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  1. Marylander

    Throttle Hand Going Numb

    It would help with overdoing it and squeezing too hard though. The more you ride the more you ought to be able to relax your hands while riding.
  2. So, I don't want to offend you here but I feel like you're doing yourself a disservice by thinking of this as a technical issue with bike setup (tire pressure, sag, damping, etc). I'm not saying bike setup isn't important but I think you would be better off looking at it as a skills issue (specifically not being sensitive to conditions) and work on the skills. Make a point to practice some cornering, braking, and such at the beginning of every ride on cold tires. Ride in the rain/cold. I also think riding a dirt bike is a good idea as you'll become accustomed to sliding both ends and won't find it such a pucker inducing thing if it does happen. Anyway, just my 2 cents.
  3. How much riding experience do you have?
  4. Marylander

    2016 X Trainer Titanium header and muffler?

    I haven't seen any expansion chambers for dirt bikes made from titanium. Do they actually exist?
  5. Marylander

    KTM 690 Enduro False Neutral Fix?

    Well, shoot, I was thinking I was just being too gentle going from 5th to 6th. This is, so far, the only spot I've gotten a false neutral but I just bought the bike about 3 weeks ago.
  6. Marylander

    Throttle Hand Going Numb

    I had carpal tunnel syndrome too and had the surgery a few years ago. My throttle hand was going to sleep just riding to work. The surgery transformed it. My left hand goes to sleep riding off road but not enough nerve for the surgeon to cut that side yet.
  7. Marylander

    CT calcium score / cholesterol

    I had a similar report a few months ago. I had a high cholesterol result back in Feb (338 total, 243 LDL, 64 HDL) and had a calcium score done which confirmed that I've got issues (score wasn't good for my age). I'm on atorvastatin now and had my follow up cholesterol test in Aug (183 total, 99 LDL, 66 HDL). I'm going to a preventive cardiology center in Oct where they are supposed to take a comprehensive approach. I've been running for years and had started improving my diet (eating enough fruits/vegetables, nuts, fiber, etc daily). Aerobic exercise and eating right are definitely on the list of todo items.
  8. I definitely won't criticize anyone for choosing not to ride on the road. I rarely have close calls in my normal commute to work (which is 110 miles round trip) but my accident was an unusual case for me. I took a different route since I was going in late. I stopped at a crosswalk for a pedestrian but the car behind me didn't. It was a 2008 CBR1000RR that was totalled. I had my gear on and am pretty much ok, just sore. The bike had 67,000 miles on it and wasn't worth much for me to sell. However, there are no high mile CBRs for the insurance company to do a comp on so I got $6k for it, probably about 4x what I could have sold it for. :) The rare case where insurance works out pretty well.
  9. Very nice! I saw your thread over there. I got some insurance money recently (after being rear ended while riding one of my street bikes) and was on the fence between getting a pop up truck camper (not one that requires too much work as I'm lazy) and replacing the street bike. I ended up seeing a 2017 690 enduro r with just 1300 miles on it and supermoto wheels. I ended up buying the bike. Still, a four wheel camper or something else nice is still on my wish list.
  10. Marylander

    Definition of max heart rate?

    I knew I sweat a lot but I went through and figured out my rate for running on hot/humid days and was surprised to find I was losing almost 20oz per mile. Between heat exhaustion a couple years ago and then kidney stones last year I've gotten on top of the dehydration issue but I went 48 years before I got smart...
  11. Marylander

    Definition of max heart rate?

    Yeah, the only way to know your own max HR is to reach it. It's not about efficiency, just what your heart can actually reach.
  12. Marylander

    Fitness/GPS watch

    All of these watches will track when you've gone a specific distance, like the general length of the track (e.g., if the track is 2 miles around the watches will call it a lap every time you go another 2 miles, not necessarily at the start line). If you're looking for actual lap times I think you'd need a transponder that clicks off a lap at the same point on the track each time.
  13. Yeah, this is a bad idea. The hitch has its own tongue capacity and is usually higher than the tongue capacity on a small unibody car like you've got. I wouldn't put more than 150-200 tongue weight on that car. I can't find a tongue capacity for that car.
  14. Marylander

    Anyone here lower their truck?

    Yeah, I did a tiny bit of checking into lowering my 17 ram 4x2 down to the level my stock 87 chevy was but all the kits are intended more for an appearance change rather than a practical change.