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  1. all good ideas and thank you for the responses. I wanted to give an update. I pulled out the needle last weekend and much to my chagrin, it was the oem. i've had lots of clunker bikes and always take the carbs apart to clean them and write down the jetting. I swore i had a replacement needle in there. evidently i was wrong. I honestly can't believe the bike has about 245hrs and still has the oem 08 needle. I recently put on a light kit and wired a key. I thought it was more likely i had an issue grounding a kill wire. ok, bla bla, i'm done eating crow. i ordered/installed a ncvs on the 5th clip and it purr's like a kitten. a fat kitten but hey fall is coming, lol. i've ridden it maybe 5-7 miles two separate rides, one fully warmed up, the second ride just jumped on and went. I went out of my way to duplicate the miss condition to no avail. I rode back and forth on a mile stretch keeping throttle right in the bad zone. tried different gears and loads and it never missed a beat. i'm actually excited to ride it again. It runs better than it used to when it was running it's best. (I used the yamaha pn 5TA-14916-VS-00 because it was cheaper)
  2. the carburetor is clean, gas is fresh, the bike is ridden daily. it runs perfect i'd say 75% of the time. idk, i'm dreading riding it tomorrow, it bucks sooo bad i look like a complete fool. when it acts up, i try and upshift a couple gears to lug it and give it more throttle but it still does it. i'm going to check my hot start cable routing, maybe it's getting pulled when i turn the bars.
  3. I've got an intermintant hard miss at 1/4 turn. Sometimes the bike runs great, but Sometimes barely rideable. I ride this bike a mile and a half to work. Same ride, same or similar temps. And warmup routine. Example it ran great this morning at 60* but the way home from work at 80*+ it was almost unrideable. Comng down my street I held it that spot and it died! Actually died driving down the road, couldn't believe it It it cuts out like ur pushing the kill switch off and on off and on. Then it'll run perfect. While acting up I've turned out my flex jet many turns and it doesn't change the cut out. Ive had he bike for three years when it's not cutting out it runs sweet. Any ideas for this intermntant problem?
  4. Minnesota

    He had camping,trails and a track. Got shut down. Can someone help me with the name?
  5. Minnesota

    Try to find the guy who tried it off 48 between hinkley and cloverdale. I forget the name.
  6. Minnesota

    Where are you at? I'm in new dosey It'd never make money but idk if that's the goal or not?
  7. I've ran that oil in my sled, put 10,000 miles on it and everything looked great inside. yea, the wash, just something to take note of since the head is off. but your description of the noise makes me think preignition. you could try another plug range or raise the needle etc.
  8. preignition! your wash looks lean too but it's not the best angle to see that. try to google some examples of good wash for your bike bud. not the greatest example but this was the first video i found.
  9. Catch me if you can . Door slammers2. No real money added, nitrous car. That's all the hints m givin.
  10. I did built one first but it was so heavy I about blew my oring out very time I had to put it on. I wound up cutting it up and making an elevated work platform that I use all the time, just used it today.
  11. I have one. I Actually put it on there instead of in the back of the truck. It's easier to load. It hauls my 450x fine but it needs some welding as it rotates on the main tube more than I like. Mine is the one from harbor freight. Fun getting caught up on this thread as I sit here with frozen pee's on my ankle. Apparently I Can't even walk around the yard without injuring myself these days. Smh
  12. found it on cl. he's asking 1500, he'll take 1K? suprising only other one close in price is 1800. i'd say it more depends on you than the bike. if you got the skills and ur up for a project go for it. if you don't, save up for that '03 or '07 in harrah. better yet don't buy a bike anywhere close to any dunes, lol
  13. Whoops. Yea thanks to ur excellent vid I stand corrected on the way to go with the leak jet. I guess I was thinking powerjet.
  14. 7 volts without turning the engine is not good. get a know good battery known good connections. clicking aside, there is a one way clutch that grabs and actually turns the engine over