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  1. RigRunner

    using a Camelback style hydrator pack

    A few years ago while mtn biking, i went over over the bars. I didn't break the camelbak or think much of it. But when i got back to the car, and took it off; it was covered in cactus needles. Ditto the money well spent.
  2. RigRunner

    Anacapa Rats II

    Think of it this way, it's easier to ask for forgivnes than permission. laterik
  3. RigRunner

    115ft on a mini...

    yeah, cuz 115-ft is just crazy
  4. RigRunner

    Pre Ride Enduro Prep for the body

    Congrats, man!!!
  5. RigRunner

    Pre Ride Enduro Prep for the body

    If you don't want to carry so much liquid(Gatorade, water, etc.); try foods. Dried fruit or beef jerky packs well. And who doesn't love beef jerky?
  6. RigRunner

    Pre Ride Enduro Prep for the body

    Sounds like you may need to replace electrolytes too.
  7. RigRunner

    '00 400 vs. '04 450??

    Long time lurker first time poster.... I am looking at an '04 450, but the local shop has a '00 400. Are the upgrades worth it in 4 years? I am getting back into riding after a long layoff. Thanks in advance. I've learned a great deal from reading this forum.