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  1. jamesm113

    08 wr450 valve replacement

    You'd want a machine shop to do a valve job. Ask around and see who does dirt bike heads (or more specifically, the yamaha 5 valve heads) Drop the head off with them, and ask them to inspect the head/valves and they will tell you what it needs and how much they charge. Definitely a good idea to do valve stem seals if they are replacing the valves. They can grind the seats down, but not Ti valves. But, what makes you think they need replacing? Have the valve clearances been off?
  2. jamesm113

    Carb Leaking From Overflow Hose

    I've had some luck with the visu line in-line filters. Helps keep the carbs a little cleaner. My dealer has them for like $3-4 bucks. https://www.amazon.com/Visu-Filter-Universal-In-Line-Fuel-Filter/dp/B00J4ZAOIA
  3. jamesm113

    New to me ‘04 WR450FS

    Look into the 2008 CRF450R pumper mod- https://www.crfsonly.com/howto/keihin-fcr-carb/honda-crf-fcr-carb-update-how-to-install/how-to-install-honda-accelerator-pump-update-crf450r.php That, a 45leak jet, and an upgraded accelerator pump spring (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011EUGY18/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) cured the bog on my 07
  4. jamesm113

    05 TTR230 hard starting, recent development

    It was the starter circuit that was clogged. While I'm an expert at cleaning the Keihin FCR-MX carbs, I never paid much attention while cleaning these TK carbs. I completely overlooked the starter circuit. The starter circuit has its own fuel supply in the float bowl, delivered to the choke plunger by its own dedicated pipe.
  5. jamesm113

    Good Skid Plates for TTR-230s?

    Ricohet Off-Road makes one too: https://ricochetoffroad.com/products/yamaha-tt-r230-aluminum-skid-plate
  6. jamesm113

    05 TTR230 hard starting, recent development

    Might as well ask now. How do you all pull the carb? I've been pulling the airbox to carb intake, but it's a pain to put back on. Is there an easier way?
  7. jamesm113

    05 TTR230 hard starting, recent development

    Well, the valves were a little loose, but that didn't help. Even with newly adjusted valves, the bike wouldn't start. I suspect the choke might be clogged as outlined in this thread:
  8. jamesm113

    Hard starting 02 WR250f, loose intake valves

    Well, the main jet was a #125. I think it got mixed up with a CRF230 jet when trying to jet for altitude (should have been a #175) 🤦‍♂️. Explains the bog it's been experiencing. Didn't have time to clean the carb, but I have a feeling it's hard starting problems are going to be solved once that's done.
  9. Until the past month, my 2005 TTR230 has been easy to start. Last month, before a desert trip, I noticed it wasn't starting, so I cleaned the carb, then put it back together, and it started fine. I then took it to said desert trip, and it wouldn't start. Even bump starting it, it wouldn't go. I eventually had a friend tow, but it would fire, then die immediately. Eventually, I started holding the throttle open and it kept running. After it was warmed up, it idled fine, and it started fine. Next day, same problem. Took an excessive amount of effort to get it started. I did notice the spark was a little weak, so I changed the plug when I got home from the trip, but it was still kinda weak. Today, I switch the battery out, the spark is much stronger, but it's still not starting cold. ARGHHH Mods: Inline fuel filter between tank and carb Airbox cut #130 main jet #38 pilot jet Rewound stator
  10. jamesm113

    Hard starting 02 WR250f, loose intake valves

    We will be an hour or two into our ride, and he'll kill the engine for a few minutes, and can't start it back up without the choke. It'll be ~60F out, so it's not like the engine is suddenly too cold to idle properly. For sure, that's my plan. He's had the bike a few years, and we've never checked the valves, so I figured it was time. I've fixed the carb plenty of times, and that's next on my list of things to mess with after I ensured the valves were in spec. Yup - I got the bikemaster feeler gauges. They're not perfect, as they jump from .10mm to .13mm to .15mm to .18mm to .20mm to .23mm to .25mm, but they do have both metric and imperial markings.
  11. I'm helping a friend with an 02 WR250F that has a whole bunch of problems, but the biggest one has is it's been a real pain to start. It's currently only starting with the choke on. Once started and the choke is removed, it will idle just fine. Doesn't matter if it's hot or cold. And even with the choke, it takes lots of kicks to get it going. So, I measured the valves yesterday. The exhaust valves were around .20mm, (spec's .17mm to .23mm). But the intake valves were all loose. All were above .15mm, one was even above .18mm (spec is .10mm to .15mm). I always thought as valves wore, they got tighter as the valve seat and valve face wear. Is it normal for valves to get looser too? PS. In case someone asks, jetting is 178 main, 45 pilot, 72 starter, 2 turns on the pilot screw, OBELQ-4 needle, 60 leak jet, 200 main air, 75 pilot jet, with an O-ring on the AP linkage. We've had a decent amount of success with this configuration. Temps typically 50-80F, altitude is 0-3500 feet.
  12. jamesm113

    TTR 50 run w/o oil, won't start

    For future reference, the Yamaha part number is the same at any dealer. So you could have gotten it on Babbits, ThumperTalk, RockyMountainATVMC, or Partzilla, and plugged it into any of the sites. Keep us updated!
  13. jamesm113

    TTR 50 run w/o oil, won't start

    +1 on checking the cams, & journals. Those are probably toast if your piston looks like that. Also - pick up some assembly lube for when you put everything back together.
  14. jamesm113

    TTR 50 run w/o oil, won't start

    New cylinder is $120 on partzilla. Try bringing into a machine shop or two in your area to see if they think they can repair it for less. If you are lucky, they can run a hone through it for pretty cheap and still have it back to service. Replating costs significantly more, but you can try calling Millenium Tech or Power Seal USA. But quotes I got were well north of $120.