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  1. sypirate

    PRICELESS Alessi Pic

    South African or Aussie-doesn't make any difference-they're all foreign.
  2. sypirate

    PRICELESS Alessi Pic

    Well said. I was there and thought it was weird that he didn't show up either. I think the Aussie was a little scared that American pride might raise it's mighty head. Alessi may be a punk-but he's an American punk!
  3. sypirate

    PRICELESS Alessi Pic

    If Alessi's endurance is crap then what about Bubba's? He pulled out of the 250 moto, running a distant 4th because he was light headed-due to the heat.
  4. sypirate

    Great Hangtown Photo's

    It was a mess. But I did see that they had crews picking up trash immediately after the event. Didn't see any drunks in our section-people were well behaved. Overall, with all of the people, heat and intense racing, I think the event was great. Hope to make it next year. My hat's off to anyone that will take on the responsibility of bringing a national event to Cali!
  5. Here's a pic of my kid jumping his ttr a few years ago. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v605/sypirate/Jump1.jpg[/img]]
  6. This photographer has some serious skills. I like the B&W of Bubba leading carmichael and the boys....kind of a historic shot.
  7. sypirate

    2004 riding pics

    Great pics. Definitely captures the essence of a dirt bike family. You're raisin' a whole nuther generation of riders there. Those pics must definitely remind you of how good you got it! btw, it must've taken you all of 04 just to upload all them pics
  8. sypirate

    Anaheim supercross 02-05-05 pics

    XLNT pics, you're really good with the camera. The one with McGrath wiping his face....I could hear him saying " then, Ricky's roost hit me right here!"
  9. sypirate

    Dedicated gearhead!!! Photo to die for!

    Shoot, I thought that was their living room furniture...
  10. sypirate

    SF Supercross Pictures

    RC dominates again. Nice pics
  11. sypirate

    MC and RC doing nac nacs

    That's a great shot...mag quality...especially since Chad developed his style out of respect for Jeremy.
  12. sypirate

    Cal City to Randsburg 01-02-05

    I think you're ridin' that DRZ to it's max, suspension or not it's being pushed waay past it's limit. Sorry I missed the ride. Great pics.
  13. sypirate

    250X looks bad already!

    this is the ticket! Seriously, you want to keep your bike lookin' new-do it just like this.
  14. sypirate

    vp u4 quick question

    I'd say drain it only if you don't ride it for a week or more. That is, if you ride it a couple times a week, don't worry about it. But, if it's going to sit for a while then drain it. Good tip is just shut-off the petcock and run it out of gas before you pit. When we ran it straight all the time (practice and races), we found a xlnt looking plug except for small globules of "dots" on the plug...apparently it's the polymers in the U4. Our mechanic suggested running it 3 to 1 (U4 to 1 gal pump). We don't find the globs anymore. When you cut it, you're diluting the oxygen in the U4 which is the best part. Most people go 50/50 just because it's easy.