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  1. jeffrow68

    Stroker Crank Question

    Great news, I will look into that source. If you go with a plus 2mm offset (4mm stroke), I think someone speculated that you can keep the stock rod since the piston sits so low in the bore. Maybe double the base gasket if needed. I really like this idea. Their website says $300 for this service which seems fair. I think Terry charges around $375-$400 but his includes a new rod and custom set piston height, which is a very good deal. I also found a source to port the 230 head and add an oversized intake valve. I just shipped a head there but it sounds very promising.
  2. jeffrow68

    Stroker Crank Question

    Yes, clearancing (grinding) the big end of the rod is necessary or it will hit 3rd gear when rotated.i have not personally done this, but the one that Terry did for me was clearanced as described. Do you have a source for such stroked cranks?
  3. jeffrow68

    XR400 Fork Set Up For CRF230

    For clarification I used aluminum spacers to fit the XR600 stem since I did not cut and weld it, the same as RR did. I did not use aluminum spacers to shorten the forks, I used pvc the same as BTR.
  4. jeffrow68

    XR400 Fork Set Up For CRF230

    Thanks for the info Larry, I remember your post about modding the XR400 forks but I could not find it. I am using an XR600 triple clamp, I made some aluminum washers to use as spacers. I am planning to use a cutting wheel on my grinder to cut the springs. I have used a small torch to heat the coil at the cut point so I could bend it down and make a flat surface, do I need to do this or just cut it?
  5. jeffrow68

    XR400 Fork Set Up For CRF230

    Thanks for the info, that is what I needed. Yes I will be adding a spacer and cutting the springs, do you have a recommendation for that also?
  6. I have a set of the newer 97-04 forks that I plan to install on a CRF230. I have searched this forum but can’t seem to find the shim mods that BTR is using. If if anyone has the specifics on the shim stack that works good, I need it. Also what weight fork oil and amount? Thanks for any assistance, Jeff
  7. jeffrow68

    Sourcing Performance Parts

    Sent you a pm
  8. I am thinking of going one step bigger with my current 230 project and would like to source larger valves, a cylinder sleeve, and a 69mm piston. Regarding the valves, does the intake valve only need to be enlarged? I am assuming that I would be using a valve from another Honda that is larger than the 230 valve? What sizes would I be looking for? There are several listings for cylinder sleeves on eBay, I just need to verify they can be bored to 69mm. Then find an available piston with an extra set of rings. TThe other question I have is which carb would be good for the engine combo? I am using the PD03A pumper now and really like it but not opposed to trying the PWK if will feed this combo.
  9. jeffrow68

    Another year of testing.

    BTR, thanks for the updates. I have copied most of your mods to my bike and I am very happy with the performance and durability. I don’t ride as much as you, but I do ride a lot and I push the little girls bike very hard through some extreme conditions. I very much identify with the comments about switching over to the 230 from a full on race bike. It took me a long time to swallow my pride and finally embrace the 230. I couldn’t get past the idea of having brand new, top of the line, super fancy KTM’s, Beta’s, Yamaha’s, etc but I wasn’t any faster or safer on these versus my little 230. I can ride the 230 for longer, faster, more control and safer, and go just about anywhere. I wish I had made this transition a long time ago.
  10. jeffrow68

    150 To 230 Conversion

    Thanks very much for the verification. No estart, 5 speed, broken cases, etc all good reasons not to use the 150F base. So far I have a nice complete 230F engine just waiting to be modified. I have a nice set of XR400 forks and a nice set of XR600 triples (does any of this sound familiar). I am going to experiment with a few swingarms for possibly a PDS setup, but not sure yet. Stay tuned, I am sure to be leaning on you guys for advice
  11. jeffrow68

    150 To 230 Conversion

    I was gifted a basket case 05 150F that I was planning to use as a base for another Enduro bike build. After asking around, I decided it was not the best idea to use the 150F engine due to kick start gear failure issues. I have since obtained a 230 engine and I am moving forward with this project. I wanted to verify that 230F engine will fit in the 05 150F frame using the 230F mounting brackets. I plan on replacing all the suspension components and wheels and brakes, so I will only use the 150 frame, tank, plastics.
  12. jeffrow68

    XL250 pumper carb in a CRF230F

    I did a fair amount of testing with carbs on my modded 230 and ultimately ended up with a PD03A pumper. I quickly outgrew the OEM carb then switched to an XR250R carb. It had better top end but didn’t seem to perform as well on the bottom with a noticeable loss of grunt. I then adapted a 28mm OKO PWK clone and worked out the bugs to get it jetted correctly. This one worked very well compared to the previous two carbs. I then purchased a cheap Chinese PD03A clone and worked through all the quality issues to get this one working very well, even better than the previous PWK. I was very concerned with quality, so I purchased a used PD03A pumper and used the clone for spare parts and gaskets. With all that being said, I think the PD03A has been the best performing carb from this group and I am very happy with it.
  13. jeffrow68

    CRF230F National Enduro Race Machine?

    Chad, for me the twisted engineering bars are very high on my list of recommended upgrades, if not the top. I was struggling with arm pump and numb hands from CT when riding 2T bikes which was aggravated by the vibration. I initially used the Flexx bars but they were very heavy and only flexed in one plane. The twisted bars are very light and the flex in all directions. I have had the same pair for several years and I keep switching them over when I get a new bike. You don’t notice the flex when riding, but man they work great for absorbing sharp hits and hard landings and even with vibration reduction. I am so used to these bars that I don’t like riding bikes without them, it is really a huge difference. They are also very durable as I have tested this repeatedly. The only downside is the price, pretty darn expensive but a mandatory upgrade for me to keep me in the saddle and somewhat safer. I have the 3X flex version, just discovered they now have a 4X version which I may purchase for my DR650. Please note that I did not get paid for this review, but if this somehow gets back to Twisted Engineering I will accept sponsorship to help advance my racing career!
  14. jeffrow68

    CRF230F National Enduro Race Machine?

    Chris, I love the tubliss setup and have been using it on all of my bikes for a while. I am using a dual compound front tire at 6psi as recommended by BTR and I love it. Vulcanduro ve35 on rear at 8psi. No issues at all, but only positives such as much better control and noticeably softer ride. The power delivery of the 230 coupled with enhanced traction make me feel like I can do anything on this bike!
  15. jeffrow68

    XR400 fork swap

    Daled, what year CR and what size bike (125,250) did you use the triples? Also, are the stem bearings correct size and only need shimming to fit? I agree there are lots of CR parts available on eBay. I am assuming with the different spacing dimensions between the two triples, you would have to use wheel spacers for the specific clamps? (CR triple clamps with CR wheel spacers) Again, I like the availability of CR parts, just not sure which years/models are useable. I am collecting parts for a 150F conversion to 18/21 wheels and modded 230 motor. I plan to replace the entire front end with 400 forks and whatever triples, wheel, brakes, etc to make it happen. Still undecided about the rear, contemplating the PDS setup similar to what woodsrider did but maybe flipping the 230 swingarm and trying to find a compatible pds shock. I enjoy working on these bike, but I need a steady steed in the stable while I experiment on this other bike.