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  1. gnath9

    New front wheel, new look

    Awesome !!! I like this much much more than supermoto ....
  2. gnath9

    I have to ask... CRF250L vs. CRF250X

    I searched and could not find the dyno and may not have posted it. I know I was just a tad under 26 .... 25.96 maybe ? Most people were posting close to 28hp and when I asked my guy about that he said lots of places calibrate their dyno to read high so it looks like they get better results ... Have you read the 305 thread ?
  3. gnath9

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Holy Crap !!! ......... a polished to chrome swingarm might be cool ... and if you're brave enough a purple frame .... nice work by the way ...
  4. I believe Race Tech to be the best not only product but, company as well. What sold me on them was learning about Paul Thede (owner) and who he was. If you're handy and can build your own forks then Race Tech would be the way to go as they have awesome customer support and can help you with your shim stacks to really dial it in for your specific needs. Also, if you look close to Supercross you may be surprised at how many bikes have Race Tech logo's on their forks ... Just adding stiffer springs does not make sense to me and In my opinion all the magic happens with the valves and the stacking of the shims and the knowledge to get the desired results. I'm pretty much known around here as the Race Tech poster child .... as I have been pushing them since 2013 when I had mine done. Good luck on your trip and I hope you share your adventure with us ...
  5. gnath9

    Recommended Oil

    That's why I say often very often. I don't ride that much but mine probably has never gone over 800 miles before an oil change. If you ride alot every 2,000 miles would be good. Just my opinion and not meant to be confused with actual facts ... [emoji1]
  6. gnath9

    "The Recovery Room"

    Not sure what liquid nitrogen costs but might be a faster easier method.
  7. gnath9

    "The Recovery Room"

    If you don't want to watch the whole thing go to about the 16 minutes mark
  8. gnath9

    "The Recovery Room"

    I do but frozen organic berries for smoothies as they work better than fresh. I do but fresh when in season though as they have a stronger better flavor but, starting with frozen makes a colder thicker smoothie. You don't need a big cooler to flash freeze them and also only need a few lbs of dry ice. I'm going to search for a video for you guys. The reason the dry ice works so well is because it freezes faster than crystals can form so the thawed product is much much better.
  9. gnath9

    "The Recovery Room"

    The best way to freeze berries it's too flash freeze them with dry ice and a cooler with a stainless steel bowl. Might be a video on YouTube if you look.
  10. gnath9

    "The Recovery Room"

    Damn you and your strawberries man !!! ... I love those things ... lol
  11. gnath9

    "The Recovery Room"

  12. gnath9

    I have to ask... CRF250L vs. CRF250X

    Anything is possible if you want to spend the money ... other than the weight my bike is very capable off road. 26hp with the 305 running 13/44's and too many other mods to list ...
  13. gnath9

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Somebody did the math around here and posted it somewhere and I believe the EBC springs for a CBR250R are 10% stronger than stock and the Barnett springs for the CBR300R are 51% stronger
  14. gnath9

    New Frontend Ordered

    Have you read this thread yet ? .... Hockeyricks stuff is around page 5 or 6
  15. gnath9

    Big Bore Stroker 325

    Mybe you could make a video of the Dyno tune ....