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  1. Woodspike

    90 XR200 piston damage

    So I could get a xr185 cylinder like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-Honda-XR185-HM460B-Engine-top-end-cylinder-head-jug-piston/232222706955?hash=item36118d4d0b:g:MEsAAOSwA3dYfjrK and have it bored to a stock 200 spec? Would the 200 head, exhaust and carb work with it as is? Or is it a major undertaking with sleeves and other reasons not to jump on it?
  2. Woodspike

    90 XR200 piston damage

    Well, darn. That cylinder is hosed. 66mm already and unlikely to clean up without going to 67--maybe not even then. Rust issues. New cylinders are hen's teeth and ebay is full of ones in the same shape or worse. What are the options here? New sleeve seems to be $100 plus labor. Anybody have any good ideas or leads?
  3. Woodspike

    90 XR200 piston damage

    Has to be. I am thinking there was a lot of time low on oil and not any regular oil changes. The pin was very rough, I had to drive it out. The cylinder is rough, but I think it is stock bore size. I will get my machine guy confirm before I order the piston. Lots of piston abuse, it looked like this all the way around. Top 2 rings were seized in the groove.
  4. Woodspike

    90 XR200 piston damage

    Everybody in my part of the world is fine, 50 miles west is a different story. We had power back within a week, they might not for months. That is hard to believe in today's world. I have heard some schools won't reopen until January! I first rode this 200 right after he got it in April of 2012. It smoked like a fog machine then and I know he hasn't wrenched on it since. No telling what happened to it before that.
  5. Woodspike

    90 XR200 piston damage

    Just getting back to this bike. Had a weather delay--named michael. What PITA! Anyway, it had to be the wrong head gasket, it is not close to the right size. I was thinking maybe it was a missing dowel or something letting the gasket slip to far to one side and making contact, but any way it sits is too small. At least it will be right when it goes back together.
  6. Woodspike

    90 XR200 piston damage

    I am doing a top end rebuild on a friends 200 and saw some unusual damage in the cylinder when I took it apart. It looks like the piston and head gasket were making contact. Anybody ever see anything like this before? Wrong head gasket? Head over decked? The piston part number shows it as a model correct Wiseco piston. What do ya'll think?
  7. Woodspike

    Should a 1990 xr 200 ever kick you back?

    What happens if the alt is on "T" instead of "F" when the marks on the CDI line up? Is it advanced or...? I am not sure if I put it on the "F" when I rebuilt it a couple months ago. My bike usually starts in one or two half kicks, I don't get a full kick because of footpeg is in the way. But sometimes there is a little kick back--not stitches in the e-room kick, just hard to push thru. Compression release is hooked up and working.
  8. Woodspike

    1987 XR200 no gas

    Where re you? It is time to get a second set of eyes on that thing!
  9. I don't see any mention of timing chain or sprockets. Have you pulled the flywheel to see if there is any sign of excessive wear from the chain? It is an easy, inexpensive addition since you are already there. Probably needed too based on the other symptoms.
  10. Woodspike

    xr200r starting problems

    Just out of curiosity, does it smoke? My '81 smoked like a fog machine when I picked it up and it had 65psi. It ran "fine" but was in need of tlc. A rebuild made it soo much better. About $325, including machine work, a worthy investment.
  11. It was a 95. I would have guessed way newer than that.
  12. Woodspike

    Does this xr100 spark plug look ok?

    Just from the pic, with no further details I would say it is okay. A little bit lean maybe. The question is when did you pull the plug to check it. After a full day of riding just to see? That does not really tell you anything meaningful. If you rode at a specific throttle setting, cut the motor and then pulled the plug for a reading that would show you specific jetting results for that part of the puzzle. The black around the outside edge says that the first option is more likely.
  13. I found this on the bench out in the shop this afternoon. Had to laugh!
  14. Woodspike

    Broken cam chain tensioner

    Based on the wear of the crankcase from the chain I would say at the very least the chain and adjuster need to be replaced. If there was that much wear on the chain you have to wonder how long since the rest of the top end has gotten any TLC. Too late to check compression as a way to see. How long since the last top end?
  15. Woodspike

    CR125w/ 4 valve XR200R motor

    I posted from my phone earlier--that explains the double tap on one pic and lack of cropping on another. I didn't even notice the exhaust on the little screen, now it is obvious. I had to add an 8 or 10 inch mid pipe to mine to make the length correct on my '96. You are right, that is sloppy but easy enough to fix. The frame work still looks good and the carb is connected to an airbox. Both are difficult for this kind of conversion. What do ya"ll think about the price?