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  1. bikesinmud

    stiffer springs

    do a search on ktmtalk.com. This is a great resource. If I were you I'd set the sag as per the manual and then see what the bike sag is or vice versa. If you don't have 35mm bike sag when you have 110mm rider sag then you should get the proper springs. On my 300 where the 7.6 was stock I went up 4 spring sizes on the rear and two on the front, whoa what a difference. Clickers both front and rear comp and reb went up 1.
  2. bikesinmud

    07 - 08 450r Efi

    Masterphil, yeah I agree especially when I see a bike like a 2006 XR650L, there's nothing 2006 about it, its still a 25 year old bike with new graphics. But we still buy these dirt bikes like mad, believing all the marketing hype and can't wait until the new models hit the showroom floor because the new bikes are suppose to be better and improved. When is honda (or the other manufacturers) going to blow us away with something really radical? The technology is there, now just give it to us!!
  3. bikesinmud

    07 - 08 450r Efi

    Probably because trials bikes run at just above idle and never screams like the R does. The bike in question is on the HRC website and its the RTL250F.
  4. bikesinmud

    07 - 08 450r Efi

    the salesman at my local honda shop has a honda 250trials bike, engine is a unicam 250 like on the R, its fuel injected, without a battery.
  5. bikesinmud


    Hey guys, I'm going with the '07 450R for woods racing. First of all it will be fuel injected where the '07 KTM's won't and I'm also switching from my 300EXC because of the various problems with the bike I and several other 300 owners have had. I find the 300 is a great "trail bike" but for racing I should have bought a KTM250SX. Now that the 4st and 2 st are relatively the same weight I find that the 4st are much more attractive when the type of power they deliver is an advantage over the 2st.
  6. bikesinmud

    how many of you race your 450R in hare scrambles?

    Do you guys use a heavier flywheel?
  7. Just wondering how you hare scramble racers have your 450's set up for offroad racing. I was totally blown away this weekend when I rode a modified 450R in the tight stuff, tons of power esp at the bottom and very easiy to flick around. Then jumped on my KTM 300, damn thing felt so slow and actually heavy. Hmmmm, its got me thinking of my next bike.
  8. bikesinmud

    I know this is WRONG but it looks so right!

    No matter how much you try to cover it up, remember its still only a honda!!!
  9. bikesinmud

    WR280F going to be tested this weekend!!!

    DOH!!! Saturday when I was all packed up to go riding to test the new kit.. woke up to 8" of snow!!! Seriously thinking on moving to a climate where I can ride 12 months of the years instead of 5.
  10. bikesinmud

    NEW TO FORUM: WR250f----- Fill me in.

    I bought the WR250F for my son when he turned 13. I had to go down a tooth in the front but that's it. The electric start made it less of a hassle for him as well. Would highly recommend it for you.
  11. Several problems with the stock bike esp when it siezed completely due to bad crank and a few other parts. Had to wait a long time for a 80mm piston and a re-nikasil to the little 250. I'm using YZ timing, a...large....185 main, yes 185! I'm currently riding around up and down through the revs, breaking it in and already I'll have to either go down a few teeth in the back or up 1 in the front, because it pulls and revs a lot better, but she's got some longer legs and tends to run out of a gear quicker than before. Running a Dr. D's pipe, and a host of many other parts. Once I run a couple of tanks of fuel through her and drop the oil a couple more times this bad little bike is going to get a spankin'.
  12. I have a similar question but with a twist, anyone try the works shocks and forks from the hard parts catalogue or Ohlins for the 525?
  13. bikesinmud

    xr650 or xr600 stock fork springs

    I've got a stock set for the 650R or a set of firm racetech springs. I'm selling my BRP and either springs are for sale, I don't need a set lying around. Also have the rear. By the way, leaving for holidays now, be back on the 9th, I'll try and check my e-mail while away if your interested. Brad.
  14. bikesinmud

    NOLOGY? Has anyone else used this?

    I've used the coil and hotwire on my brp for 2 years now. The biggest difference I found was that my milage increased by approx 20k per tank. I found the bike was easier to start even with the edelbrock carb. The only problem was mounting the coil. I had no trouble with water crossings, vibration or wear and tear on the spark plug wire. I bolted mine to the left upper tab on the right radiator where the Califonia air pump goes. I also had to make the existing coil wires longer inorder to reach it as well. Mine is for sale (quite cheap) since I'm parting with my BRP this month. Any other questions let me know.
  15. bikesinmud

    TE 450/ 510 owners, questions for ya

    Interested in my 650? Well here's the low down-->HRC motor ported, polished, 3 degree cut on valves, edelbrock carb, akrapovic full ti headers and exhaust, magura clutch, Scott's triple clamp and stabalizer, Race tech suspension with stiffer springs done by Extreme in Prince George and some other bolt ons. I've got the aftermarket parts listed on this site for sale, but the bike runs wild with the HRC, carb and exhaust. I'd like to sell it complete. Blue book on the bike is 4400CDN, I was asking 1500 more since the HRC kit cost 2400 to install including the head work, Carb was 850 CDN, exhaust was 1200CDN, and Scott's stuff was about another 1000. It is used but in excellent condition as Wetaskiwin Honda will testify, so.. an extra 1500 for all these things added is a steal. Let me know if your serious about this because I'll be in Whistler on the sept long weekend and can deliver the bike to you. Brad drbrad@hotmail.com