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  1. MatthewMCRepair

    Cleaning dirt stained engine?

    I used to soda blast, which works pretty good. I just got done converting my HF blast cab into a VAPOR BLASTER:
  2. MatthewMCRepair

    1994 KX250 Rebuild

    My linkage hole looked similiar. IIRC, new is like 150-170. I had it tig welded and machined at work. You might want to consider the same, it might be cheaper.
  3. MatthewMCRepair

    Front brake no pressure

    2005 crf, PN 45510-MEY-305 which cross ref to a bunch of year makes and models: https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/45510-MEY-305 The line on the honda master exits in a different spot, the stock kx line will work and will be a tight fit on big bars. Here is my whole setup on my 01' kx250: CRF master Galfer SS line for a CRF CR style routing 08'+ KXF fork guards CRF brake pads Front brake has never worked this good!!!
  4. MatthewMCRepair

    Front brake no pressure

    This would be good time to swap in a CR/CRF master. I noticed a big improvement in stopping power.
  5. MatthewMCRepair

    rmz250 - rebuild

  6. MatthewMCRepair

    rmz250 - rebuild

    Use an air chisel: Why it stripped in the first place:
  7. MatthewMCRepair

    Should this be of concern?

    To center crank: preload installer tool on LH side and hit the RH side LIGHTLY with a dead blow. It will shift over with no effort. The crank should spin freely. How much resistance are we talking about?
  8. MatthewMCRepair

    NO COMPRESSION, sat for 3 years

    First off, that compression tester has the schrader valve near gauge, not plug hole, so your results are going to be lower. Watch this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0OYHkX4pPI&feature=youtu.be Next, for leak down, remove valve cover and make sure you are at TDC and vavles have proper clearance. Leak down vid: https://youtu.be/tiza8Zdnvik
  9. MatthewMCRepair

    My air/fuel screw fell out during riding

  10. MatthewMCRepair

    My air/fuel screw fell out during riding

    Screw and spring only on this carb, no washer or oring. If it ran OK with it out, I'd question if the pilot jet is too rich.
  11. MatthewMCRepair

    Removing Bearing Race-Advice Needed

  12. MatthewMCRepair

    Removing Bearing Race-Advice Needed

    Post a pic. Just the outer race is going to be difficult to remove. Nothing to really grab.
  13. MatthewMCRepair

    Crank centering in the case?

    I have centered them by having the crank installer tool preloaded (tight) and LIGHTLY tapping the other side. It will move over nicely.
  14. MatthewMCRepair

    98 Kx250 Rebuild Help

    If you need a video to help with your rebuild: More info: https://www.howtomotorcyclerepair.com/kxenginerebuild/
  15. MatthewMCRepair

    What to about my wr250f 03

    Just in case you want to save money and do the rebuild yourself: