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  1. Been a while since the SMResearch smart tach came out. Just got an email say more are available. Looking for feedback good, bad.
  2. Melkor

    Question for those running a CVK40

    A picture is worth a thousand words! I couldn't have described it. Here is the thread that I followed when i did my initial research. New CVK40 convert By rmcnelly, January 29, 2006 in DRZ400/E/S/SM
  3. Melkor

    Question for those running a CVK40

    Sorry I don't have any pix. I remember that I did modify the bracket slightly by grinding it and giving it a little bend. I used both cables. It was an uneventful install. very simple. what is the problem that your running into?
  4. Melkor

    DRZ wont stay running

    Giving attitude is a sure way to get no help. The question at hand is will it run on prime?
  5. Melkor

    DRZ wont stay running

    With the stock petcock and the vacuum hose removed ( or connected) and the petcock on prime the bike should start and run fine. no need to push bike home if it ever happens again. Try starting and running on prime before removing the carb.
  6. Melkor

    Fuel in oil????

    When you changed the oil did you get a lot more oil out than you put in, and was the old oil thin and runny. Or did it just smell odd?
  7. Melkor

    hanging idle i just can't get rid of!!!

    check for air leaks around the intake and exhaust
  8. Melkor

    DRZ Failing Ignition Coil?

    Why did you jet it richer? Did that ever seem to help the issue. A properly jetted motor will need to be choked. Sometimes for several minutes ( very cold ) to only a minute or so when it is hot and humid.
  9. Melkor

    DRZ Failing Ignition Coil?

    You don' t say in your post how long you have to leave the choke on full once it does start.
  10. Melkor

    Carb issues, seems like not getting enough gas...

    How much fresh fuel did you put in the tank? you need to have more than a gallon to get the level above the reserve pickup. attached is a picture of the stock petcock. The long tube is the "on" pickup and the short tube is the "reserve'' pickup. Yes it is important to have the airbox cover in place when making any carb adjustment. Hanging idle could be a air leak at one of the carb. boots or a hungup throttle cable.
  11. Melkor

    Carb issues, seems like not getting enough gas...

    I just got done reading your other 3 page post for the same issue. Its not clear from your responses that you getting fuel to the carb when the petcock is in the on position. It actually sound like your not getting fuel in the on position. So yes prime on the petcock, full choke, don't touch the throttle. If the bike starts let it run until the idle get high, then go to middle position let the bike warm up a few minutes, then push the choke off. use the idle adjustment to get the idle set. DRZ's like the idle a little high. let it run for several minutes that way. Switch the petcock to RES. The bike should stay running. if the petcock is not working properly the bike will die after several minutes of idle. IF it stays running switch to ON. bike should stay running if it dies after several minutes your either don't have much fuel in the tank or the petcock is bad. IF it does die visually check your vacuum line for cracks or kinks. start the bike in PRI and pull the line from the carb you should feel suction.
  12. Melkor

    Carb issues, seems like not getting enough gas...

    I'm not an FCR guy, cost way too much for the reward. Get the old gas out, try turning up the idle to keep it running. If you need to keep it on prime to keep it running that is OK. Just remember to switch to on or res when the engine is off. If it stays running on PRI but not ON or Res. either the petcock is faulty or the vacuum line is not pulling vacuum. what did you take apart when you cleaned the carb and what did you do to clean it?
  13. Melkor

    Carb issues, seems like not getting enough gas...

    You don't say what year/model/carb you have. assuming from your last post that you don't have the FCR. did you reconnect the vacuum line?
  14. Melkor

    DID VX2 Gold Chain model number

    D.I.D website does not differentiate, A search of several other dealers websites shows that they are sold as the same chain with no distinction or price difference between the 2.