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  1. madeinhungary

    Post ACTION RACE pics of youself

    This dirt is like heaven! lucky you!!
  2. madeinhungary

    Two '07 KTM 144sx's....

    the problem is the cylinder head.It is too squere at the edges,my friend found the solution...he grinded the edges so it is at an angle .There is too much pressure for the piston at the edges and it brakes the piston at the edges.no problems since than... I wish I could explain it more but I am not very skilled ..he draw me how it was done... Hopefully this helps!
  3. madeinhungary

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

  4. madeinhungary

    06' slip on for an 07' .will it fit?

    this pipe I think it looks good,if it will fit and put it on I give a ride report...
  5. madeinhungary

    06' slip on for an 07' .will it fit?

    yes it is aftermarket : 2 brothers
  6. I found a sweet deal for an 06' slip on.Would it fit an 07'? Thanks!
  7. madeinhungary

    Feeler Gauge???

  8. madeinhungary

    Best Spark Plug for 06 250f

    The best spark plug plug is Denso Iridium Racing IU01-24 5734 You Do not adjust the gap ever.It is better than NGK' iridium.
  9. madeinhungary

    G-Zero Gas Tank Foam

    Treehopper: I am thinking about getting one.HOw many pieces are there in the box? By the way you are sooo funny!! Good luck!
  10. madeinhungary

    International City Raceway Helment Cam

    Great video!! Great Rider!! I wish I could go there! Go Yamaha!!
  11. madeinhungary

    Amazing 2007 250F

    I am glad you guys getting yours...the dealer told me January...and that is just fair!! seems like they coming from the west in a big wave...Canada...now Ohio ...so close to New York...
  12. madeinhungary

    07 250f's in Canada!

    I have ordered the white camo kit also,but it is back ordered.I figure I will use that and put the factory plastic away untill I want to sell the bike. Also change the clutch,ignition cover so it won't be worn at all... I think I will keep buying Yamaha because there is no reason to change it is an awesome bike.
  13. madeinhungary

    07 250f's in Canada!

    yess!! whooaa!!! Thanks for the pictures , I think this is just the most beautiful stock bike EVER!! Can't wait for mine...
  14. madeinhungary

    07 250f's in Canada!

    Please post pictures!! madeinhungary@yahoo.com I have a bunch of parts also , to put on the new 250f when it comes... ,FVO subtanks,Power Now Plus,Fuel Screw,I Cat Ignition,Galfer Steel Brake Line,SFB clutch,ignition covers and more billet stuff red and blue...