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  1. jamesm113

    1999 TTR 250 seat same as a 2001 seat?

    Try cross referencing the seat part numbers on partzilla.com
  2. jamesm113

    2008 Yamaha 230 TTR

    Try ebay for a used one. You can check with partzilla.com or you local dealer to see if the 230 shares any parts with other models.
  3. jamesm113

    Honest opinions on the 2015 WR450F, please!

    definitely not OEM.
  4. jamesm113

    Honest opinions on the 2015 WR450F, please!

    +1 on cmsnl, that's where I got mine. Shipping was another 25.5 euros, so just under 100 euros... About $113usd
  5. jamesm113

    Honest opinions on the 2015 WR450F, please!

    The FI tool helps with starting. Mine fires right up both cold and hot with the CO level set to -8. However, it doesn't like starting when warm (ie, cold, start it for 30 seconds then kill it), so I just let it warm up fully before killing it Experiment with different values to see what's best for you.
  6. jamesm113

    2012 WR450 Headlight not working

    So you are not getting 12VDC at the H4 harness after the bike starts? If not, check the headlight relay, between the battery and the fuel tank. You should get 12VDC there as well.
  7. jamesm113

    The WR450F Clutch Hub "Swiss Cheese" Mod Thread

    I'm surprised this post never got any responses. I absolutely love this mod! 👍👍 Clutch feel is 100x better, I can modulate the clutch easily over technical trails. Just an awesome, buttery-smooth clutch. When I got a 2012 WR450F last year to replace my 2007, I realized how much I took it for granted and quickly performed this mod to my 2012. My buddy has an old 03 YZ450f that was always a pain to start. After performing this mod (and some valve reshimming), it starts in gear easily.
  8. Time Left: 19 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Like New

    * OEM tank - $140 * OEM ECU - $50 * OEM Skid plate - $40 * OEM fork springs - $70 All parts is in good shape. Shipping is extra


    , California

  9. jamesm113

    Roasted the clutch in 5 minutes...

    Yup, will change the oil filter too. As requested:
  10. Yeah, we have some nasty clay out here in Southern California. Me, being an idiot, unloaded my bike, and immediately climbed up a hill that was covered in wet clay, and I couldn't get down. In the process of trying to get down, I f'd up my bike so bad that it never delivered any power to wheel, even when in gear. If I let the clutch out, the bike did nothing... Tonight, I pulled the clutch, and immediately was greeted by a nasty burnt smell. Most of the middle plates were below the wear limit. Some of the outer plates were close to the min spec. I do a fair amount of technical riding, so I'm ordering an OEM clutch kit, which has discs, friction plates, springs. (Rocky Mountain FTW, $110!) Anything else I should be doing? I also plan on doing an oil change.
  11. jamesm113

    headlight bulb switch H6M to H4

    Pre FI bikes have AC output for the headlight, so, yes you would need a rectifier. I think you could get the Cyclops WR450F kit to work with some modding on your bike. Probably $80 total. Would need to perform this mod, and solder in an H4 harness (like $4 at the auto store)
  12. jamesm113

    08 wr450 valve replacement

    You'd want a machine shop to do a valve job. Ask around and see who does dirt bike heads (or more specifically, the yamaha 5 valve heads) Drop the head off with them, and ask them to inspect the head/valves and they will tell you what it needs and how much they charge. Definitely a good idea to do valve stem seals if they are replacing the valves. They can grind the seats down, but not Ti valves. But, what makes you think they need replacing? Have the valve clearances been off?
  13. jamesm113

    Carb Leaking From Overflow Hose

    I've had some luck with the visu line in-line filters. Helps keep the carbs a little cleaner. My dealer has them for like $3-4 bucks. https://www.amazon.com/Visu-Filter-Universal-In-Line-Fuel-Filter/dp/B00J4ZAOIA
  14. jamesm113

    New to me ‘04 WR450FS

    Look into the 2008 CRF450R pumper mod- https://www.crfsonly.com/howto/keihin-fcr-carb/honda-crf-fcr-carb-update-how-to-install/how-to-install-honda-accelerator-pump-update-crf450r.php That, a 45leak jet, and an upgraded accelerator pump spring (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011EUGY18/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) cured the bog on my 07
  15. jamesm113

    05 TTR230 hard starting, recent development

    It was the starter circuit that was clogged. While I'm an expert at cleaning the Keihin FCR-MX carbs, I never paid much attention while cleaning these TK carbs. I completely overlooked the starter circuit. The starter circuit has its own fuel supply in the float bowl, delivered to the choke plunger by its own dedicated pipe.