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    come on now!!!
  1. steve_cirillo

    Pics of your first bike...

    93 dr350.. i got it when i was 13. i beat the hell out of it and it still kept on going! missing footpeg.. and here's a couple of vids!
  2. steve_cirillo

    Your other ride..

    my daily driver 08 xb2... I also rock a benz from time to time... I drove this thing after i crashed my taco. Can you say G RIDE? (ghetto.. that what the G in G ride means) We have a 93 chevy 3500 diesel that i tow the trailer with.. no pics though
  3. steve_cirillo

    Nissan Armada?

    thanks.. i already have an account on club armada. It's very helpful... i've kind of tapped that source so i was coming here to get some more opinions
  4. steve_cirillo

    Nissan Armada?

    Okay, so it's been a while since I've posted in here or anywhere on this site for that matter... prerequisites 1-4 have been observed and completed. Now, I am in the market for a new car and I have determined that I want an SUV My question is, who has or has had an armada? How are they? Do you like it? Any major problems i should be watching out for? Anyone have one for sale? Also, if anyone has pics of their mada i'd love to see them! Thanks guys and it feels good to be back even though the topic isn't bikes steve
  5. i have a picasa question... when the program scans the drive it gets all of your pics and vids into the interface... i have an external hard drive (H:\) how do i get picasa to scan this drive? Thank you!
  6. steve_cirillo

    Is it legal?

    i heard you could if you were a horse and it was a horse trailer... that's just what i heard (budump ching!)
  7. steve_cirillo

    my new toy, not exactly a bike!!!!!

    the westcoat shop is like 20 mins from my house so that's where i got it. I have no idea where a guy would find them online. they are in newport beach ca.. maybe you could call 411 idno
  8. steve_cirillo

    my new toy, not exactly a bike!!!!!

    nice ski here's mine 87 650sx it has all the fun motor stuff Shot at 2007-07-03 Shot at 2007-07-03 Shot at 2007-07-03 our rack when we didn't have a trailer or didn't want to tow one Shot with SV-AV20 at 2007-07-03
  9. steve_cirillo

    Let's See your own Movie Productions

    shadows fall is so sick!!! anyways here are a couple of mine. well i just thought they were funny.. they are very short and from when i was 14 or 15 enjoy... and this is just random, but i thought everyone would like it... the guy is my buddy blake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN36zB4QPa8
  10. steve_cirillo

    Shipping bikes/quads

    Later this summer I will be buying my girlfirend a quad.. flame on whatever.. the 230f i bought her is too big and too heavy for her to be confident on.. anyways I was just wondering how much it costs to ship a quad.. im in california if that matters.. any all info is welcome! thanks a lot!
  11. steve_cirillo

    Kinda wide Single Track

    "on your ass" "thank you" lol best line ever!!!
  12. steve_cirillo

    Diesel Truck Maintenance

    no... that wasn't me
  13. steve_cirillo

    Diesel Truck Maintenance

    Hey guys thanks for the responses. Qick question... Is it wrong to want an HD truck? Granted i won't be towing 10k lbs daily but the ocational boat tow or something like that. Plus I really REALLY like the way the super duty trucks look.. slap a 6 or 8 inch lift with some 37"s... you can't beat that! In addition to the truck looking amazing, i can get b100 biodiesel. For me, paying $1.75 apposed to $3++ for fuel is pretty much a no brainer... Also, my uncle mentioned a major diesel service every, i can't remember 25K or 50K miles... he said it was about 2 grand. what is that?
  14. What's up everybody.... I recently totalled my 06 tacoma (tryed to jump it off of a 40 foot cliff, turn out they are not cliff proff.. i really didn't jump it i crashed and flew off and landed on my roof.. i walked away though.. pics comming soon) But back to the topic at hand, can somebody break down the cost of opperating a diesel truck. Im leaning towards the f-250, maybe an 04 or 05. Typicall oil change diesel service filters breaks stuff like that.... i have an uncle with one and he kind of scared me a little bit... also the reason im leaning towards a diesel is because my neighbor brews biodeisel in his garage.. so at around $1.75 a gallon i can't really go wrong. Thanks for all of the imput!
  15. steve_cirillo

    how many miles is too many

    sorry for hijacking a thread but how about a on a deseil f250? how many miles is too many?