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  1. Woodzi

    2019 CRF 250 RX BIG BORE KITS?

    The new bikes have such a short stroke that I dont think a larger bore on it's own will work. To increase the displacement (and have it work properly) it will likely require a longer stroke.
  2. Woodzi

    Crf250r maintenance

    You will be happy with it until it blows up and needs a $3k rebuild. The maintenance required to keep a 250R happy is on a completely different level than your TTR.
  3. Woodzi

    Shift Lever Problem

    I moved my shifter up one spline with no drama. Cant remember the exact details because it was a year ago. (My bike is 30 minutes away or I would have a look at it) Sometimes you need to move the gear shift up or down once it is on the shaft to get the bolt in, or to get a wrench on it. The bolt needs to go in the right way so it can clamp the gearshift onto the shaft. You will strip the splines out very quickly if you have the bolt in upside down. Good call on not using the hamer.
  4. Woodzi

    2018 CRF250R Sound Test

    Stock was too loud for where I ride. This is based on "feedback" I recieved. I bought the PMB caps and quiet inserts. They are noticably quieter. I don't have any sound test results, but I am sure they would be OK for any racing organization. I think because there are two pipes, the inserts dont choke it up much at all. The difference in power is barely noticable.
  5. Woodzi

    Should I buy the 2019 CRF250R?

    It will feel lighter than your 250X and has way snappier power. I came off a YZ250 and I am not disappointed by the weight (can't feel the diifference) or power (as fast or faster in in most situations -except top end). The handling and brakes are way better and the suspension is at least equal.
  6. Woodzi


    Has anyone tried 14/53? Does it fit OK? It is just a bit lower than 13/49 that everyone seems to recommend and I like the idea of running a larger front sprocket.
  7. Woodzi

    What years to avoid...if any?

    What type of riding will he be doing? 250F's are very fun bikes, BUT they require a lot of maintenance and they are very expensive to fix when they blow up. In that price range you are going to get something with some hours on it, so expect to put some money into repairs. Maybe consider something less maintenance intensive if he is not going to ride it on the track.
  8. Woodzi

    New 2018 CRF on my radar...thoughts?

    Mine is reluctant to start below around 5C, even with the battery warm up trick. It has never not started, but it does require some cranking and playing with the throttle.
  9. Woodzi

    New 2018 CRF on my radar...thoughts?

    I have heard about others overheating, so I check my coolant regularly. So far, I haven't lost a drop. I had the clutch recall done. No other problems, but I dont have a lot of hours on it yet.
  10. Woodzi

    New 2018 CRF on my radar...thoughts?

    I love mine. I am 53, 6'3" and around 200#. Made it to Intermediate when I rode MX in my teens and 20's. Mostly ride around the farm on some trails and a small track. Last bike was a YZ250. I havent ridden a lot of other 250F's, so I can't comment much on the power compared to others, other than it has way more power everywhere than the Husqvarna TXC250 I had. Apparently it has less low end than the other 250F's, but so far, I have not felt any need to improve on it. (Other than the TXC, I have only ridden 250cc+ 2-strokes and 400cc+ 4 strokes, since I sold my '85 YZ125, so I generally like power) The suspension and handling are fantastic, brakes are strong and the ergos are comfortable with minimal changes to open up the cockpit a bit. The only bad thing is that so far, there doesnt seem to be many aftermarket parts available. Most of the chassis parts (I got a side stand and damper mount) are the same as the 450, but I would like a quiet exhaust - currently running PMB inserts.
  11. Woodzi

    2019 crf250r

    To be honest, I haven't tried anything else. Every review I have seen says 108 is the number. Cornering and overall handling is better than anything I have ever ridden, so I see no reason to mess with it. Overall, I love this bike. My only complaint is that I dont put enough hours on it, but I have a plan to fix that for next year.
  12. Woodzi

    2019 crf250r

    I don't think they changed the suspension from the '18. Assuming this is the case, it is very good as-is. Set your sag at 108mm, adjust the clickers as needed (shouldn't need much) and enjoy.
  13. Woodzi

    YZ 450 DIET no thanks

    Strength and durability are not the same thing when it comes to steel vs. aluminum. Aluminum has a fatigue limit. Steel does not, as long as the stress is kept below a certain upper limit. An aluminum part subjected to cyclic loads will eventually break, no matter how small the load. The part needs to be designed to keep the stresses low enough to give an acceptable life, which means extra material. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatigue_limit
  14. Woodzi

    CRF450L Ride/Review

    Maybe because he is switching his old red bike for a new red bike and the wife will put a stop to it if she needs to drive him to pick it up. Once home, as long as the colour didn't change a lot, it could be a couple of months before it is noticed that the bike is different.
  15. Woodzi

    CRF250R 2018 oil choice

    I use Motul because that is what my dealer stocks. I wouldn't hesitate to use any quality brand. I am all in around $10k on a brand new bike, so I am not going to try to save a few dollars on oil. I don't know why automotive oil would cause issues with valves, but it will not work with a wet clutch.