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  1. Sorry I'll do better. I think I need a shower.
  2. Yeah maybe they should mount it on the side of the engine case...oh wait...
  3. What does singing have to do with any of it? Does he sing the praises? Or sing in the rain?
  4. I'd buy a KTM before I bought a Jotagas. Don't care how big the guys basement is that he is building bikes in. It's a startup. And then there is the importer.[emoji849]
  5. So I'll follow up hear. The hearing specialist said don't wear them.
  6. What has happened to my old bike?
  7. I'm the opposite. I'm a way better skier than dirt bike rider. Which is why I've have 5 knee surgeries. I grew up 10 miles from a ski slope and skied every day after school.
  8. I hear you on the estart. It's a 2 stroke so not bad at all. I stretch every morning. I don't want a reduced range of motion. I'm only 47 but the miles have been rough.
  9. Well my annual update here. Still happy with this. I have zero issues and pain. Skiing and riding both dirt and street. I will hopefully be getting a new bike shortly and getting electric start so I don't have to kick. But it just hasn't been a big issue. I do bump start whenever possible.
  10. Quick update. Still dealing with the pain. Not that bad at this point. I have continued with strength training. So I'm just dealing with it. I will be consulting Dr. Mark once it gets unbearable, but it hasn't changed since I first posted this.
  11. So I pick up my new hearing aids on Friday. They are a behind the ear model. What say the other old guys who are falling apart do you wear them while riding? I also ride street bikes and I'm going to try to wear them in my street helmet. But I have comm's so I'm curious how that will all work together.
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