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  1. LadyCRFRider

    How did you get infected?

    I always wanted to ride, but like a few other girls out there, my mother would NEVER allow me to ride, since "girl's don't do that!" Much to my mother's dismay, my dad built me a mini bike when I was about ten and I rode that thing until it fell apart. When I married my ex, he had ridden most of his life and he was more than happy to buy me my first "real bike" and teach me to ride. I've been riding ever since. Sheesh! That's a lot more years than I care to count.
  2. LadyCRFRider

    Who bought their dirt bike first?

    My bike was a Christmas present from my hubby. He doesn't ride, so my bike is the first and the last. When it came to who got the bike first in my previous marriage, it was ALWAYS my ex. I ended up with his hand-me-downs most of the time.
  3. LadyCRFRider

    Men! Ugh!

    Actually he never wanted anything in return. To this day when I mention buying him something he never wants anything. When I tell him to buy something for himself, he won't do it. He generally gives away almost everything he owns. He gave his coat to a homeless guy on the street once. That's just the way he is. I show my love for him in other ways.
  4. LadyCRFRider

    Men! Ugh!

    I NEVER said WEEKLY. He did send me quite a few though. I appreciated the gesture. As for the sex thing, well, he's a Christian that doesn't believe in having sex before marriage. It's not like I tried to torture him on purpose.
  5. LadyCRFRider

    Men! Ugh!

    OK...maybe it's me, but I would be a little annoyed if I didn't get flowers on Valentine's Day too! What ever happened to guys trying to impress girls with flowers and candy, etc.??? It's painfully obvious that a lot of guys who posted here just expect girls to "put out" and if you don't, then you aren't worthy of flowers or anything else for Valentine's Day. That is SO sad!! Good grief...where are the guys who realize that there is more to life?! I guess I have one of the few. My FIRST date with my husband was the day before Valentine's Day and he sent me a dozen roses. Then he CONTINUED to send me flowers every few weeks or so JUST BECAUSE! And wow...I didn't even have to "put out" until we were married! Imagine that!! Obviously the flowers worked, because it REALLY impressed me that he would be so thoughtful. I dated a few other guys who didn't do things like that got kicked to the curb...FAST! Sorry, but if a guy doesn't feel you're worth doing little things for like sending flowers and little thoughtful gifts, then he isn't worth dating or marrying...let alone "putting out" for! Trust me, he won't change! If you aren't worth it now, then you won't be worth it later. Little things mean A LOT to most REAL women. As for those idiots who aren't appreciative of having doors opened for them or getting little gifts, then they aren't worth a guy's time of day! If they are that ignorant, then they deserve to be alone! Well anyhow, that's JMHO. Hang in there girl! I'm sure there are a few good ones left!
  6. LadyCRFRider

    Why God made Moms

    Waaaaaaay too funny!!!!!! Those are SOO cute, but some are way too true...particularly #3 of "Why did your mom marry your dad?"
  7. LadyCRFRider

    Of course my cast is orange

    VERY cool cast!! Not that I'm really hoping for any broken bones or anything, but, I WANT A RED ONE! <whine, stamp foot and pout > Anyhow, did they do an MRI of your wrist? Just curious, because the x-ray wouldn't actually show any ligament or tendon damage, but the MRI would. Hope you heal up fast!!!
  8. LadyCRFRider

    Ladies that ride

    Unfortunately I think it's only guys who actually ride that think women who ride are sexy. I'm not too sure my husband (who doesn't ride) finds my helmet hair, racoon eyes and dirt-stache all that sexy. Oh well...like that's gonna stop me!
  9. I'm 36, and you're my idol too!
  10. LadyCRFRider

    NE area riders?? (NJ, PA, DE)

    Me too, so if you know of a place...just let me know! You know, back when I had my XR, I used to ride with a group of guys who knew where an enduro loop was. As I recall, that was pretty cool! Of course I wouldn't know where to find it again if I tried. I would love to try something like that again on my bike.
  11. LadyCRFRider

    NE area riders?? (NJ, PA, DE)

    Hopefully the weather will shape up by next weekend. It is SNOWING like crazy here right now. I AM SO TIRED OF THIS! I keep dreaming of warm breezes and the smell of a fresh roost! As far as hubby letting me borrow his truck, he would, BUT, I until I actually spring for a ramp, he has to load and unload the bike. If I really beg him and he knew that I was meeting someone to ride with, he would be nice and take me.
  12. LadyCRFRider

    NE area riders?? (NJ, PA, DE)

    True...but if you hear of anyone giving one away, let me know. I'm kinda low on cash right now.
  13. LadyCRFRider

    NE area riders?? (NJ, PA, DE)

    Now THAT'S cute!
  14. LadyCRFRider

    NE area riders?? (NJ, PA, DE)

    Sure! Just let me know where and when you are going to ride.
  15. LadyCRFRider

    NE area riders?? (NJ, PA, DE)

    I used to be a more into woods riding when I had my XR250, but since I've gotten the CRF250R, I stick mostly to the track and wide open trails. I'm sure it has to be Blue Diamond that I was thinking of. I seem to remember another rider saying that it cost $50 a day to ride when I stopped by to watch one day. He also said something about buying a membership, which I would LOVE to do. It really isn't that far away for me...only a little over an hour. Like I said in another post, my husband has promised to take me, but he hasn't made good on that promise yet. Unfortunately, he's the one with the truck. Maybe I should consider trading in my car and getting my own truck!