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  1. Drunkinskater

    Dean Wilson out for SX

    His god is a mean god
  2. Drunkinskater

    Davalos, lucky to be walking

    He didn't Lawn Dart so the neck brace didn't need to do anything
  3. Drunkinskater

    Broc Tickle injury

    Where is the video!?
  4. Drunkinskater

    Cianciarulo to have Surgery, Miss 3-to-4 Months

    GO MARTIN!!!
  5. Drunkinskater

    banging head trying to get rear tire on

    3 tire irons 1 bucket Motion pro bead locker (optional) Tire shine foam spray WARM TIRE! don't even think about doing a cold tire
  6. Drunkinskater


    They could put hanson in for a few or why not jlaw? I'm sure ricky would love working with both of them.
  7. Drunkinskater

    Tomac arm

    Seriously! Hearing the announcer say over and over that Weimer crashed INTO Tomac was really getting to me. Eli made the mistake.
  8. Drunkinskater

    Supercross Dean Wilson in Lites

    Why is it that Dean Wilson can go back to the 250 class? I thought that after a certain number of years they had to move up. Did he not win a championship? Is that the defining factor? INTERESTING: A rider that wins a 250SX Championship will be eligible to participate in the 250SX class for a maximum of three years total regardless of what year he/she won the title. (i.e. if a rider wins the Championship in their third year of 250SX c ompetition, they will be ineligible for the 250SX class regardless of points and therefore not eligible to defend their 250SX Championship title) (That's why Broc Tickel got screwed out of defending his title. I think that was terrible.) Riders who are advanced to the 450SX class through points or Championships won will not be eligible to return to the 250SX class. I thought DW had to move up to the 450's Here's the rulebook if anyone wants to see http://www.amasupercross.com/rules/pdf/2014%20SX%20Rulebook%20Ver%2012.03.13%20FINAL%20for%20WEB.pdf
  9. Drunkinskater

    Rear brake cooking my boot?

    You win an awkward long hug. Come get it haha
  10. Drunkinskater

    Rear brake cooking my boot?

    Exhuast leak
  11. Drunkinskater

    Rear brake cooking my boot?

    I'm gonna scrub the shlt out of everything and then try to see where it's coming from. I power washed it and tried cleaning it before but I'm gonna really get after it. I'll let everyone know what, if anything, i find out.
  12. Drunkinskater

    Rear brake cooking my boot?

    Maybe leaky seal?
  13. Drunkinskater

    Rear brake cooking my boot?

    I'm starting to think it might be from a leaking kickstarter seal.
  14. Drunkinskater

    Rear brake cooking my boot?

    Anyone ever seen this? Seems like the master cylinder is heating up so much that it's cooking my boot.
  15. Drunkinskater

    Scott's low mount question

    Will a low mount for a 98 yz250 fit an 02 kx250? Will any of the parts fit? Thank you