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  1. browncb

    01 Yz426 Misfire Hiccup At Cruise

    Hi, I have the same bike. that motor/carb is tuned for motocross quick revs or something... It doesn't run well at constant rpm. Whenever I ride for a bit down the road to get to another trail, I experience the same thing... a few quick blips gets her properly again. If you want to ride on the road, I suggest getting a bike designed to do so. good luck.
  2. browncb

    Tennesse riding spots

    I ride mostly on the east side because of my tall gearing. the west side is actually a bit larger area to ride, but it doesn't matter. you can ride all day on one side or the other and never ride the same trail. The east side is mostly 4 wheeler trails, so single track is limited. there are plenty of logging roads to blast on also. i wouldn't park at perkins... you can drive south on that road that the xxx store is on and veer left on the gravel road and drive a half mile or so.. there will be two parking areas on the left.
  3. browncb

    Tennesse riding spots

    Royal Blue is on I-75 about 35 or 40 miles north of Knoxville. If you get off at the 141 exit (i think) it's all around there in any direction. Look on a map and you will see that the Royal Blue Wildlife Mgmnt areatakes up a great deal of Campbell county. You can ride all weekend and never see the same thing. -Craig
  4. browncb

    Tennesse riding spots

    Royal blue is open... I think it will always be open... I was up there last weekend. Windrock (AKA Coal Creek) is in Oliver Springs (5 minutes northwest of Oak Ridge) . If you have tall gearing like a stock 426 or a similar motocross bike, don't go to Windrock unless you reduce gearing. (You have to burn your clutch all day) Also, Royal blue is free to ride, whereas you have to get a trail permit to ride Windrock. -Craig
  5. browncb

    Chattanooga or Knoxville-Riding Opportunities???

    i live in knoxville and I have a proper built track as do two of my friends. One in west knox., one in north, and one south. We also have 500 acres in loudon county. Plenty of great riding here and more women than chattanooga. -Craig
  6. browncb

    Coal Creek, Near Knoxville, TN

    Are you talking about windrock? owned by the coal company?.. i've never heard of coal creek... -Craig
  7. browncb

    Forrest Hill (Camp Clayborne)

    I'm in Knoxville, right next to sevier county. The best riding is just north about 30 minutes to Royal Blue. You can ride all weekend and never hit the same trail. Many people have private property around as I do. One of my buddies owns a track in west knoxville, I have one in North knoxville, and another friend has one in south knoxville. I like to welcome any new Bush supporters to the area. good luck with your move! -Craig