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  1. Jeff_Ashe

    Dumb question regarding Renthal "Soft" Grips

    3M Plastic and Emblem Adhesive from auto paint supplier (NAPA). Sticks!
  2. Jeff_Ashe

    Why slide the forks up on 06?

    Follow-up on raising the front forks... Rode a slightly harder soil today, close to medium but still on the soft side. Definitely was a slight push in the front. Raised the forks about 5mm, from the factory flush setting to the "first line visible" setting. Corners much better. No sign of head shake. So I guess I am reinforcing the magazine articles and making the recommendation to raise the forks high enough to make the first line visible. Oh yeah, don't forget the Michelin MS3 if you ride medium-to-soft terrain. It just don't get no better!
  3. Jeff_Ashe

    Why slide the forks up on 06?

    I forgot to add that I have a brand new DunFlop 739 front tire for sale, cheap!
  4. I am old and fat. I weigh 185 lbs., but my setups always work very well for a A-B class rider at 165 lbs. Anybody 165 lbs. on the stock 06 450? What are your clickers? My first run today had me clicking my off! If only I could get the girlfriend to ride that hard! Sorry, I digress... Currently at: Fr Comp 14, Fr Reb 7, Rr LS Comp 10, Rr Reb 8, Sag 95mm. Bike is much better but very bouncy on rebound. Did a nasty off a big tabletop and pogo'd three times before I stopped bouncing. Wondering if I need to tighten both rebounds or what. Just looking for feedback.
  5. Jeff_Ashe

    This Oil Any Good For My 450?

    I agree that dino blends work best for most. I use synthetics because around here we get several months of 85F and above and humid. Synthetics just look better coming out after a hot day's run. I change every race week. Heck, most people could resell my used oil for new!
  6. Admittedly, I only have one day on my 06 YZ450F. But I started out with Michelin MS3 in moderately sandy soil today, and there was no push or anything that indicated a fork height change needed. Is the height change just people blindly following a magazine article or am I missing something?
  7. Jeff_Ashe

    06 YZ450 .... Things that suck!

    I couldn't agree more about access to the carb. It's just WAY too Honda-ish. But I have to say that I saw that one coming. All the alum frame bikes are that way. As for the dipstick... What dipstick had that idea! Anybody that give a crap about their bike measures their oil and changes often. A dipstick implies that I would actually leave oil in there long enough to wonder if some had burned off! I'm going Monday to find a metric bolt to cut off and make a plug.
  8. Jeff_Ashe

    06 YZ450 Leak Jet Change?

    I have not tried jet changes yet. It was unusually warm here today (65F), so stock setup ran fine. Plus, I stayed up most all night putting on the new chain, new front tire, graphics and doing break-in runs and oil change. Was just too tired to brush my teeth without bending my elbow to get at the jets! I'm pretty sure that the 42 PJ will not make it at this altitude (<1,000'). So I will try a 45 this week. For now I can't resist riding it!
  9. Jeff_Ashe

    Buy a 250F or a 450F?

    The 06 450F is a totally, completely, absolutely different machine from 05 and back. I sold my 04 250F a couple months ago in order to buy the new 450F. First day was today, and it is everything I have hoped for. It handles better and feels lighter than my 04 250F. The power is beyond comparison, even though my 250F was the hottest thing around. Go out and buy yourself the best damn MX bike ever made. Yamaha has them!
  10. Jeff_Ashe

    This Oil Any Good For My 450?

    Go to WalMart and buy Rotella-T Synthetic. $12 per gallon. Or run the Mobil-1 Red Cap if you can find it. You are in Florida and will be fine. The only problem I have seen is Mobil-1 does not shift well in cold weather because of the heavier viscosity.
  11. Jeff_Ashe

    06 YZ450 Leak Jet Change?

    I did extensive jetting with the 04 and 05 250F. Been working on the 06 250F and just got my 06 450F yesterday. This much I can say for sure. The jets on the 06 450F are much closer than anything on the 250s. I would recommend leaving the AP alone for a bit and concentrate on your MJ and PJ. The stock setting on the PF is a surprisingly 2-1/8 turns. Considering that the jet typically maxes out at about 3 turns, that does not leave much room for cold air at sea level (like here). I am thinking a 45 PJ and leave the AP alone for now. It was warm (65) here today and the bottom end was nothing short of awesome. But that was with the PJ at 2-3/8.
  12. I'm old, fall often and can't get up! Does anybody know anyone that actually has radiator braces in stock for an 06 YZ450F?
  13. I pick up my 06 YZ450F this Friday. Have not ridden much at all since I sold my 04 250F two months ago, and have admittedly been out of the TT loop lately. Wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me the short list of issues or concerns that might have cropped up in the forum? Only thing I have experienced around here is one early clutch failure on a 06 250F, but nothing else. Is my new toy really that good?
  14. Jeff_Ashe

    2006 YZ450F 5 speed yellow or blue?

    All this lamenting over hand holds... I'll miss them too but there is a good reason for eliminating them (in their original form). The side openings create a turbulence in the airbox that produces intake drag at high velocities. I have a picture of me at 7 years old making time with the neighbor's daughter. You can just make out the YAMAHA on my old Y80 in the background. God, I'm gonna miss my 04 250F! Cut me and I bleed blue! 06 450 Big Thumper here I come! Git R Done!
  15. Jeff_Ashe

    spark plugs

    As long as it generates a spark, each and every time required, there is absolutely no difference in a $2 plug and a $200 plug. Minor differences exist in life expectancy, ability to spark under high temp/rpm/compression between types. Stick to the "8" heat range. Jet accordingly. Do not change plug heat ranges unless you are making substantial engine mods from stock. Some of the more odd plug types will provide a more reliable start when flooded with fuel as when the bike is dropped.