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  1. rich424

    Bent pipe?

    Thanks for the reply. Do ya think I should heat it up first or just wedge it in a tree and use a breaker bar.
  2. rich424

    Bent pipe?

    Thanks for looking. I went down kinda hard about a month or so ago. I went down on the clutch side with force on hard desert rocks. I have a feeling that my pipe is bent. It does not fit into the cylinder flush (but does not leak) and is barely touching the radiator on the brake side (where it bend up and goes straight). I am wondering if I went down so hard that it bent the "bend". Anyone ever do this. Should I take it off and bend it back out with a breaker bar? I have ridden it a couple times since with no problems. No over heating or spooge coming out the manifold. Thanks again for looking and I will try to post some pics later. Here are some pics. Sorry about the dirty bike but had to much fun this weekend.
  3. rich424

    Nuke & Solo's Moab Adventure!

    sorry bout that. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.
  4. rich424

    Nuke & Solo's Moab Adventure!

    On your way back stop at Pink Corral sand Dunes. It is a good start or end to that trip.
  5. rich424

    In the desert, Dubai

    That looks like a BLAST! I love the dunes here in Arizona. It is cooling down here and should see a trip form soon.
  6. rich424

    coolant coming out of weep hole.

    you guys really got me confident that I can tackle this thing (after this horrible work week). Done. Wow a 20 minute job. Easy as pie.
  7. rich424

    coolant coming out of weep hole.

    Thank you very much guys. And Adam, thanks for being there for my two stroke newbie questions on the drop of a dime.
  8. rich424

    coolant coming out of weep hole.

    Thanks alot! Any more comments would be great. How would one go about pulling the pump impeller?
  9. I just got back from a weekend camping trip. I pulled in to the camp site on friday night and unloaded my bike. When I was unloading I saw coolant all over the bottom of my truck bed. I thought maybe the road was a little rough coming in and coolant "spilled" out. I topped it off and went for a little ride. I only rode it for about 20 minutes before I came back. I checked the level and only a very small amount of coolant was gone. But coolant would continue to leak out the weep hole for the entire camping trip. I didnt get to ride this weekend. I was scared of the cooant and transmission oil mixing. I guess my question is, how do I fix the seal?
  10. Ok. I will bite. RV is from another planet. He could of beat the field on my buddies kdx200. And if were not for Rc going down in the first lap this weekend he would of spanked RV. Dont get me wrong Rv will be at Rc pace very soon. Probably when he gets on a 450.
  11. rich424

    A couple pics from the Copper Canyon Classic

    wow guys Im sorry but I dont have either one of you two. I do have 45s,12s,2,708,2x,50s,233,120,10,292,30,150A,3,865,81,930,13p,152x,188,551, 70p(real good pic with your arm in a "pump" motion,I think my buddy and I did a good job at getting people going, my buddy and I were after the first turn,down the straight a way,right before the steep down hill,uphill,g-out spot thing), 720(no shirt dude), 19s,48x,7s,19x,and 67s. There are a couple where I could not make out the number and whos ever ass is facing the camera going down the g-out. If any of you ran those numbers this past weekend than hit me up. I have a pic of you and you might want it!
  12. rich424

    A couple pics from the Copper Canyon Classic

    I will look through all my pic tonight. Thanks for looking. Great town to have a race in. It looked like we doubled the population for a day.
  13. REED IS DOWN AND OUT. looks like bike failure right now
  14. No he came in second on the first moto.
  15. Here We Go!!! Welcome To Ricky Carmichael Show!!! Goooooooaaaatttttttt!!!!!!