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  1. johnschallert

    Cast or Forged

    The article does a good job explaning both sides. What I said wasn't a 100% false. Forged pistons are stronger, no doubt. From my experience they where down nikasil coating much faster, and seem to wear oval. Mic an old one. Cast pistons can crack, but usually when left in way too long, or the bike has improper jetting etc. I still would use OEM.
  2. johnschallert

    Cast or Forged

    try this http://www.motorcycleproject.com/motorcycle/text/cows-pistons.html
  3. johnschallert

    what is the average age of the wr owner

    BOught my 03' new when I was eighteen, now I'm twenty.
  4. johnschallert

    Excel wheels!!

    they are the black 17's. listed by donelson cycles. e-mail me @johny4x4@msn.com if you have any questions. get these babies at cheaper than dealer cost!!!
  5. johnschallert

    Excel wheels!!

    Cheap set of excel 17' rims on ebay!!
  6. johnschallert

    Sticky Front Axle - Hard To Center Fork?

    it's from pounding your axle in with a hammer and mushrooming out the end. measure it. taking a grinder to it a trimming it down may help. or a lathe if you got the conveinence
  7. johnschallert

    broken lever caused a lot more probs

    sometimes when a bike falls over like yours did and brakes a lever, it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the stock hose and can expand it. the stock hoses are not very sturdy. if the hose gets just a little soft spot in it it will never build pressure again. try a stainless... just from my experince at least.
  8. johnschallert


    yeah. I guess I could do the math but I'm lazy. thanks
  9. johnschallert


    Is a 2003 wr 250s kickstand short enough when you put 17s on the bike?? (it's the steel one) building a wheel set and wanted to know??
  10. johnschallert

    OMG! Airbox fan

    it would not work!you can't force air into the atmospheric side of a carburetor. have you ever seen a super charger sit on the carb. It's a hoax
  11. johnschallert


    A hotter plug isn't going to do anything but put a hole in his piston. An iridium isn't going to fix a bog either. I'd suggest mounting it behind your number plate some how.
  12. johnschallert

    Factory Question..

    not if you use the really cheap hairspray like they did in the 80's. aquanet. also works as good fuel for shooting potatoes.
  13. johnschallert

    Fmf Q2

    Got one on my 03. i thought the quality of the pipe was top notch. Sound is very tolerable but doesn't seem to as quiet as they listed. power definatelt improved from stock. bottom end isn't as smooth though
  14. johnschallert

    radiator and rad. gaurds

    Just installed some rooster radiator gaurds on my 03 wr. work really nice, look clean too. I also sent my rads off to mylers rad repair in utah, he did good work, not real cheap, but not too bad. just some info
  15. johnschallert

    Easy pull clutch system

    I'm still curious as to why making the actuator arm longer will cause the basket to notch out quicker?? Not to sound mean but it doesn't make any sense to me. Anyone else notice this?