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  1. Links for listening, results, Live@ thewire, and more... COMPLETE INFO PAGE: http://supercross.cc.com/webcasts/Article.2005-12-08.1315 DIRECT LISTENING LINK: http://mfile.akamai.com/10735/live/reflector:47757.asx?bkup=47758∝=n Supercross LIVE! Broadcast will begin at 7PM PST WERE ALSO ON XM SATELLITE RADIO! Channel 152 from 9PM - 11PM PST / 12AM - 2AM EST * YOU MUST HAVE WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 9 OR HIGHER TO LISTEN TO THIS BROADCAST.
  2. mxdirtbunny

    NeW GUY Cooper CRII.

    the CR2s are pretty new, many still on backorder. Probably not going to find a 'used' CR2 frame. You'd have better luck finding a CR107 stage 2 frame. Just slightly different than the CR2 from what I understand. Good luck!
  3. mxdirtbunny

    best shock for extreme [no money spared]

    elke is a great shock, and definitely pricey. ohlins is starting to make them now. coop used one at the Midwest Xtreme Pitbike Challenge and said it worked great. not sure of cost.
  4. mxdirtbunny


    my thyroid was diagnosed as underactive about 7 years ago. I was prescribed synthroid at that time and I've been on it ever since. Most likely will be for the rest of my life. Your thyroid produces hormones that affect a lot of things in your body...metabolism, sleep patterns, weight, hair and skin, eyes...and on and on. It's not something you want to mess with. I hate being dependent on pills and recently found out how important my synthroid is to me. I tried to go off of it, and after just 6 days I was having digestion, insomnia at night and skin problems, not to mention feeling like I needed sleep every day around 2pm or I just couldn't function!! Based on my experience, I personally wouldn't think of taking anything sold over the counter that claims it could affect thyroid.
  5. mxdirtbunny

    How did you meet?

    Oh boy...I guess I might have the 'chees-ie' award for this but here goes.... A girlfriend of mine asked me to check out her picture she had put on 'hot or not'. It's a website where you can rate people on their looks and talk to them if mutually agreeable. I decided to look at the people in my area....blah. Decided to use the keyword motocross. I actually still chat with a few of the people I met doing that....AND...I met my fiance . The picture he had posted wasn't really that good, couldn't hardly see his face. I HAD to respond because he was namedropping certain MX pro's like Coop and Bartrum as his 'best buddies'. . I figured the guy thought that no 'women' would know who those MX stars were so he'd sound like he was cool. HA! I was going to show him that SOME women know their MX! Turns out he really is buddies with those guys, I ended up getting talked into moving to Oklahoma from Florida. We just got engaged and will marry this summer! Oh yeah....turns out we get along like two peas in a pod too!
  6. mxdirtbunny

    post your pit bike track pics

    I think I've seen that little boy on his four wheeler in some big named magazine before...hmmmmmm ok, so the bike is TOTALLY in the middle of the picture of our track...but we used the layout provided by minimotoSX for the Vegas race to build our backyard track. I'm betting the Vegas layout will get changed before we get there!! Oh well...still having a freaking blast!!
  7. mxdirtbunny

    Just got the new CR II by Extreme!

    thats got to be a typo! The CR2 is supposed to have somewhere between 120-124ccs. I've ridden a few and they definitely had more than what my 107 was like when it was stock!
  8. mxdirtbunny

    Xtreme 107

    The Xtremes are now 124cc. I bought one of last years Xtreme 107cc and am having a blast with it. Don't have any experience with the Thumpstar, but will say if you're going to do any racing you might want to get the 124cc and be able to do your mods from that point up rather than starting at 107..
  9. mxdirtbunny

    12 Inch Wheel Set for Xtreme?? Anyone

    I know of a place that just became a dealer for annodized/color rims that fix xtremes, both 10' and 12' wheels. My set of red 12' rims will be in tomorrow! Send me a pm if you'd like the info...i don't think we're supposed to put shop names in the forum for advertising reasons.
  10. mxdirtbunny

    Bars for extreme cr107

    I got bar risers, and use the tag miniplay bars. They bolted right on no problems! They are red annodized so they look hot too! Had to go with a different brake line of course....check your pm for more info!
  11. mxdirtbunny

    Training DVD's

    yeah, I have most of the videos...all are helpful and straightforward. Not sure if you can buy them here on TT, might want to check that. Gary does have a website.... www.gsmxs.com
  12. mxdirtbunny

    Any info on a motocross diet?

    Cutting out soda can make a HUGE difference! And I'd avoid the gatoraide for a while, its got a lot of sugar in it. Water is your best bet, and if you want a bit of flavor, go for the Propel Fitness water (made by gatoraide). Other things to avoid in your diet are simple sugars (just say no to twinkies) and foods high in sodium (ditch the fries guys). It IS a good idea to eat more fruits and vegetables......if you're worried about guys making comments, grab a V-8. It IS sort of high in salt content, so don't drink too much of it, but it will give you some of the veggie requirements of a good diet. Are you doing anything to work out? That might be another area to boost your weight loss and increase your resting metabolism, so you burn more calories ALL the time! Good luck!!
  13. mxdirtbunny

    Training DVD's

    It's pretty good info. I have it and found the training tips to be right on.
  14. mxdirtbunny

    Guess Whos Back

    where ya been? Man, no bike...ouch Hope that changes soon!