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  1. chancer

    2011 ECEA Shotgun Enduro

    Why is the dirt so dark? What is that liquid stuff on the ground? I'm tired of riding in the dust!!!! WAHHH I'll get off my soapbox. Great vid by the way.
  2. That is a crash. He just hasn't started rolling yet.
  3. chancer

    Battle for first

    You never told the checkpoint people about the crashed rider. Just saying, you said you would and you didn't.
  4. chancer

    06 RMZ450 parts needed

    I need a spark arrested exhaust, my Bill's pipe broke all the welds. Not real happy with there quality. I would also like to redo the top end. Piston, gaskets. If anyone has any of these give me a call at 505 379 1538 or email at wgauthier@comcast.net I live in New Mexico. Thanks, Bill
  5. chancer

    sxf disapointment

    I bought the SXF 250 for the engine. As stated above, It's how hard it's ridden that determines how long parts last. I get well over 100+ hrs on my bikes before doing any work. I feel grateful to get 40 hrs before rebuilding an engine my son rides. Same mechanic, same intervalls. I even service his more.The difference, He's racing for first, I'm middle of the pack. We race hare scrambles in the desert, 75 miles each race. Of all the bikes I've seen, KTM's and Yamaha's seem to be the most reliable. I currently ride a 450 Suzuki. My last bike was an '05CRF. My valves lasted 1 1/2 years. My son was only able to get 4 months out of his. I'm currently rebuilding the complete engine on his 250CRF. The KTM 250 SXF is a FUN bike, I will get one for me next. At our altitude, you will ned the JD jetting kit. It was very hard to start before I installed the jet kit. Now dead engine starts don't make our hearts stop:busted:
  6. chancer

    Correct oil level in forks '06 450

    I just bought the Moto Action mag. The '07 uses 385 in the outer chamber. They didn't change the forks this year. I'll run with 385cc to start. They gave the Suzuki a B+ in the shootout. Honda received an A+, Yam.A- Kaw. B-. They don't give KTM a grade, odd. I personally like the Suz. better than the Honda. I've been on Hondas the last 4 years. No complaints on the Hondas reliability, I just like the feel of the Suzuki better. That's why they make different colors, different riders.
  7. chancer

    Correct oil level in forks '06 450

    Changing the oil in my front binders. Book says 6.8oz in outer chamber. Is this correct? My Hondas have always taken 14oz. Both Showa suspensions. Things that make me go hmmmm. I could measure what I take out, but I just bought the bike from a guy who replaced the seals. I don't know if he put in the correct amount. The front end is a little soft. The bike is ridable.(Is that a word?) I'm going to replace with synthetic ATF. I loved the way it fixed my Hondas front end. No haters please, I have researched with no luck.
  8. chancer

    Those who ride & race a 450 ?

    45 Amauter desert racer 05 CRF450 and 06 RMZ450 Riding about 6yrs
  9. OK OK, I've been thinking of doing this for some time. The one thing that has stopped me, is where is the oil pump in relation to this port? My thinking is, that if the oil pump is before the port, Then the compressed air won't do much good. To much air loss through the pump. I also don't want to try and "spin" the pump backwards. If this port is a straight shot to the screen, then game on. Does anyone know where the oil pump is in relation to the port? I would also think no more than 10psig with a tight seal at the oil port. More than that and you will blow oil in the engine places it isn't supposed to go. IE... past orings and gaskets. Liquids don't compress, but they will force their way past the weakest point. Thinking of it, I'm going to remove tho oil filler cap to prevent any crankcase pressure build up. Let us know where the oil pump is.
  10. chancer

    Considering leaving Blue for Yellow?

    Their both great bikes I got a good deal on the RMZ, so I bought it. I'm coming off an '05CRF450 (for sale). I had a 426 before the Honda. I really never got used to the feel of the Honda 450. I had the suspension done by Factory Connection, RG3 clamps, other trick items for desert racing. I still can't corner the Honda as well as a stock RMZ450. Hate the 4 speed for the desert though. I rode my friends '06 YZF450, instantly loved that bike also. For my money, either bike works. It just depends on what style of riding you do. I'm concerned about the reliability of Suk. A plenty of posts on this board of trashed engines. My Honda lasted a year and a half before I replaced the valves. Almost 2 complete desert racing seasons and practices. the bike still runs great! My Yamaha's were always bullet proof also. I've only had the RMZ one month. If it proves to be reliable, this is the bike for me. I like the ergo's on this bike the best.
  11. chancer

    motor mods

    Get the boysen accelerator pump cover. (take the bog out). The power now valve helps also. I don't do many motor mods. The engineers seem to have done a pretty good job.
  12. chancer

    Quirks to the rmz 450

    I bought an '06 and rode it for the first time today. I've had an '05 Honda 450 the last 2 years. I really like the way the Suzuki corners. Tracks fairly straight, was a little unsettling when hammering through deep whoops. Would take 2-3 ok, then seem to blow through the complete shock travel. I expected this on the Showa suspension though. Nothing an oil change and revalve won't fix. My Honda needed a revalve also. At high speed, I didn't notice the headshake I've heard people complain about. This bike feels so much lighter than the Honda, maybe the ergo's just fit me better. I did stall it a few times, but this bike is sooooo easy to start. Took about 20 minutes of riding and felt at home on this bike. The main reason I like the bike, is I have short legs, and the Suzuki is lower to the ground. Will be testing more and writing more.
  13. chancer

    rattling noise in motor while idling rm 450 06

    I have always had hondas in the past. Never a problem with the bottom end on any of them. valves not a big issue either. I have well over 200hrs of use. Hard desert racing on these bikes. To lose a bottom end would piss me off to no end. I've only had my Suzuki a week. Hoping for the best.
  14. chancer

    RG3 20mm Triple clamp question???

    I have the 20mm offsets (yes, you must buy the uppers and lowers.)on my '05 450. I race the desert series with 'o plenty of high speed washes. No head shake and best of all no arm pump. the biggest improvement by far was the Factory Connection suspension. The front end doesn't dive and knife in on sandy corners anymore. Now if I could just grow a pair and ride it like people were chasing me.