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  1. I replaced the seals and springs on mine and it didn't really make much difference
  2. I was never able to find a replacement part. I emailed around and nothing. You have to make your own or buy a new carb. Sold the bike now so hopefully the buyer doesn't make the same mistake I did.
  3. I bought an '85 yz250 and it turned out to be a '87, though i'm not sure if that is good or bad.
  4. What about making it into one of those supercharged cranks?
  5. A yz125 is pretty high, higher than the 250 if I'm not mistaken. I'm 5'11" and thought my YZ250 was pretty tall until i shaved the seat. I would imagine the 125 would be better over the 85 when setup for trail. An actually trail bike might be a good choice too like a xr250 ttr/crf 250,225,250.
  6. i think an xr 250 would be a better choice over a 230. Still mellow with a bit more guts that the ttr or crf.
  7. I have an ims on mine too. Been working good for 2 summers now.
  8. Remember to always blame the PO lol
  9. Another good way is to find a bolt that fits inside of it and add a couple of nuts on it so you can turn it with a wrench
  10. Fiber glass cloth and resin? might not look pretty but it wont wear out.
  11. was it stuck to a greasy tool when dissembling and fell off?
  12. Its a pretty old bike but it its been taken care its not a bad price for my area. Make an offer of like 900 maybe he will take 1000.
  13. Yeah it does look all the way out. I have no idea how someone would mangle it this bad. One side of the screw has a lip of metal that appears to be preventing it from turning. I think if I can remove the lip I can dremel a notch in it and possibly use it still.
  14. Thus was broke off when I bought it last summer. If I remember correctly the guy at my Yamaha dealer said I cant replace the cap? It was as either the cap or just the screw its self. That was last summer and I did not do much riding. This summer I've been getting annoyed with the way the suspension is preforming. The forks are very hostile and I'm getting a lot of headshake. I've adjusted the height to 5mm but I can do much else without adjusting the rebound. The screw itself appears to be stuck as I can't turn it at all. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
  15. I bought oem springs and orings for my fatty on my 03 250...
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