it anymore.
  2. The_Vernsker

    Shim stack to short?

    Any ideas on how this stack looks? it was a freebie so I'm not sure if i'd call it a custom stack. 07 yz250f
  3. The_Vernsker

    Shim stack to short?

    Hi guys, I'm working on a shock setup for my mx bike. the valving was recommended to me by racetech but the stack is a bit short and will need a second base plate. Racetech said its okay to run a second base plate but do you all see any problems with having 2 baseplates on this shock setup? I also have a rebound separator valve that I could use, but I'm not sure it would help out. COMP .2x40 (6) .15x26 .2x40 .2x38 .2x36 .25x34 .25x32 .25x30 .25x28 .25x26 .25x24 .25x22 .25x21 GOLD VALVE Reb .2x36 (4) .1x28 .3x36 .3x34 .3x32 .3x30 .3x28 .3x26 .3x24 .3x22 I'm running a 5.2 shock spring and weigh 165lbs.... getting old and racing about C class speed.
  4. The_Vernsker

    2 stroke gas

    There's a trend going around right now where people are burning 2stroke outboard oil in their road vehicles (at 200:1 ratio). Seems to be popular in the Dodge Ram and Ford Mustang forums.
  5. The_Vernsker

    2 stroke gas

    I just burn it through my truck or the wife's car. 5 gallons of mixed fuel in a 20 gallon tank diluted down to 128:1 which is pretty harmless for any engine
  6. The_Vernsker

    Yz125 is this cylinder reusable?

    Like Turbo Dan said; you have a detonation issue. If the cylinder has zero damage I have run a head similar to yours and it survived another year of torture at the track. Most importantly though, you gotta fix the detonation.... make sure you only use ethanol free gas that's 90 octane or higher. Double check your jetting isn't too lean, fmf will tell you jetting specs for the pipe and silencer you have. Also make sure you dont have an air leak, this is common at the reed block and the clutch side crank seal. If all of that seems good your timing might be off a hair.
  7. The_Vernsker

    why wont my bike start!

    My 07 does this... I'm fresh off a rebuild and before I tore the bike apart it would start 1st kick pretty much every time. Now it starts fine cold but during a race it really doesn't want to start and I usually have to give it a little throttle to fire it up... I haven't messed with it yet but I'm thinking it's jetting related or something to do with the hot start.
  8. Man I'm jealous... dirt bikes usually sell for above blue Book in my area. 2stroke prices have gone through the roof especially if it's a Yamaha.
  9. It really depends on the condition, if you could post a picture it would be easier for us to price it. In my area If the bike were in near new condition A Yz250 could sell it for 3800-4000 during the riding season... if it's a 250f (four stroke) probably 3000-3500. In the winter months you probably will get a bunch of lower offers...
  10. The_Vernsker

    New to forums...need help with yz125..

    It seems like every early 2000s yz I've owned has had a leak at the intake boot either from a crack or bad seal. I would also make sure you're running fresh gas. Check those things plus do a leak down test and make sure the carb float is set correctly. If you don't find any issues it may just be running lean on the pilot or air screw.
  11. The_Vernsker

    Buying a 1997 yz250

    Different engine, suspension, frame, plastics, front brake just to name a few key differences. For me there are 2 reasons I would avoid buying a pre 2000 yz... the front brake on the older bikes was absolute garbage. You have to replace the brake line and install an oversized rotor to get a safe amount of braking power (this wasn't changed until 02 I believe). The other issue with the older yz is it only has a single adjustment on the shock. They didn't have hi/low speed adjustment on them back then which means they aren't as tunable. I bet I've spent 1000 dollars upgrading outdated parts on my 99 yz125. If I had bought a 2002 or newer yz I wouldn't have ran into the issue I fixed
  12. The_Vernsker


    Did you end up buying it? You can always part it out for a few hundred but it looks like more trouble than it's worth... IMO I wouldn't want to try and restore that pile of parts
  13. The_Vernsker

    Step up from an sx 125

    250cc either 2stoke or 4stroke
  14. If you carb is jetted properly you won't see much of a difference when compared to a FI bike. I would say if your engine is fresh then hold onto the 07 and have the suspension dialed for your weight. It's going to be the best mod you do.
  15. The_Vernsker

    Upgrade...buying a new bike

    Avoid the ttr as they are heavy and underpowered. The crf230 is probably your best bet. It's a great trail bike and can handle small jumping. Your other option is to get a mx bike like a 125 or 250f and modify it for better trail riding. This would probably cost you more money in the long run and I wouldn't do it unless track riding is your main plan for the bike.