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  1. Man, that is sweet. I've got a wr250x and, even with no horsepower to speak of, it's a lot of fun. I bet 50hp (just guessing) would be a blast.
  2. I wanted the smaller package overall. I wasn't even that concerned with the lower seat height. I'm 5'7" with relatively long legs. I have always liked the feel of a smaller framed bike.
  3. Sorry, didn't mean to booger up your discussion. The trade show is ongoing (or just finished) in detroit so I'll bet there's a lot of info out there now.
  4. Yeah, my ram 1500 with the v6 is averaging 22-23 in my area, which is all rolling hills (as compared to ~15mpg for the 06 kia sorento the ram replaced). Outside of parking and maneuverability I don't get the smaller trucks.
  5. So, how do these compare to studded tires? We don't get enough snow to bother with either option but I've ridden on knobbies in a few inches of snow (with no packed snow, it doesn't stick around long enough to get a base).
  6. I haven't had an issue with it but we may have different cornering styles. I know the terrain you're talking about (I've ridden in central mass) and the stuff I ride here is rocks. I currently run 9psi in the front goldentyres 216 fatty with a BS ultra HD tube. I've done the shinko cheater and now have a kenda equilibrium on the rear (I ran these on my old kx250 too).
  7. I don't know the truth of that but I do know that having something in there (or using a bungie cord from eyelet to eyelet) will keep tension on the straps so they don't come off when hitting bumps and such.
  8. It's my understanding that shinko didn't do any design work on these as they are the same molds used to make the goldentyres (which shinko actually made on contract - I get the impression goldentyres is a design company and not a manufacturer). So, they are not shinko designed and they aren't copies. I haven't gotten one yet as I've got the original goldentyres branded one and they last pretty well. I'll be doing one soon though as I've got a new tubliss setup and need a new tire to go with it.
  9. You can save some money with a shinko mx216, which is the same tire (you can do a little web search to verify).
  10. I would much rather have a xtrainer as it is better suited to gnarly terrain than a big thumper. If I was doing straight up dual sporting I might rather have a big thumper.
  11. The 00 kx I sold a few months ago already has another new owner as the beastly nature was just not appreciated by the guy I sold it to. He is used to the more freight train style power of a big 4t. He traded it for a pretty nice enclosed trailer. I kind of wish I had the trailer...
  12. Coming off a 00 kx250 to my xtrainer I never felt the need to move my flexx bars and sold them with the kx. I didn't have the bars on the kx to deal with vibration, they were kind of a suspension supplement. Still the kx had a lot more vibes than the xtrainer.
  13. Yeah, looks like your ford transit isn't available in the USA at all. Seems to be in between the sizes that we have.
  14. First, I think comparing USA ford pickups to fords in europe is apples to oranges. This is the "full size" ford transit: This is a ford transit connect with with longer wheelbase, much smaller than the "full size" transit:
  15. That ford transit looks different from both of the ones they call ford transit here.