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    hey e bay thumper... I can do it in my sleep... it's when I'm awake thats the problem!
  2. hempking

    ????? wife

    #1 - ttr125l w bbr springs #2 - gasgas pampara (2002) more cash but more bike
  3. hempking

    Another Fun Thread "I Hope"

    "Yeah,I smoked pot...AND I liked it" -Mayor Bloomberg of New York City
  4. hempking

    Another Fun Thread "I Hope"

    "why can't we all just get along" that's us and them ( tree huggers,eco freaks,people who think dirt bikers are all gang members,gov.people,cops,land wners,lawyers, etc etc)
  5. hempking

    might be fun

    I need one of these...but i don't know why http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1808388064
  6. hempking

    yamaha OEM parts

    Wheres the best price for OEM yamaha parts?
  7. Is there a trick to removing the front wheel axle, I removed the nut and backed out the pinch bolts but the axle only moves about half an inch...am I missing something? could my axle be bent? the axle spins fairly easily and the wheel spins independantly.
  8. hempking


    dan....why would you go that way,price or have you tried one???
  9. ill take a price check too please if its still avail
  10. hempking

    electric or gas

    which is the better pressure washer for cleaning dirt bikes?
  11. hempking

    Plastic Kits "BULK BUY"

    ufo acerbis sucks
  12. can i ride in your woods? ( I won't tell anyone)
  13. hempking

    anyone ride in pa?

  14. hempking

    anyone ride in pa?