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  1. dennisthe

    Played U-Boat commander with a 2000 XR650r

    It was hydro locked and the decomp lever allowed me to get the stuff out of the cylinder. After I had gotten it started it did run ok until the turkey run; probably dislodged some crud in the carb. After tearing the carb apart it ran good at mid-hi rpms so I doubt there's any engine damage. Changed the oil too. Sooooo any experts with the Edelbrock carb on a Pig? Is there a special torx screwdriver for the bolts in the bottom of the bowl and any tips on settings?
  2. I was riding through a swamp and laid my pig down in water while running. Sucked all sorts of stuff into it but after pulling the side cover off, letting the swamp out and kicking for about 45 minutes, I got her running. I thought all was well until riding in the NH Classic turkey run a week later and the bike died 25 miles in. Got her back to camp, tore the Edelbrock carb down ( couldn't take the inside bottom plate off where the foam is - funny torx screws) and after cleaning it out best I could, she was able to be started but only ran ok in mid-high rpms. Low down she wouldn't run well or idle. Was able to ride 85 miles of the following day's run but it was a challenge to keep the rpms up. Any ideas? I'm definitely not carb-savvy. All stock motor with an HRC exhaust insert. Thanks for all advice..
  3. dennisthe

    where can i get a 13 tooth gear for a 05 xr650r

    Try this link. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Offroad_2006/default.asp?p=709&s=2 I use the 13 front and 50 rear combo for a good tractor gear up here in the Maine woods. The 13 tooth AFAM lasts well too.
  4. dennisthe

    Best all around gearing

    I changed from the stock 14/48 on my R to a 13/50. I do alot of woods and tight stuff and this helps cut back on some shifting and clutch work. Still will do 85+, which I rarely see. Also adds to the terrific grunt it already has. How often do you need to do 70+?
  5. dennisthe

    Clip or Rivet

    4 years, 8k miles, and 3 replacement chains and no problems with the clip. As everyone else said, be sure to put it in facing the right way, with the opening facing the opposite of the chain rotation.
  6. dennisthe

    Where to get a Kouba Link?

    ummmmm how about trying http://koubalink.com/ just a thought.
  7. dennisthe

    Tri-State Extreme - Winchendon

    Thanks for the info Fred. How many riders usually attend?
  8. dennisthe

    Tri-State Extreme - Winchendon

    Anyone going to this turkey run this Sunday and where can I get details on it? NETRA.org doesn't have any info such as location, camping info, ride details, etc. I hear its a great ride.
  9. I've had the 606 on my 650r and the front did wear the same way though I don't recall any headshake. I too had mine up to 96 on the highway. Could it have been a mounting issue or did you adjust the forks at the same time...? I don't use the 606 any longer as it doesn't give my heavy bike the bite it needs in soft to intermediate terrain. Using a 756 right now in the front and gonna try the S12 or the IRC M1
  10. dennisthe

    Triple B anyone??

    Yeah, I did the whole thing. I really liked the challenge and the relatively small amount of dirt and paved roads. Some TRs are more of a dual sport ride - not this one. Could of used a few more X's though as signage was rather sparse. I think the next one is Winchedon on the 8th. I've never been on that one, you?
  11. dennisthe

    Triple B anyone??

    I went. At mile 113 I was taking a break in the rocky, slick stuff and another rider stopped. While we chatted I asked him what the Triple B stood for. He told me 'Big Ball Buster', really, and it fits. One of the tougher runs I went on. The way they had the long section of tough stuff early, then the moderate stuff, and lastly another bunch of the tight or slick rocky stuff, wore me and others right down. I'll be there next year for sure with a fresh front tire.
  12. dennisthe

    Longivity of 650R engine

    over 8000 miles on mine. Changed oil every 600 or so, adjusted valves 3 times, clean air filter every so often, and grease/change applicable bearings. Running very strong. 2500 is low milage, especially if some of it has been road or easy trail.
  13. dennisthe

    HRC and drilled out OEM exhaust. How loud?

    I was checked at 98-99 decibels and was told that as long as I kept at a little above idle, I'd be OK for the Run.
  14. dennisthe

    650R starting? on kickstand or?

    I've started my both on and off kickstand depending how tired I am or hard to start it is. Had mine 4 years and hasn't broke. Could your bolt have been loose? Pigs do have many fasteners that aren't tightened correctly.
  15. dennisthe

    Gnarly Dude Turkey Run?????

    That was kinda dry......you should have ridden the NE Classic in Loudon this past June. That was one wet and muddy run. This Gnarly Dude was fun though short with a lil bit too much road. Turn out seemed less than last year even though the weather was nice until then very end. Anyone have stats?