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  1. DRZ2112

    Trail Tech Computer install on "S" model

    Hey Burned. Is the install pretty straight forward ? Directions easy to follow? Do I need to remove the old speedo cable and speed gear or can I just cap them off ? I searched the forums for this info but couldn't find any. Thanks.
  2. DRZ2112

    riding in Kentucky

    Hey Scotty. Yes. mpoffroad.com. They have trails and an MX track. Not a well groomed track , but just for fun. They groom it for races though. It's located about 45 min. east of Lex. in Clay City, down the road from the dragstrip. I really like it because it's close, and usually not crowded.
  3. DRZ2112

    riding in Kentucky

    Yes, I ran a hare scramble there in July. Smashed the digital speedo on the bike. This scramble had the really nasty clay hill right before the finish. It was total muck, and to top it off there was slick rock under the clay. I made it up twice after getting off and walking it up, but the third lap I was so beat I couldn't do it. Besides, I have street legal D606 tires. Not good in muddy clay. Been super busy lately so I haven't been in a while.
  4. DRZ2112

    riding in Kentucky

    You can't miss me. Big fat guy on a blue DRZ with blue gear. My son rides an XR80. I drive a green Ranger with a topper and pull a small red trailer. Usually at the track because that's what the kid likes, and I don't like to leave him alone too long. Haven't been in a month or so, but going soon.
  5. DRZ2112

    riding in Kentucky

    Lots of places east and south of you, but not within an hour or so. We ride in Clay City, KY. 45 min E of Lexington. It would be a drive for you, though. If that new track in Sunfish is 45 min N of Bowling Green, it would be close to you. Most tracks that are outdoors have trails also. Give them a call.
  6. :cry: :cry: :lol: :lol: :lol: Is that on a trailer, or actual riding miles ?
  7. Both. I try to ride public lands more so I can enjoy them before helmet-less punks on quads get them shut down.
  8. DRZ2112

    Suzuki "CURSE"....

    The DRZ is not an MX bike first off. Second, being a dual sport , it needs to please the enviro-nazis. Hence the emission friendly carb/motor. It needs a little help to achieve it's potential, that's all. Besides, there's more to making a good bike than just the motor. Just ask KTM.
  9. DRZ2112

    US Open to re-air

    Once again, we take a backseat to NAPCAR.
  10. DRZ2112

    Accidents that don't need to happen!

    Tragic. People seem to think that 4 wheels are safer than 2. They're all dangerous when you don't wear gear and don't have any skill. Parents are failing to teach their kids little things like manners and respect. How can we expect them to teach their kids common sense, and skills that will save their life ? I agree that all these young children dying is terrible, but when are parents going to be held accountable ? An accident isn't an accident when someone is negligent. I find it ridiculous that people are put under a microscope before they adopt a pet from the Humane Society. But when it comes to having children, all applicants are approved.
  11. DRZ2112

    Is this a typical quad rider?

    Could be a quad rider from here in KY. They're easy to spot. Just look for riders with no helmets on, after they sign the ATV park entry form that says "helmets required at all times". Don't worry FatherYammi. Some people recognize humor, and some don't.
  12. Hey Larry. I hate to be the one that breaks this to you. The "limited amounts" of Mexican immigrants is well into the MILLIONS . Your theory is already being put to the test. I'm sure there are more than a few lazy ones in that bunch, however. There might even be enough lazy ones to produce a negative effect on the culture of America. A culture you said , and I agree with you , was passed it's prime. A push in the wrong direction could be fatal. If we rely on Mexico for a spark to re-ignite the flame of patriotism, then we're already dead. Mexico is in such great shape, culturally and financially, that it's citizens are leaving by the millions. Instead of working harder for change to better their own country, they give up and come here. It's easier to walk away after failure, than to try again. That's Mexican patriotism at it's finest. So, after depleting all the resources their country has to offer, they move on to us. They leave a dead host for a live one. Like parasites.
  13. DRZ2112

    Do I Really Want A Dual Sport???

    The DRZ400 is tall and heavy, but I ride 100% dirt now, and I can go almost anywhere. Once I was used to it, it became a non-issue. Great torque, but if you ride a lot off-road, I'd change the sprockets because it is geared more for the street. Seat sucks, but as someone mentioned Corbin has a seat for it. $250. I love my DRZ and have no regrets about buying it.