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  1. redrocket190

    Steahly Flywheel weight CR500

    I have the 13 oz weight on my bike and it's all good - no stalling, lug the engine in 3rd in corners, smooths the power out for the less-skilled.
  2. redrocket190

    Mps Cr500af

    You need to head on over to http://www.bannedcr500riders.com
  3. redrocket190

    79 CR125 Throttle Response

  4. redrocket190

    Honda CR480R 1983 Comprssion Problem

    http://alp-sys.com/vintagedbforums/index.php Check out this forum. You have a real cool vintage bike, but you need to give it some TLC!
  5. redrocket190

    Lights For My Cr500r

    I'll happily sell you an unused Service Honda ignition and CRF250X lighting set up from my Service Honda AF. I put the bike into R configuration for motocross and GPs and I doubt I'll ever need to put the lights back on. Beware though the digital ignition and heavier flywheel mean you need to be a big guy to give the kick it needs to fire up.... ...send me a PM if interested.
  6. redrocket190

    1981 cr125 elsinore

    http://www.alp-sys.com/honda-elsinore/ You'll find lots of help here. Check the discussions, swap meet and reference section. Yours is an Elsinore - Honda used the term through 1981.
  7. redrocket190

    '83 CR480 pipes

    I have tried the PFR pipe and silencer combo, but I don't think these pipes are being made anymore. I do have a VGC one for sale now my CR480R is gone. PM me if interested.
  8. redrocket190

    Best Model Year for the CR

    1973 Original Elsinore 1978 or 1979, "Red Rocket" 1986 Production Rule meets Rick Johnson 1993 or 1996 Jeremy McGrath's favorite bike(s)
  9. redrocket190

    cr125 to a 250 or 500

    Particularly when cold, the CR500R likes to be "primed". Just slowly kick it over 2-3 times, then find peak compression and ease the kick starter past that point. Then let it come back up top and give it the biggest kick you can. I am short and do this balanced on a crate for leverage. Starting will be 1-2 kicks. Stock ignition + crisp jetting helps.
  10. redrocket190

    cr125 to a 250 or 500

    This bike is the dogs bollocks. The CR500R motor is far more flexible than people make out. The are no awards for ringing it out like a 125 and ending up on your head. I have seen the bike above being trail-ridden just fine. TT's work is top notch and Mike F very helpful. Give them a call, but he will talk you into a conversion....
  11. redrocket190

    Red sticker on an '08 WR450F??? ***?!!!

    http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/onroad/cert/ofhrv/ofmcatv_comply/2008/yamaha_ofmc_um0040141_449.pdf Go here and print this Executive Order and take it to your DMV. It shows you should have a green sticker for your 2008 WR450F.
  12. redrocket190


  13. redrocket190

    Works Radiator Brace / Guard

    From personal experience, I would recommend going with radiator cages that transfer any blow directly to the frame....
  14. http://www.bannedcr500riders.com Look in the AF section of the forum. There is a guy there who has put a kit on his CR500R.
  15. redrocket190

    Never ridden a 2 stroke, help!

    I am prejudiced, but recommend the following... Visit http://www.cr500riders.com and http://www.bannedcr500riders.com and read up about getting a CR500R engine into your CR2F50X frame. The Gen-4 conversion is easier than most and you will find advice about a self-build, getting your frame modified right up to buying a complete bike. Don't get spooked about the reputation of the CR500R it can be short-shifted and ridden completely in control or you can open it up and hold on! There are folks who offer a porting job that makes it smooth enough for trail-riding. Check it out. Your bike with a CR500R engine!