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  1. I have run low a couple times (user error) and decided I don't trust myself and I don't like the unease these threads give me. It's easy to premix and I was already accustomed to it with my old bikes so I'm pulling the OI (still got the bike in pieces from doing this).
  2. I was on a borrowed bike once and was asked what it was. I couldn't remember and had to look.
  3. Yes, I have considered those myself. Very neat.
  4. I was in the same boat until I was hit with kidney stones last year. I've been on top of my water intake since then. I discovered that what I thought was a delicate disposition in hot weather was more like chronic dehydration. My heart rate used to skyrocket on hot days (both riding and running) while my pace would get slower and slower. After basically doubling how much I drink hot days turned out to not be so bad.
  5. I don't know the formula to determine how much a 4" hitch adapter would impact tongue capacity but I know, given the small capacity of the car in question, it's enough to make a bad situation worse.
  6. These put the rack a greater distance from the vehicle increasing the lever arm and further limiting what can be safely carried. So, even worse idea for a light duty vehicle. I've got one but my truck has a 1000lb tongue limit.
  7. Very nice. That shop looks familiar.
  8. $99
  9. Heh, I just gave it a quick look, no thought process involved.
  11. Man, that is sweet. I've got a wr250x and, even with no horsepower to speak of, it's a lot of fun. I bet 50hp (just guessing) would be a blast.
  12. I wanted the smaller package overall. I wasn't even that concerned with the lower seat height. I'm 5'7" with relatively long legs. I have always liked the feel of a smaller framed bike.
  13. Sorry, didn't mean to booger up your discussion. The trade show is ongoing (or just finished) in detroit so I'll bet there's a lot of info out there now.
  14. Yeah, my ram 1500 with the v6 is averaging 22-23 in my area, which is all rolling hills (as compared to ~15mpg for the 06 kia sorento the ram replaced). Outside of parking and maneuverability I don't get the smaller trucks.
  15. So, how do these compare to studded tires? We don't get enough snow to bother with either option but I've ridden on knobbies in a few inches of snow (with no packed snow, it doesn't stick around long enough to get a base).