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  1. auto tranny fluid gets the job done if ur not planning on going full out mx
  2. ride to live, live to ride!

  3. just gave it a try and the difference it made blew me away!! i cant take corners a gear higher then i could less then an hour ago and that was only with 10 mins of practice keeping my elbows up
  4. would take pics of everything i have but it'd take days to pull it all out and get the pics
  5. im gonna give that a try. never really thought about how i took the turn, just always thought about leaning and powering through the turn. thanks!
  6. hit it hard and fast do u overshoot it the first time and land it witha little rev to smooth out the flat landing and after that back off the throttle a little bit each time u jump till u land on the landin ramp the way u want to. flat landings arnt bad if u control the quad right
  7. yeah preloading works but if its not done right it can throw the balance of the quad way off (turn quad sideways, nosedive, backfilp ect.)
  8. theres a ton of shifting ur weight around and wen u go fast around a corner dont put ur foot down, try to get ur ass down by the inside foot peg to balence the quad out
  9. 400ex will do it. the thing is if you have enough skill you can beat any bike on any quad, best way to find out is by testing quads till you find the one for you
  10. the 400ex will do what you want with great power. as long as you dont weigh 800 pounds
  11. Are you taking it easy or am i finding out that im better then i thought i was? no offence but im riding with next to bald tires and i can run a track like that faster then you were. not tryin to be an ass but im just wonderin
  12. Hey, i gotta 2004 yamaha blaster a week or 2 ago and the guy told me it was recently bored .40 over with a wisco piston in it and ive been really curious at what size displacement it has now. ive been hearing guys calling a .30 over bore a 240cc which is really starting to boost my interest. Thanks -DerekAndersonRacing
  13. Well ive always ran a 50:50 mix of water and 10w40 in my bikes tranny but 100% water gives u maximum performance for about hal an hour but then it seems to smoke bad... TRUST ME!! Ik wat im talking about, ive gone through HUNDREDS of bikes
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