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  1. husky123

    New Zero emissions trials bike

    That sickened me.
  2. husky123

    KTM 450/530 EXC Dual Sport

    Yep I have to say from a guy coming off 6 speed (close ratio) Husky's. KTM has the gearbox nailed. I'm geared for single track and can still lope down the road in 6th at 60 mph. Brilliant. First bike I've ever been able to do that on.
  3. husky123

    Whining Noise????

    That sound gets me fired up! Yes, normal.
  4. husky123

    Quitest exhaust on DRZ-E?

    I have the Powerbomb header and "I think" the 4.1 muffler. Doesn't the Q have an embossed "Q" on the end cap? Mine does not. Will the new Q4 slip-on mate up to the Powerbomb header with no issues?
  5. husky123

    anyone looking ???

    Absolutely beautiful!
  6. husky123

    New Gas Gas Enduro Distributor for the U.S.!

    Holy cow what a good looking bike. I HATE this time of year.
  7. Glad you're back in the game nw! You picked up a nice steed. Man I missed your pictures......just absolutely unbelievable.
  8. husky123

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    Holy crap, the new Beta's look gooooood.
  9. husky123

    another Berg follows me home..

    Oh man I hear ya.
  10. husky123

    ogio flight vest

    I love mine. Can't get enough of it. I don't think I could get away with wearing it over a chest protector though. At 240 it's just about at its max for me but still roomy. I do wear it under my Klim Valdez at times. There's just so many pockets, D rings, etc. to put stuff (cam, energy bars, tools, tubes, MSR fuel bottles (yes I know), etc.) not to mention water bladder system. Another great benefit is the fact you can load it down and it'll feel pretty heavy but once it's on it distribute's the weight very well. Bottom line is I don't go on long rides without it. Depending on your size you might be able to pull it off. Hopefully others will chime in.
  11. husky123

    2010 Beta 450RR

    That is one good looking bike.
  12. husky123

    Husaberg FE 390

    Hey ktmwes, I just noticed you have a 390 AND a 450. Are there enough of a difference between the two to have both? Do you have them setup for different stuff? Thanks.
  13. husky123

    Husaberg FE 390

    I have one and I like it....... a lot.
  14. husky123

    New desert ds documentary

    Very nice edit sir.
  15. husky123

    2010 FE390 Husaberg full ride review...

    Just got mine yesterday. Haven't ridden it yet but am very impressed with the build quality.