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    riding dirtbikes, motocross, enduros, Russian chicks, Jack Daniels, computers & IT
  1. dattorob

    Dicks Racing

    Just like to give positive feedback to dicks racing, they did a good job on my carb and turned the job around fairly quickly, thank you.
  2. dattorob

    Dicks Racing

    all good and sorted, got my carb back - good job. Yes website is accurate. thanks
  3. dattorob

    YZ250 '09, fork oil leak at the top

    Hi there, Just posting back, i removed the air bleed valve at the top and cleaned it carefully, and added some grease and tightened it back up. Went for a ride yesterday, seems good now. cheers
  4. dattorob

    Dicks Racing

    Hi there Has anyone made use of 'Dicks Racing' recently ? I would like to get in touch to follow up on a carburetor i sent there very recently. Does anyone have the correct contact details for this business. I feel i have just toileted a good carburetor kind regards Robert
  5. dattorob

    Dicks Racing

    anyone got his phone number and address ?, the website says -: 1204 Imperial Lane, Washington,UT 84780 Phone 916-705-3193 I've sent my carburetor there for some work , i'm worried its gone to wrong address regards Robert
  6. Hi there Just wondered if anyone else has come across this, i noticed the other day (twice now) after each ride a bit of fork oil sitting around the dished area of the air bleeder/compression clicker. And was curious where this come from or what might be causing this. I'm guessing i can't keep ignoring it by wiping it dry. regards Robert
  7. dattorob

    YZ345 kit from ESR

    Wow thanks for the thorough and well thought our reply. I have the Eric Gorr big bore with mid to top porting and can't ask for better. So I think I will stick with that.
  8. dattorob

    YZ345 kit from ESR

    Hey Mate, how did you get on with the ESR kit, did it perform as expected and more importantly once set up properly do they rev out? cheers Robert
  9. dattorob

    trouble starting 2005 YZ450f

    ok thats great. I might add that i have a fair few mods done to my engine. Also altitude here is around 1000ft. I guess there are lot of variables that influence jetting.
  10. dattorob

    trouble starting 2005 YZ450f

    just thought i would report back to say, i got the carb rebuilt by tokyo mods and then still had a bit of trouble starting so i dropped the pilot jet down a few sizes to a 42, whammo all sorted, easy starting. cheers
  11. dattorob

    trouble starting 2005 YZ450f

    OK thank you ☺
  12. Hi there A while back i began having trouble starting my 450. I suspected it was the valves as the hours were getting up since rebuild. So i reshimmed them , only one intake valve was slightly out of spec. I also cleaned the carb whilst i had it apart. I put it all back together and seems even harder to start. The only way i can start it now is by push starting it, and then if it fires keeping the throttle on etc, even then it dies quickly, but at least it does start. I did put new fuel in and made sure the airfilter wasn't over oiled. I suspect the carburetor still isn't right? Would that plate that goes onto the slide inside the carburetor possibly cause these sort of issues if i mistakenly got it upside down? Also i noticed the bowl leaking a bit which it didn't used to so maybe that needs adjusting. Appreciate any ideas. regards Robert
  13. Ok wow that is small. You have a point. Cheers
  14. I would have thought cleaning with carb cleaner and using compressed would do the same trick. But yeh i do need to alter my starting technique i agree. cheers
  15. dattorob

    Yamaha YZ250 (2009)


    lovin it