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  1. Yes, I have probably lost my mind but I am campaigning my CRF230F in the National Enduro Series this year. Man, do I get some funny looks when I roll up to the line on my 70’s technology race machine! But, so far I am actually doing quite well. The first race was in South Carolina and the biggest race of the series with over 750 bikes. I got pretty nerved out at this big event, and I was on row 1 so that added to my stress. I rode really tight the first few test sections and finally found my groove on the last test and ended up finishing 2nd in class (50C). The 2nd race was scheduled in my home state (Louisiana) but unfortunately got canceled, so I really got screwed on that deal since I am very familiar with the course and it is 2 hours from my house. The 3rd race was this weekend in Indiana. I arrived with a good attitude and confidence even though it was a MUD fest This was the most difficult test I have ever endured on a dirt bike. I had a great 1st test section, (150 out of 500), but I got stuck several times in the 2nd test section and quickly got exhausted, completely exhausted! There was so much carnage and overheating bikes and stuck bikes and exhausted riders, it was a fight for survival. I ended up finishing 3rd in class. I broke my shifter and my seat bolt came out and the seat kept falling off every time I stood up, and I didn’t put the film in my new roll-off goggles that I bought the day before the race so I had no goggles! So, despite all the funny looks my little 230 is exceeding expectations. Next race is Virginia in a few weeks, wish me luck.
  2. Just from the picture, I really like the skid plate, nice engine coverage. I also like the red anodized COLOR of the forks, does it really matter if they work? I am also a sucker for the black rims, I hear the black color makes rims lighter and stronger.
  3. This footage was recorded December 2017 on our family property in SW Mississippi. I have been riding these trails since I was but a small child. Several parts of this trail are sections of a natural terrain track that I practiced on when I raced MX, 40 plus years ago. We had a warm winter, notice All the greenery. This is my own little slice of heaven that I often retreat to ride my dirt bike and forget everything else.
  4. Nice video. I use the Proshot chin mount for my GoPro and i highly recommend it. I have a great series of video footage, but I really suck at video editing. Do you have any tips to share?
  5. Just curious if YZ85, RM85, or KX85 forks are the same as the Honda CR85 forks. I am looking for other compatible forks for a conversion to a new project 230F. I currently have the CRF150R forks on my 230F and really like them, there just aren’t many available. I like woodsrider KTM 85 swap, but that may be out of my abilities. I am also considering BTR’s XR400 fork conversion, but I really want to lose some weight.
  6. Do you guys think the tusk rear brake pedal is a good replacement for the OEM steel piece? With the relatively low ground clearance I am forever bending the steel brake, but it bends back easily and doesn’t break. I like the idea of an aluminum piece, but don’t want it to break off instead of bending. Any thoughts on this?
  7. We rode some sweet single track in Biloxi Mississippi this weekend. My 230F was purring like a lion. I was able to run down the fast guy in our group at will on my 230, then check out from the group. It rained 2” the night before but the sandy soil dried up quickly with the exception of some low lying areas. The video is about 8 minutes long and really gets good after I pass the KTM. This was the first ride with the lighter 150F flywheel, it most definitely revs quicker and lofts the front much easier, but I did notice that I stalled several times probably due to the sandy conditions resulting in easy rear wheel lockup during braking. It is a keeper for sure.
  8. OK, I am going to ATTEMPT to high-jack this thread back to its original theme. I successfully swapped the 150F flywheel onto my 230F. I took a quick spin in my yard but it’s late and my neighbors are sensitive. First impressions are positive, seeems more responsive and quicker than the 230 flywheel. I have a big ride planned this weekend and will give a full report.
  9. Thanks very much for the responses to my questions regarding the 150F, that is exactly what I needed to hear. I may part out the 150F and keep looking for a 230F for my next project bike. No sense in trying to make the 150 into a 230, better to just start with a 230.
  10. Larry, not sure what you meant to say in the post above, would you mind repeating? I think we are on the same page though, I basically have a free 150F. Is it worth investing in the 150F engine or should I try and find a 230F engine? I have read through Guys threads about his modified 150F and it sounds pretty good. I need e-start, but could live with the 5 speed. I absolutely love my modded 230F but I really need a backup bike. I enjoy working on these bikes almost as much as I do riding them. I have tested and tried many different mods on my 230 so I know what works for me, just not sure if I can get there with a 150F engine.
  11. I have inherited a basket case 05 CRF150F. I would like to have a backup bike to my heavy modded 230F and I am contemplating building up this 150. It has a complete kicker engine that will crank, a solid frame, and good tank and seat. The rest is not very good such as wheels and suspension. Is this bike worth the investment to build up the engine, will it approach the 230’s power? The suspension has to be completely redone anyway, so I am not concerned there, only if the engine can be modded to be close to my 230. I don’t think I like the 5 speed, and I know I don’t like the kicker. Any suggestions?
  12. As I get older, I tend to sit more than I should and transitioning from sitting to standing seems difficult on the 230 even though I am short. The OEM seat was killing me, especially on long rides. I found a Guts Racing tall seat foam on eBay for $10 for a gas gas bike and took a chance to fit it to my 230. I bought a new gripper tall seat cover and used my filet knife to fit the seat foam. My new seat is a little taller than I planned, but wow it works great. It is very soft and does not hurt my back while sitting, it is really easy to get my nuts on the tank while cornering, and it makes an easy transition from sitting to standing. Pictures attached.
  13. 2005, did they change?
  14. I broke the rear chain guide on my 230F today and I am looking for a durable option vs the plastic OEM version. Anyone know of anything available that fits the 230F? I tried TM Designs but no luck there. I did find an new aluminum version from Outlaw racing that looks nice. Anyone have experience with aluminum vs plastic?
  15. I don’t have the budget to buy a new shock for my DR650...way too pricey, considering rebuilding the OEM with a gold valve and 7.3 spring. I can do this myself for about $200. Anyone using the gold valve in their shock please provide a review. At this point a 2X4 would probably perform better than the pogo shock, but this sounds like a pretty cost effective option unless it is a total waste of time. I have read that the OEM shock rebuild is not worth the time or money, but not from anyone that has actually done this...mostly from people trying to sell something.