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  1. Marylander

    Dr Mark or anyone Mallet finger

    Mine eventually fixed itself. I don't even know when it happened... Good luck.
  2. Marylander

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    I love my wife so much. She's the greatest person alive.
  3. Marylander

    x trainer plastic

    Yes, I've got a standing order with them for the white plastic. They have not received any yet. The note on the site reads, "available as soon as Polisport gets them finished!"
  4. Marylander

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    Heh, nice. I've already got 6 bikes... Maybe my wife won't notice one more.
  5. Marylander

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    I'd appreciate it if everyone could stop talking about the 200RR. I'm not made out of money!
  6. Marylander

    x trainer plastic

    Note that the polisport plastic (https://www.polisport.com/en/off-road/products/replica-plastics/beta-plastics/enduro-plastics-kit---beta-x-trainer/?id=672&pid=12055) will be available in the US at some point this year.
  7. Marylander

    Steve Holcome bikes coming to the US.

    Thanks, I was about to ask what that really means.
  8. On a related note I use anti-wobble hitch pins on both the hitch itself and on the extension. They work.
  9. Yeah, tongue limit is what I was meaning by "hitch capacity". Not sure why I wrote it the way I did.
  10. I got something like that to do the opposite, I needed to lower the thing as I'm short. I put it on a full size pickup though so a lot more hitch capacity than your van (1k lb tongue limit). It works well for me. https://www.discountramps.com/404-4/p/404-4/
  11. Marylander

    Throttle Hand Going Numb

    It would help with overdoing it and squeezing too hard though. The more you ride the more you ought to be able to relax your hands while riding.
  12. So, I don't want to offend you here but I feel like you're doing yourself a disservice by thinking of this as a technical issue with bike setup (tire pressure, sag, damping, etc). I'm not saying bike setup isn't important but I think you would be better off looking at it as a skills issue (specifically not being sensitive to conditions) and work on the skills. Make a point to practice some cornering, braking, and such at the beginning of every ride on cold tires. Ride in the rain/cold. I also think riding a dirt bike is a good idea as you'll become accustomed to sliding both ends and won't find it such a pucker inducing thing if it does happen. Anyway, just my 2 cents.
  13. How much riding experience do you have?
  14. Marylander

    2016 X Trainer Titanium header and muffler?

    I haven't seen any expansion chambers for dirt bikes made from titanium. Do they actually exist?