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  1. blackwaterforever

    apology if already posted--dumbest rider ever?

    I like how he tried to save face by talking about how extreme he was, like some ganster punk or something. He needs a good 'ole fashioned ass whooping, it'll cure things no wreck can. Keep on ridin'.
  2. blackwaterforever

    I got a little stuck this weekend:

    Man, that is some great looking country your riding in out there. I really miss snowmobiling, I gave it up 3 years ago when mine broke down and I just sold it. Didn't help I was recovering from reconstructive ankle surgery and popped my ankle again in a whoops section of the old railroad grade up in Canaan Valley. Keep on ridin'.
  3. blackwaterforever

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    I have been visiting this thread since the beginning, and I doubt I've posted 2 or 3 times on it. I feel the need to chime in and say how ridiculous it is for guys to be swapping nude pics of their wives. I mean, what the hell? I would literally beat someone to death if they somehow managed to catch a glimpse of my wife naked, and some of you guys are willingly swapping pics of your better halves in thier birthday suits. If your really that desperate to see another man's wife nude, then you should really take a look at how your marriage is doing. Now, some of you are going to come at me with "Why are you on here looking then?". There is a difference between looking at other's guys wives in bathing suits and seeing them completely nude.....and if you want to argue there isnt then you have a problem.
  4. blackwaterforever

    I bet the neighbors hate this redneck!

    That guy would irritate the hell out of me, but I have to admit I'd rather hear that than a riceburner any day.
  5. blackwaterforever

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    PLR I thought you got banned for life? Maybe I'm mistaken, it could be NOS that got banned, I haven't been on here since early May. Keep on ridin'.
  6. blackwaterforever

    Anyone seen my Xterra???

    I had a Ford Escape one time that was a rent-a-car, the dealership paid for it while the transmission was being replaced in my Dodge Ram. Enterprise had just gotten this thing, it was a 2005 with just over 2k miles on it. To make a long story short, I let a buddy use it to go hunting one afternoon, since he said he was just going to be parking in a field and walking to his treestand. He called me on his cell, said he was hung up, and he needed help getting out of there. I got another guy with an old beat up truck, we went over there, he had gotten out of the mud by the time we got there but decided to take a short cut off the road to avoid going through the same water hole.....he ran over a tree stump and unknowingly knocked a hole in the oil pan. A few miles up the road then engine went. That, along with the body damage from him getting over the stump was pretty expensive. That little 6 cylinder motor cost over $5k, unbelievable, I never let anyone use my rent-a-cars anymore. Keep on ridin'.
  7. blackwaterforever

    Pentagon Video 9/11 Unbelievable!!

    I think its actually pretty disrespectful to those that lost thier lives to even entertain these conspiracy theories. I believe it happened just as it was reported, the only reason you dont have any videos of this sort circulating about the Twin Towers not being hit is because it was on live TV. I mean, seriously, our goverments good at covering up things and I beleive there are cataclysmic secrets hidden within its rankings (Kennedy assassination) but even they couldnt hide something like 9/11 if they had tried. Keep on ridin'.
  8. blackwaterforever

    Who is the best-looking guy on TT?

    You look like a member of the Partridge family. I think they even had a band like you did, pretty concidental. Keep on ridin'.
  9. blackwaterforever

    My dad and I just picked this up for my mom.

    Are you gonna kill rabbits out of it?
  10. blackwaterforever

    my cousin and are fighting over summming can u halp

    I honestly cannot believe this. I have never seen spelling this bad, and what in the hell kind of argument is this? If you ride (or argue) anything like you spell than your cousin wont have any problems. Keep on ridin'.
  11. blackwaterforever


    How in the hell did you come up with that? Do you have anything to back that up? Keep on ridin'.
  12. blackwaterforever

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    GET'ER DONE. One of the best posts Ive seen in a long time on this thread, lets keep the real women comin' boys. Keep on ridin'.
  13. blackwaterforever


    Why in the hell does everyone make a reference to WV when someone brings up inbreeding or sex with animals? Not only on here, but the public in general. I mean, I have actually seen studies that show Kentucky has more inbred people than any other state, and I really dont know where the whole beastiality thing comes from for WV. I have NEVER heard of that happening here, Ill grant I have seen inbred people, but beastiality is something I have never heard of happening here. Keep on ridin'. P.S.-- I know I seem kinda touchy about this, but I mean, Ive dealt with these assinine comments my whole life. Not anything against you, just letting off some steam.
  14. blackwaterforever

    We Lost a Great Friend Today

    Im sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. My condolences are with you, his friends, and most importantly his family in this trying time. Keep on ridin'.