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  1. I am trying to redo my fork seals and I am just trying to make sure I have all that I need to redo it. I got a fork seal kit, seals, wipers, bushings. Got the oil, fork cap wrench, seal driver, fork seal bullet. Do you have any tips or tricks or tools that I need? Thanks. Steve
  2. Dunlop

    Clutch/spring question

    Anyone? I kinda wanna get these ordered? any ideas at all?
  3. I have just started to notice my clutch being grabby so I did the .79 cent clutch fix...adjusted my clutch levers.....checked my plates,hubs etc...and wanted to try and get heavy springs for it...my question is should I get wrf springs or yzf springs ? If yzf should i get the 10% stiffer ones or just stock? any info would help thanks....steve
  4. Dunlop

    Bike HELP!

    Ok so I took it all apart put on the oem stuff and the problem was still there.....nothing it touching or rubbing with me on or off the bike because it can still move in neutral.....I thought about the clutch not engaging all the way to but then when i took the sproket and chain off the shaft spun and went through the gears with no problem.....I give up....to the shop.
  5. Dunlop

    Bike HELP!

    I will check both of those things when I get off work and let you know... Steve.
  6. Dunlop

    Bike HELP!

    No I understand....it's got about a inch +/- free play in it so I know it's not that tight. I checked that chain guild thing...the chain roller everything....it is not rubbing or chatching on anything. If I take the chain and sproket off the gear saft will spin and run through the gears but put it back on and in any other gear but neutral it will not run? I just don't get it. The shaft will spin with no sproket/chain on it and when in neutral but in gear with the clutch in or out it wont budge? Thanks again for all the help might just have to end up taking it in.
  7. Dunlop

    Bike HELP!

    Ok so I took the sproket off and the shaft does spin and go through the gears without the sproket and chain on it so it must be rubbing somewhere but I just don't understand why it rolls fine in neutral but not in gear even with the clutch in? It is beyound me. I am going to check it again tomorrow and will update. Thanks again. Steve
  8. Dunlop

    Bike HELP!

    I can roll the bike around in neutral to....it's only when I put the bike into gear and let the clutch go does it happen. I can't think of anything to save my life.....Help lol.
  9. Dunlop

    Bike HELP!

    Ok so I just got done replacing my front and rear sprokets on my 250f and when I started the bike was running fine. Get done with my work and go to fire it up...she starts right up but when I pull the clutch in and put it into 1st and start to go it locks up and stalls out? I checked my clutch and it is engaging/disengaging and my back brake isn't locked up or anything from taking off the wheel. Is there something I did wrong? to explain it better it's like trying to push your bike in first without the clutch pulled in.......any ideas would be great as I am going riding tomorrrow and really need this fix. Thanks. Steve.
  10. Dunlop

    where to buy battery for '03 WR250F

  11. Ok, so I feel pretty stupid now:blush:. My idle was just set too low:bonk: . I had checked it many times and thought that I had almost all the way turned it because I was not able to turn the idle adjuster any more and the spring looked fairly compressed to me. The problem was just that the cable had gotten twisted up and caught, probably from taking off the carb so many times. Thank you very much for all your guys input.
  12. I thought it might be a possibility considering i have taken it off so many times recently in order to clean my carb. Would I be able to tell form the lever if it was open? Like would the hot start lever just be lose and floppy back and forth?
  13. No, the only time i have messed with anything besides what I could get to form the float bowl was when I adjusted the needle. And my idle setting isnt the problem, ive tried changing that around as well.
  14. I believe that the float was stuck form old gas. The fuel screw has never been removed, so I would think the washers and o ring is there. I cleaned out the float bowl, float, needle valve, starter jet, pilot jet, and main jet. The only changes made to it are the pilot screw is set at 2.5, main jet of 172, and the needle was moved one clip to make it richer. The bike will run fine with the choke on. I can ride it around with the choke out as long as I keep the throttle constantly open. If I pull in the clutch while riding it and get off of the throttle it will instantly die. It sounds almost perfect with the choke on.
  15. Any other ideas on how to fix this major problem of mine?