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  1. Russhole

    Too late to try again?

    GNCC is a good place to start. Aaron Plessinger was a star in GNCC and made the switch to Motocross and just won a title.
  2. Call or email them yourself. CustomerCare@dol.wa.gov 360.902.3770 See how many different interpretations of the law they give.
  3. Dont forget the sugary beverage surcharge.
  4. I corresponded with a DOL agent in Olympia because I had the same question. What it boils down to is that youre no longer riding on a public road so then you need a "pass" in order to use the trail system. But, at least having both equals a disco pass.
  5. Truck: discover pass Ktm: orv tabs Ttr: orv tabs If you were to ride the 500 from your house to the riding area, since it's plated and has orv tabs you wouldnt need a discover pass. But no matter what, if youre riding in a designated off road area, you needs the orv sticker.
  6. Russhole

    Tires for our trails?

    It also depends on how much you want to spend, if you want a gummy tire, etc, etc... If you'll be hitting a lot of gravel roads you'll probably want something beefy that you can also run at low pressure with Tubliss. I've been running the Kenda Parker DT. My current one has 2000 miles on it and is DOT approved. Its pretty beat at this point. I too run Tubliss and have had great success in the gnar along with it being stable on the road. I swich between 4 psi in the woods and 12 ish on the street. Another good option that's a little pricier are Motoz. Or if money is no object, Goldentyre.
  7. Russhole

    Opinions on 1999 KDX 220..

    A quad? Remind him he will only have access to 10% of the good trails with that thing. And also that he needs a good set of jean shorts and a cornucopia of sleeveless shirts so he looks good showing off in the parking lot.
  8. Russhole

    New old guy to the Northwest forums..

    I ride walker on Tuesdays generally if you ever have a midweek day off. As far as starter bikes, I started on a KTM 200exc and that thing was perfect for places like Walker. Down low power and a little top end. Great tractors and light weight.
  9. Russhole

    best area for beginners in western WA?

    Dont forget about Reiter. It's very tame. Stay away from Walker Valley with a beginner.
  10. Russhole

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    I thought centennial was open to quads. Thats what all the pavers are for.
  11. Russhole

    Weekday riding

    I ride Tuesdays at Walker usually. The last guy I took did not enjoy himself. Its possible I should have inquired of his fitness level first.
  12. Russhole

    KTM wiring help

    The headlight should plug right in. Did you get a lighting kit or just a tail light by itself? Here's trailtechs install video for the headlight. I used a Tusk lighting kit with my existing headlight set up. Which is a Trail Tech as well. But im using the Tusk battery powered kit because of the kickstart only 2 stroke.
  13. Russhole

    ODI Grips Podium Flight MX Handlebars

    It was high time that I did some aesthetic updates to my Gas Gas MC 250, but one area that I could kill two birds with one stone was new handlebars. I was running cross braced handlebars, and since plating my bike, that feature was getting in the way of my handlebar mounted accessories. As an ODI V2 Lock-On Grip user, I saw that they had recently released their Podium Flight MX 1 1/8" handlebars. Being impressed with their grips system, I decided to give their handlebars a shot. ODI Podium Flight MX handlebars are made from seamless, double-butted 2014 T-6 alloy that has been shot peened and anodized for strength. I did some Googling and found that it would take over 60,000 psi to bend this material! I know that all handlebars can fail under certain conditions, but it seems to me that ODI is making the Podium Flight MX handlebars from some tough stuff. The left side of the handlebar is knurled for grip adhesion, and the bend specific color choices are paired up with an oversized high-density handlebar pad and subtle "stealth" 2-toned graphics. Sorry Kawi guys, I didn't see green as a color choice. As you'd expect, there are laser etched markings for aligning the handlebars and while most wrap around handguards will be compatible, the handlebar ends are not pre-threaded for inserts. But, it wouldn't be hard to tap them. Lastly, there are 9 bends to choose from, including OE spec & signature options. Because I was comfortable with the feel of my old handlebars, I chose ODI's "CR High" bend in anodized red. Keep in mind that the same bend from different manufacturers can vary, so not a bad idea to compare values. In my case, all values were the same or very close. While I like the handlebar color I chose, I'll note that in some lighting conditions, they can look on the pink side. This might be more noticeable because of my also red plastic handguards that I ended up swapping out. If you're particular about color matches, keep this in mind. ODI Podium Flight Handlebars certainly dressed up my well-used GasGas. Since the Podium Flight MX handlebars do not have a cross brace, I now have a few inches more wiggle room for getting my switches and mirrors in the best position possible. In talking with the ODI folks, I learned that they intentionally design in extra room for rider controls; exactly what I was looking for. While the handlebar pad offers up good protection, its generous size doesn't allow my aftermarket display to fit 100% square as it did before. But, I also understand that it's tough at best to design for all possible aftermarket parts & accessories. So, more of something to keep in mind depending upon your particular set-up. Now I have the extra room needed for extra switches & controls. Since my bike is plated, I've ridden with the Podium Flight MX handlebars while commuting to work, on hard enduro mountain single track, and just about everything in between. And, they did everything that I asked without complaint. I didn't notice them being too stiff, too flexy, uncomfortable, or a hindrance in any way. I simply forgot about them when riding and I think that's a good thing. Naturally I didn't launch my bike off a cliff for you to know how tough they are, but I do go down here/there, so time will tell. But, I expect them to take typical hits without issue, they've done that so far, and that's fine with tme. I can report that the handlebar pad mounts securely, having stayed exactly where I installed it. Pros Most signature bends are available. Many colors to match your bike. High quality finish. Bulletproof construction. Reasonably priced. Cons Anodized red can look pink. Final Thoughts I like the ODI Podium Flight MX handlebars. They're made from quality materials, they seemed well screwed together, and not too pricey for a premium MX handlebar. I don't see how you can go wrong here, save them not having the bend or color choice that you want. More @ https://odigrips.com/store/podiumflght-mx-handlebars ODI Podium Flight MX Handlebars, ready for battle!