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  1. Jake-D-Janitor

    drz 400s ims 4 tank

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/527292-hollywoodmxs-dying-a-gas-tank-process-no-paint-required/ While researching I found this.
  2. Jake-D-Janitor

    drz 400s ims 4 tank

    Has anyone dyed the tank black? How long did it hold up before fading
  3. Jake-D-Janitor

    drz 400s ims 4 tank

    I called ims all same tank for 4 gallon. If your sm still had fan. My s should be able to keep fan. Thanks for your help.
  4. Jake-D-Janitor

    drz 400s ims 4 tank

    I have tried searching but I seem to find mixed reviews on whether or not I need to remove rad fan. I found a brand new 2004 blue e model tank never installed for 125 $ I would like to dye it black and put it on my 2012 400 s. I do not want to lose my fan. So is it possible to fit this 2004 e model ims 4 gallon on my s model without removing or relocating the fan? Thanks for the help.
  5. Jake-D-Janitor

    HID Hi/Lo Switch Question

    I dont want to outrun my headlight. I remember seeing a light switch that plugs into your headlight prong, and then you plug your bulb into that, and it is run by its own switch. Ks technology? I would like to avoid splicing wires on the new bike.
  6. Jake-D-Janitor

    HID Hi/Lo Switch Question

    With the standard one without magnetic switch could you ride highway at night and see ok? Thanks for all the help.
  7. Jake-D-Janitor

    HID Hi/Lo Switch Question

    Seems it is much easier to put in a hi beam, OR low beam only so i can have an on/ off switch using hi/low that is already on my bike. So now my question is, do i order the hi beam, or low beam bulb? If i get the high beam i can just aim my lens down a bit so i dont blind others.
  8. Jake-D-Janitor

    drz ddm kit

    I want to install the 55w hi/low ddm hid in my bike. My only concern is where will i mount all of the wiring for the hi/low beam. I have the hi/low h4 in my tacoma and there is a lot of wires taking up space. Am i better off buying a single hi, or low instead to avoid wiring problems?
  9. Jake-D-Janitor

    grease zerks

    Hey thanks for the info. I bought some belray grease. I will ride around 5k miles this coming season. 99% street. How long should new grease hold up? Seems too risky to install the zerks, i suppose i will just need to learn to take the bike down
  10. Jake-D-Janitor

    grease zerks

    I have a 2012 drz 400s. I want to install grease zerks on all the suspension pivots and the steering stem bearings. Is there any reason i cant just drill and install them? Is there a sleeve i cant drill? Thanks for the help.
  11. Jake-D-Janitor

    Hand guards for stock DRZ that fit without modification

    I have a 2012 drz 400 s completely stock bars and i just installed cycra probends. Those in my honest opinion are the best. I used the " u clamp" mount. Make sure u get the 7/8 size u clamp set. Not the 1 1/8.
  12. Jake-D-Janitor

    For those who have stock Suspension ..How do you have it set up ?

    I think this is a great idea! Good reference for us " stock" folks. I ride 99% street and i have clicked my settings all a few higher. Tomorrow i plan on setting to factory and messing with it until i have it where it needs to be
  13. Jake-D-Janitor

    LED and HID Headlight Upgrade

    If you dont mind me asking, what was the total price involved. I really like the looks, especially the leds.!
  14. Jake-D-Janitor

    stock drz jetting

    Im looking at the mikuni jets. Some come in packs of 4 some dont. But they are for all dif. Mik. Carbs which style would i need for 2012 drz 400 s? Not cal. Model
  15. Jake-D-Janitor

    stock drz jetting

    Thank you noble. You guys are good! Ill be ordering those jets. Ill check the tt store for them first.