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  1. I just picked up a new 5 gal can of U4. First thing I noticed is it wasn't stinking up my garage as the U4 I had used in the past. Second thing I noticed was when I got some on my hand it was sticky as it dried. This was after the tank was filled. So I did an experiment, I poured some U4 in a jar lid and some pump gas in another, just enough so they would evaporate in a hour. The evaporated U4 was sticky (varnish) and would leave a clear fingerprint, the pump gas left no residue. So I drained the tank and flushed it with pump gas, and now I'm pissed. Did I get an old can of fuel or what? What is the shelf life? It had a date stamped on the side of USA/4121/05/2007. Is this the use by date or the "born on date"? What is 4121? I have used this fuel before with great results and know how to handle it and drain tank/carb after use to prevent the residue from forming. Seems like this can was bad from the start? Thoughts?
  2. filthyboatguy

    KLX110 is back together..questions...

    I love the whine on mine, Cold Fusion is hella strong!!
  3. filthyboatguy

    Timing Advance Mod

    It works, do it. Small increase in bottom end.
  4. filthyboatguy

    weak valvesprings on the 150

    ...............and Supermoto!
  5. filthyboatguy

    auto-clutch adjustment on 110s???

    Back it out means clockwise.
  6. filthyboatguy

    KLX110 Inner tubes

    You ripped the valve stem, get a 1.6" rimlock.
  7. filthyboatguy

    Drz110 vs Rm65?

    RM65 will MURDER a KLX110 rider being equal. RM65 - 13 hp, real brakes, real suspension, real race bike geometry, 125 lbs......... KLX110 - 6 hp, drum brakes, no suspension, slow steering, 145 lbs........ That being said we traded the RM65 for a KLX110 and couldn't be happier!
  8. filthyboatguy

    DRZ 110 Suspension Question

    We run 1 heavy 1 stock spring and it works wonderful, this is common with damping rod forks.
  9. filthyboatguy

    05 Drz110

    Nope, try the Kawi, or is that Suzuki card burning a hole in your pocket?
  10. filthyboatguy

    Crower Power vs Trailbikes Cam

    I run that cam and in a 88 it is a torque monster. I ran the TB cam stock bore and it ran well also. I think that the .224 spec Crower cam would be good for low end and mid where the TB cam is more mid to top.
  11. filthyboatguy

    DR-Z/KLX 110 12 inch front rims???

    A KX/RM 60 rear rim is a steel $55 32 hole 12" rim that will lace up to your stock 110 hub. You will need spokes, as above contact Buchannans. Order the rim from www.bikebandit.com or your Kawi / Suzuki dealer.
  12. filthyboatguy

    sikk pit bikes-are they junk?

    Some are OK
  13. filthyboatguy

    sikk pit bikes-are they junk?

    Ditto on the customer support.
  14. filthyboatguy

    HELP Rc125sx

    Common prob on knock-offs. Check to see if the pegmount has bent and is pressing down on the lever.
  15. filthyboatguy

    How much horsepower?

    7.5 hp +/-.......