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  1. nolo263

    Flatland racing speedo eliminator?

    Thanks for the responses i appreciate it. Arnold
  2. nolo263

    Flatland racing speedo eliminator?

    Thanks brother thats what i dd when i put it together. So yours looks excactly like that? Thanks again and sorry for the stupid questions, I just do not want to find out i did it wrong going balls out at the ranch.
  3. nolo263

    Let's see those WR's!

    2012 wr with a bunch of stuff done!! Light and speedo removal done with help from jnave.
  4. Hello does anyone have a pic of a flatland racing speedo eliminator on the bike?? I would like a pic preferably as close to the installed part as possible. I want to see the space between the fork and where the spacer starts. On the brake side the spacer is actually touching the fork and on the other side the spacer has a space where u can see the axle that seems excessive to me. I did not look at what the factory one really looked like before i removed it (like an idiot).. Thanks This is what mine looks like
  5. nolo263

    Let's see those WR's!

    Can u explain what you removed and what parts you used to remove lights and etc..
  6. nolo263

    MXA WR450 Project

    I wish they would have said excactly how they did it. What parts wer used.
  7. I ran the modded map for two weeks now. This map has more power and a harder hit than the aussie map. The bike is definately harder but funner to ride.
  8. nolo263

    Question: 2012+ WR frame?

    I can tell u first hand that compared to a 09 yz450 to me my full exhaust , remapped wr hits harder and has more power. Or ar least it feels like it. My buddy owns the yz. But his is getting old so maybe when new things would have been different. I would love to ride a new yz 450 to find out. But honestly my bike already has more power than i will ever use. I can wheelie the bike in all gears. 1-3 with just a quick throttle, 4th with throttle and a tug. 5th using clutch it will wheelie easy. I am amazed every time i ride it.
  9. nolo263

    Best tires for my 2012 wr?

    Lol thks
  10. Yes i did a search.. What are the best most aggressive tires for my bike?? Can i go wider? Or should i?? I am tearing up my rear tire pretty quick with all the power this bike has. The place i ride has lots of rocks, loose sandy dirt, and a shit ton of thorns also. What tire pressure should i be running? I have noticed under even 3/4 throttle all this bike does is either spin the crap out of the tire or wheelie while spinning the crap out of the tire.. I would like to be able to wheelie with more control over the bike. If i want to do a nice long wheelie i usually have to do it in 4th gear where the bike does not have so much raw power. By the way i love the power and i am not complaining about that. Thks
  11. There has to be something wrong with your bike!! Mine is a monster! It will do everything i ask it to at all times!! I also own a ktm 690 so i know what power is. My bike will pull the tire off the ground in the first 4 gears. I suggest you have someone look at your bike.
  12. nolo263

    2012 rear light question?

    Thks brother
  13. nolo263

    2012 rear light question?

    What exactly is the purpose of the rear light on the wr450?? I was thinking of removing it. Can i just unplug it and im done, or will the removal trip a sensor of some sort?
  14. I just installed the modded map i will let you know how it works after this weekend.
  15. nolo263

    2012 - 2013 wr Maps

    Thks brother i appreciate it.