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  1. SmokinJoe90

    Petcock with Reserve for YZ 125 (2000)

    Then i would look at one off a WR250f or the like. Does the yz250x have a res option?
  2. SmokinJoe90

    Petcock with Reserve for YZ 125 (2000)

    Petcocks rarely change
  3. SmokinJoe90

    Killing Plugs

    It's a dirt bike no need to split cases to swap main seals.
  4. SmokinJoe90

    Killing Plugs

    You can pull the cover and look but it might not be obvious if it's leaking. Just make sure next time you use a little bit of premix on the inner seal lip area that goes around the crank. Do not use anything on the case surface.
  5. SmokinJoe90

    Killing Plugs

    I'd also becareful of buying ngk plugs off ebay / amazon there's a bunch of cheap knockoffs on there now that aren't really ngk plugs. But i would check the right side main seal as well.
  6. SmokinJoe90

    YZ125 Fuel Leak out the power valve breather hose

    My first question is are you sure it's actually fuel coming out? Have you smelled it and confirmed it is in fact fuel or just premix.
  7. SmokinJoe90

    1986 KDX Cylinder stuck to bottom end?

    Using a screwdriver also &%$#@!s up the sealing surface on the center case. I haven't looked but i wonder if it's stuck on a locating dowel. Not sure if there's one in that spot but it's probably the culprit.
  8. SmokinJoe90

    1986 KDX Cylinder stuck to bottom end?

    Rubber mallet and tap upwards to break the gasket seal. Don't tap to hard concentrate around the cylinder base be careful to not hit the fins to hard or you'll break them. Sometimes there's a flat spot for hitting cast into the cylinder base. You can try a soft piece of wood pressed against the exhaust port and tap the bottom with the rubber mallet. DO NOT hit it very hard or you'll break something. DO NOT!!! use a screwdriver to pry the cylinder up. Keep tapping until the old gasket finally gives up it may take awhile and will test your patience. Sometimes just grabbing a hold of it and pulling up while someone taps can help.
  9. SmokinJoe90

    VForce reeds Vforce 3 or 4?

    It makes your bank account lighter on the yz250. If it's an 05 plus yz125 it gives a slight improvement over stock because the stock reed block stuffer on the yz125 is more restricted.
  10. SmokinJoe90

    2019 YZ 85 test

    You're definitely missing something cause it has a power valve now.
  11. SmokinJoe90

    2019 YZ 85 test

    Doesn't sound like the old one. https://dirtbiketest.com/fresh-dirt/2019-new-yamaha-yz85-first-ride-impression/#JpVJPGAqpW7FyOBc.97
  12. SmokinJoe90

    Yamaha YZ 125 clutch Problems

    This is the Yamaha part number for the kit. 1C3-W001G-00-00
  13. SmokinJoe90

    Yamaha YZ 125 clutch Problems

    You don't need a engine lock up tool to remove the clutch springs. Most likely your fiber clutch plates are worn out. Aka friction plates also check the metal aka driven plates for wear. Check springs for proper length all of this is in the owner's manual. Yes the plates go a certain way in the basket. If you can i would just buy the Yamaha clutch rebuild kit. It comes with all the fiber and metal plates and springs. The Yamaha oem clutch plates are the best period.
  14. SmokinJoe90

    Need o rings locally try this place

    Whoops i got it backwards in the pic the new ones are on the left old on the right.
  15. If you need orings locally in Seattle try this place called omni packing. They so far have come through when i couldn't get them. I was restoring my one Yamaha and tried to order from Yamaha they said no longer available. It was the seal that goes around the ypvs drum. Omni had the exact match! Just tried them again for some carb orings Yamaha says nla just got them through omni and for much less. The pic the old oem one's are on the left new on the right. I have over 100 miles on the bike with the new ones no issues.